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1 First Mission(D-Rank Mission) on Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:26 am

Akito Miku


D-Rank Mission: Fixing the Shop:

Mission Name: Fixing The Shop
Mission Rank: D
Objective: Help to repair the smoke and water damage to a bakery that was set on fire.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission Description: The investigation into the source of the fire is complete, and the owner is now able to rebuild the bakery. Assist in cleaning up the water, smoke, and fire damage caused by the flames. Be ready to move damage, heavy equipment outside of the building so that it can be hauled to the repair shop, or local recycling centers.
Mission Details: Supplies will be provided when you check in with the owner. He will assign you to one room or area of the building, then ask you to move 3 large (50lbs) damaged machines to the street for pick up by repairmen or recycling pickup.

A few days had passed since the arrival of the wandering wanderer Jamie as he embarked on his journey of independence. He had made a new friend who was called Arashi, but who was in a way two people known as the white haired nice boy Cloud and the red haired hyper cool and hyper crazy Kyoko. In that time before their eventful meeting, he had met another who he felt he owed for sometime. Finding this mission on the mission board as he required money for living expenses among other things, he noticed the location of the shop was one he had been to before. It was a bit difficult, but he spent the first few days getting himself a simple map and learning some basic locations although it took him some time and a bit of trial and error.

He was busy heading towards the location, he did not feel the need to carry any weapons with him so he just arrived with what he had on him at the time. A simple shirt with a basic shorts and some old sandals he got recently. He continued along the way as he arrived before the store owner who had that look on his face as he sighed, having to close down his shop for a few days had really hurt his business as he looked to the side.

"I am sorry, but there won't be anymore bread today" as the small boy just looked up to the man and then looked down as he just handed over the mission scroll to the man as he opened it to see the contents. The look on his face was a bit shocked and then he scratched his head for a bit. "Oh, sorry about that, follow me to the back room."

Jamie followed the man towards the location and then stopped as he was shown a partially burnt room with a bed in it. There was a broom, a cloth, some other cleaning utensils and then a sigh as the man then began to speak.

"You will have to clean this area, all the dirt, the ash and some of that leaking water must all be cleaned up" as the man began to sigh again. Jamie began feeling like this store owner was the sighing man as he kept vigilant while fidgeting with his feet rubbing his right foot against the ankle of his left foot. The man then continued as he looked on towards a few machines as he had hurt his back doing other cleaning duties he could not take them out himself.

"Those two ovens and the new bread cutting machine" as the man seemed to have tears in his eyes when he mentioned the bread cutter. "Take those three out to the side of the street so the repairmen can pick it up, come to me when you are done then you will receive your payment. Also since you are helping out you may take a break to have some bread and juice later in the day. Remember not to take too long, the repairmen will be passing by this afternoon." as the man was done with his explanation he left for the front as more people came to help out with the restoration, cleaning and general repairs of the bakery. The horrors of having to deal with this at such a time when he had to pay his rent and staff, all he could hope for was to be up and running as soon as possible.

Jamie got ready and put on the dust mask, the light apron and the cleaning goggles as well as the cleaning gloves as he got ready to begin the first part of his mission. Cleaning up the mess and making the room clean again.



No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

2 Re: First Mission(D-Rank Mission) on Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:22 am

Akito Miku


Jamie was not sure how to clean the place, but at the very least he figured he would begin with the sweeping since you could not do that after you wash the floors. He had one problem though, there was water on some parts of the floor as he began to wonder what to do. He took a look at all the cloths and realized some were thin and others were thick as he tried to remember which one he had to use as he thought back to the old lady.

He took out the thick cloth and slowly got on his knees and began wiping the wet floor as it soaked up the moisture. Step by step he wiped when it got to wet he found a new problem and left the cloth as he got a small bucket from the supplies that were all in a corner as he figured he might need to take the supplies outside to make space for the cleaning. Carefully he went back to wiping the wet floor as he squeezed the cloth to let the water fall into the bucket as he repeated this until the water just looked like a slight dampness. Then he took the thin cloth and just wiped it once more and after a while it began to dry as he went to get the small little brush broom and the scoop.

He put them one side then got the big broom and began sweeping all the ash towards an open area. Swish, swish and swoosh as he made three strokes each time as he pushed and pulled the ash and dirt along the floor towards the center. He went from side to side, round and round the room he went and then he stopped for a moment to wipe his sweat from his brow as it dripped onto the floor a bit. He was getting a bit hot, but he did not want to stop until he was done at least cleaning the whole floor.

After about fifteen minutes or so the dirt was finally gathered as he stopped then to take a short break to sit down. He began to wonder if cleaning had always been this hard as he took a moment to rest as he equipped the small brush broom and the scoop as he prepared for the final part of cleaning the floor.



