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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

The Unnamed People
The Old Lady - The one who raised him and chose to leave him behind with the message that she went on a long journey, hiding the truth from him for all eternity. The truth that she would soon meet the end of her journey with the passing of age.

Gate Men - Two shinobi guarding a large gate who had let him enter after a short conversation and inspection.

Store Owner: The Baker - The owner of a local bakery, who refused him free bread, but later conceded to letting him in after a paying customer offered free bread. The owner actually wanted to give the bread for free, but knew he had to stay firm or he might go out of business.

In a more recent encounter the store owner gave him some juice and yakisoba bread, he likes the bakery and visits it more regularly now for his soft toasty needs.

Store Owner 2: Ichiraku Ramen Old man and daughter
A strict old man and a lovely young lady

The Named Ones

Airi - A strange girl with green hair found in the green grass fields in the southern forests of the village at the river bank. She spoke to him for a bit and seemed to cheer him up as well as giving him his first taste of cold tea and the horrors of mint.

During a very short and meaningful conversation, Airi made Jamie question himself and also made him learn of something he did not know. She also showed him to the juice bar which he now visits regularly whenever he can afford to go there. Airi is one of his few friends he has, and while he is rather attached to her a part of him still misses the old lady more

Airi apparently also came with benefits as the owner of the bar seemed to have given the juice on the house. He began wondering if he was also useful as a friend to Airi as she made his heart move, she was like the older sister he never had. Not that he even understood his feelings at the time.

Arashi - The giver of free bread and the first actual person to talk to Jamie normally.

Ashi - Shippo's mother who is rather loud and seems scary, but invited him to stay in her home for some time. Though she offered for some time he ended up becoming a bit attached and seemed to fit in with the rest of the family though as he seemed to get along with most chores when asked.

Cloud - The white haired half of Arashi, who seems rather nice but confusing at times. He seems rather out of it and carefree like a cloud, according to Kyoko he likes to dream about eating and must really enjoy sleep to not wake up after having a Jamie bomb dropped on him.

Kyoko - The red haired girl half of Arashi, who seems hyper like a squirrel, but she helped to protect his feet and carried him when he could not walk. She seems to like carrying Jamie around and also seems to be rather mute even though he feels like she could be super talkative if she actually spoke up.

Lady Yen - Nice old lady that reminds him of his old lady, she patted him on the head and she seems to sigh over wanting to see hot hunks.

Master Lee - Strange man with bobbed hair who shouts about Youth!! when receiving mail from Jamie. The man wore a creepy green jumpsuit and is one of the scariest people Jamie has ever seen

Miss Minami - A young lady of the Kei family who happens to like children.

Mitsuo - A strange powerful man who turned water to steam and made the air bend to his will. This monster made Jamie experience his first true taste of fear in his life as he felt like he could be dead right then and there. After some time he would learn the man before him was Sarutobi Mitsuo, the Seventeenth Hokage and a summoner of giant monkey Eizo.

Nayoko - The Ramen Savior and a jounin of Konoha, he saved Jamie from hunger as he tasted his first ever bowl of ramen!!! Jamie also got his first genuine compliment, though he mistook a normal phrase for one. The man did not look down on him and seemed to find ronin cool, though a part of Jamie felt the man was also cool in his own way.

Shippo - A cool looking boy who he met in the hospital, he had a dog and seemed a bit strange at first. He really thinks Shippo is cool, including the wolf dog too. He sees Shippo as an older brother, but does not quite understand this feeling yet. They may get along, but Shippo seems to get hit quite often for reasons not known to Jamie.

Tobourne - Wolf that licked him under his foot, is the mother of Tsume. He later started to also look up to her as well, as he generally did not cross her path when she made it clear not to enter certain places. While not too often she would sometimes let him ride on her back, though she did not allow Shippo the same luxury.

Tsume - Cool wolf dog that scared him at first and he really wants to rub Tsume's fur but is too scared to do it in front of anyone.

The Story

Jamie after being left to run off on his own, set out to find something he was not sure of. Upon getting lost in the forest he eventually made contact with a large gate, the two gate men were a bit suspicious and seemed a bit strange and scary to Jamie. However whether it was pity, inexperience or them genuinely knowing he was no threat they allowed him into the village after stating that he should behave and be a good boy.

