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Oberon awoke in the early morning and began his normal morning routine, a short work out of a couple of sit ups and some push ups followed by a hot shower. As he exited the bathroom he adorned his normal attire of a black sleeveless shirt and pants as well as his black jacket finishing it off by tying his headband around his upper right arm. As he went to exit his home he stopped briefly and reached for his dao before stopping himself, there should be no need for it today but at the same time he did not feel complete without it and so he grabbed it and strapped the sheathed blade to his waist and headed out the door.

The mist was thick, a giant haze of a silver atmosphere, masking over all of Kirigakure; the wind breeze was fairly light, and the light from the sun only gave off a faint glow to the city streets as small clouds overshadowed the sky, something so very common in Kirigakure. Oberon smiled as he walked down the crowded streets of the village he called home. It had been a while since he had taken the time to just stroll down the street site seeing, since he had first graduated from the academy he had nothing on his mind other than to become stronger. He had spent most of his time in the training grounds training under his sensei Nozomi's guidance, he had learned so much from her and could feel himself growing more and more each day. Despite his desire too continue to get stronger he knew that if he pushed himself too hard he would eventually end up in the hospital, which he wanted to avoid as much as possible if he could.

The shops had just begun to open and his stomach growled when he smelt the aroma of food coming from the nearby restaurant as he walked by. Maybe he should grab something to eat he thought to himself as he paused and looked towards the building the aroma was coming from, he did not eat out very often normally choosing to have a small meal at his home. However today was a special day, and so he went over and took a seat and began looking at the menu that the waitress left.


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