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1 Infiltration [Hai | Kiyokazu | Invite only] on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:05 am

Kai Mishima

Kai Mishima


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Kiyokazu said he was going to sit this one out, unless he changes his mind later on.

’Oh, what a bother...’, the female thought to herself with a haggard sigh as she bustled her way through one hallway and down another, adjusting the black dress jacket she wore over top of a white collared blouse. A black pleated skirt, black stockings, and black combat boots completed her outfit: the combat boots a bit out of place considering the rest of her professional attire – but she had learned quickly that between her proficiency with taijutsu as well as the running here and there that her job entailed high heels were not the proper shoes for work by any means even if it meant she was stuck at five foot and three inches tall.

She was an intern at the hospital - the name tag clipped onto the front right side of her jacket saying as much (Kyamalie, Hai [Intern]) as well as bearing the medical logo - hoping to be made a proper doctor someday when she had enough training under her belt to account for such an esteemed title, but for now her position made her a lackey at best: a foot soldier so to speak whose job was to get coffee, run errands, fetch this or that, and above all deliver paperwork when some higher up or another made a request for a specific file. Oh, it could have been much worse, sure: at least she wasn’t cleaning bed pans or vomit up off the floor. Always had to look at the bright side, right? But it still wasn’t how she had pictured things to be: she had thought as an intern she was going to be shadowing some doctor around, taking notes and watching as he or she took care of one patient after another – where she would get to ask questions, or be asked to include her impute as a means of the doctor finding out where her basic knowledge and skill resided at. Sure, that had happened somewhat, but the majority of her time seemed to be spent being an errand girl rather than learning how to be a proper doctor: she wasn’t sure what fetching things or running files around would honestly teach her in the long run – unless it was how to boss someone else around.

Thankfully, though, the file she had just dropped off – a full hour ahead of schedule because of how she had prioritized things – was her last for her shift: she had been pulling a night shift to get used to such strange hours, and had been going strong for nearly ten hours in total. She had shaved off some time here and there, and had finally shaved off a full hour by getting her running of paperwork and files done in a more orderly fashion than they’d been given to her.

As Hai turned the corner, having reached the end of the hallway she had been walking down, she took notice of a male standing near the secretary whom she had begun to become all too familiar with considering the amount of times she ended up being sent over with one thing or another. To be polite, while not wanting to disrupt whatever conversation the young male with her might be having, she would simply offer a genuine smile and a polite bow of her head – strands of red bangs covering her blue colored eyes, which she quickly pushed back behind her ears where they had been tucked before, while her long red pig tails made their way from behind her back to resting down the front of her chest. Just as Hai went to keep going, heading toward the front doors of the building, she paused as the secretary spoke toward her, ”How are you supposed to learn to become a world famous doctor when they’ve constantly got you here running errands? You should have just taking a position in the offices if that was the case...”

Hai couldn’t help but laugh, the sound soft and musical sounding, before responding back, ”I was just thinking the same thing, actually...”

”Please tell me you’re at least done with your shift? You were here last night before I went home, and now here you are again. Don’t they let you sleep over at that hospital?”

Hai couldn’t help but smile more; that was two for two on hitting the nail on the head. ”I’m done now, actually. Heading out to get some tea… or maybe coffee...”, Hai would pause in speaking, glancing down her watch which she’d reveal after pulling up the right sleeve of her jacket; it was nothing special nor overly fancy but it got the job done well enough. ”Hmm… maybe coffee… still have a few more things to do before I can get some sleep.”

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