As he ventured forth into the crowds of people getting lost once again, his hunger had led him to a local bakery. He begged for free bread with his eyes, and then some strange older kid gave him free bread. The store owner was rather stubborn, it was only a matter of time before the store owner may have met defeat at those hungry eyes of Jamie. After talking for a bit Jamie was dragged out into the forest where he agreed to see something new and ended up falling into confusion at the hands of Cloud and Kyoko.

After some deeper confusion he ran away not able to understand what was going on, as he accepts most things. However this he could not accept, at least not in the current state of things until he found after running for some time a nice tree and rested. He soon discovered that something was going on as he saw some fire for a moment as he rushed to the scene out of curiosity only to find his friend Cloud and Kyoko being attacked by a wolf. He used his fire jutsu to chase the wolf away, and after reuniting with his friends or what ever they were to him. He soon found himself on his two feet hugging his knees tightly as he was bleeding.

Kyoko proved to not be as scary as when he first met her, and she even helped to bandage his feet a bit, then offered to carry him. Though he wondered if Cloud was okay, seemed that Cloud was really strong even walking with that weird wooden object on his leg. Jamie was curios but his sleep beat him, as he fell asleep on Kyoko's back...

They went to the hospital where Jamie spent some time being treated by a really weird nurse, or at least she appeared weird as Jamie was not used to them. After some time Kyoko came to fetch him along with later planting him near Cloud who seemed so aloof as Jamie did not understand how Arashi really was as he later got offered a chance to see their home. He followed along with the help of Kyoko as they were guided by Cloud until eventually they came to a small home.

After a moment of confusion and greater confusion Kyoko fell asleep upon Cloud's lap and Jamie seemed to join in as he fell asleep the two became one and Arashi seemed to look at his new friend, not knowing what dangers would await them in the following days.

Jamie returned to the shop where he had gotten the free bread, and was busy on his first mission to fix the shop. The owner was a nice guy and helped him out with lunch and so on, while he felt happy about it his lack of solid emotions or clear emotions made it hard to tell whether Jamie was a boy or a doll. He also struggled with this mission as his strength was nowhere near what was needed to get the job done, the mission made him stronger while at the same time making him feel more pain in his body then he had ever felt in a long time. His muscles ached so badly as he wanted to cry, it hurt so bad.

As time went on, Arashi had gone missing as Jamie went to the river feeling a bit lost thinking of leaving the village. When he went there he saw something he would never expect. It was a woman with long green hair and brilliant amber eyes, to Jamie she looked like a fairy in the forest. He moved closer as she was relaxing her feet in the water, she managed to get him to talk as he sat next to her enjoying the refreshing coolness of the river while also being a bit shocked at how cold the river water really was.

He was brooding over things from his past and even about the present as he spoke with her, having some horrible tasting healthy herbal tea he warmed up to her. Following her around for a bit and getting treated to some really nice juice in the juice bar, Jamie felt welcome for the first time since losing track of Arashi. He really liked her like an older sister he never had, but even that time was short lived as she had to go.

All alone again Jamie was fighting his emotions. Jamie soon went out on his second mission as a paper boy, delivering letters to some rather unique and strange people, while they seemed rather welcoming. He had hoped he would never meet Master Lee ever again, or at least hoped that he would not suffer another painful dynamic pick up. He had a short fear of heights for a while after that, before he got over it again.

Updated until just before the Find a Shoe Mission

******************************Wandering Arc*********************************

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Several Days Later -

Some time after in the south forest -

A few days after Airi -

Sometime later after needing some money he took a strange mission to find a shoe -

A strange day in the ramen shop -

Life is all about gathering herbs -

*******************************Village and Family Arc*************************

In the hospital again -

Gathering more herbs -

Teamwork the Mission -

Setting up camp and the return of Youth man -

Gathering herbs like a good boy should -

Ramen Guy and Camel Man -

Jamie and his new brother gather herbs -

A strange encounter with a Hyuga and two wanderers -

****************************Squads and Sadness Arc**************************

Jamie and the restaurant -

Jamie gathers more herbs with his family -

Jamie finally meets the Hokage -

Jamie's secret training -

Jamie joins a squad -

Jamie moves boxes -

Jamie makes friends? -

Jamie and Shippo -

Jamie does a mission -

Jamie of the Inazuka Clan -

****************************Lost Heart****************************

Jamie educates a prankster  -

Jamie brings the pain -

Jamie and the vandal -

Jamie and the ship -

Jamie learns the strange -

Jamie's Teachings

Jamie does some teaching -

Jamie trains again -

**************************Sage Heart*******************************

Jamie and the mysterious river girl -

Jamie and cats -

Jamie and Akito -




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