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Oberon woke up earlier than normal, the excitement of what was planned for today was just too much to allow him to really sleep. He did his normal morning work out and took a shower and then dressed and headed out the door. The streets were almost bare of others and it was still early so he decided to take the long way to the training grounds, looking through the windows of the different shops at what they had for sell. By the time Oberon entered the training grounds it was already around ten in the morning, and he almost could not contain his excitement to learn kyujutsu from Nozomi. He already received a training bow and some arrows from the training ground rentals for when his training began. The bow was not that grand looking just some wood and some string nothing like what he saw sold in the store windows along the way, this was the very basic and only meant for practice in the training grounds. He laid the bow and the quiver of arrows at his feet before sitting down in front of them, making a mental note to purchase his own bow at a later time. He thought back to all the bows he had seen in the shop, each one unique as the shops that they came from however it was more than likely that he would purchase his bow from the same shop he bought his dao from. The Iron Banner had the best of the best in weaponry and his father had always insisted that his own weapons came from a quality Smith from the Iron Banner, something that Oberon would later develop a requirement of his weapons as well.

As he sat there he decided to go ahead and clear his mind so that he would not have to try so hard later when the training actually began. He thought back to his first training session with Nozomi where she help him understand the importance of clearing ones mind and envisioning his projectile hitting the mark. He knew there would be some similarities in what he learned that day and what he was learning today, considering that they were both ranged fighting but at the same time he knew they would be completely different in their execution as one was thrown from his hand and the one he is learning today will be shot from the bow. Oberon took a deep breath as he began his meditation the good new was that there were not that many people in the training grounds right now so it was not hard for him to block out the noise of his surroundings. He would remain meditating until Nozomi arrived and their training could finally begin, until that time he was doing all he could to contain his excitement by meditating.


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