No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

3 Re: First Mission(D-Rank Mission) on Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:02 am

Akito Miku


Jamie finally used his skills with the scoop and broom to get the ash as he tossed them into the bin he had right next to him. He had to fetch the bin which was quite heavy as he began scooping in as much dirt as he could. As the bin became full he stopped and took it outside as the store owner noticed him going in and out filling the large trash bin at the back. Jamie was working earnestly and he seemed to be moving faster and faster as he finally got all the dirt off the floor. He was finally done with getting the dirt and ash out of the room and all that was left was moving some of the items neatly into corners and out of the way for the repair crew. Now it was finally time for the most difficult part of his mission, moving the heavy machines.

The boy began with the oven as he pulled and pulled, then went to the other side and gave several pushes as the oven was stubborn resisting his strength with its weight alone, after pushing for roughly ten minutes or more the oven finally moved about a centimeter as he realized this was a lost cause as the owner wanted to help, but knew that he could not interfere if the boy were to take this mission again and require his help then he might as well have done it all himself.

Never one to give up Jamie did the only thing he knew how to do, while he was not strong, he knew the oven was really strong as he bumped it a few times with his shoulder to make sure nothing was rattling as the owner wondered with curiosity as to what the boy would do and then he realized it too late as the boy charged with a running start and pushed the oven with his hands, it moved though the boy did hurt his hands a bit as he blew on them. The main things was that he could get his work done at this rate as long as he was careful with the pushing and kept his momentum this mission may be done in no time.

He kept on with the dash and the push, meter by meter as he made his way outside. The owner then began wondering why it was so hard to move the oven since it was suppose to have wheels and that was when he realized it, the wheels had been damaged from the fire which meant unless you could lift the oven's off the ground and carry them, the only option was to push with excessive force to get it to budge. Jamie was sweating a bit as he finally got the first oven to the street as he was breathing heavily resting his back against the sturdy oven. He felt an oven this strong and heavy should not even need repairs, but this was just the simple thoughts of a child who did not know any better. That and he was so used to everything being cooked over a fire he was not really sure what the oven was actually used for.

The owner came to Jamie with a tray which had a long roll with noodles on it as the man had gotten and prepared him some yakisoba bread and poured him some orange juice as he looked to the boy and said.

"It's time for your break, make sure to eat and drink everything. Then let your food settle before you finish your work" as the owner was sweating. The boy's technique kept making him worry as he also noticed the sandal straps were getting worn from the dashing. Jamie just nodded as he began to eat during his lunch break.



No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

4 Re: First Mission(D-Rank Mission) on Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:05 am

Akito Miku


Using both of his hands Jamie was devouring the yakisoba bread as if it could disappear at any moment, downing the roll like it was a hot dog as his face seemed a mess as his hair swayed from side to side from the impact of the food being shoved into his mouth. After some time Jamie downed the juice and leaned against a wall since he was taught not to simply lay down after eating as he sat up while taking a short nap.

A short while passed before Jamie woke up again, the time was growing shorter and he realized he slept a bit long. He was not sure how long he had left, but he knew he still had time as long as the sun was not directly above them. He had not time to waste and he felt he had to speed things up as he got positioned behind the next oven as he used his jutsu to get him started. The great breakthrough technique was the strongest wind technique he had as he got pushed ahead as the oven had a push as well, fortunately it also blew most of the passage dirt out of the building as well as he noticed he was able to push the oven now. Though his arms were paining a bit he kept pushing through.

The store owner got a fright and then noticed the wind was pushing him back a bit, the boy was performing the mission though he felt this was a bit of overkill. However for Jamie's current strength he had to use what he could, and fortunately Jamie had not learnt many destructive jutsu other than the one he used on the wolf several days ago.

After the oven was out he went to the bread cutting machine as he pushed that he noticed it was easier then before, he was not sure what was happening, but he still kept feeling that sharp pain as he pushed the bread cutting machine out onto the street as he wondered why he could not do that sooner. The store owner had a theory on this though.

The pushing from earlier allowed him to slightly build up his muscles, though it would only be a temporary gain at this point. The other factor was Jamie had gotten a good meal and something to drink so he could have also been dehydrated earlier. These were things Jamie would soon begin to notice himself and through that he would become stronger as he sat against the three machines as the repairmen came, three men running at high speed as the store owner watched as the repairmen just picked each machine up like it was nothing and ran off. The store owner picked up Jamie and congratulated him and Jamie simply nodded as the owner sent him off and gave him his pay as the mission was over.

The mission was over, but Jamie still had a lot to learn and a lot to do during his adventures in the land of the hidden leaf.


750 [D-Rank Mission]
+600[Mission Double Pay (150/25*100)]
+450 [Strength Training E - E3(75 + 150 + 225)]
+225 [Endurance Training E - E2(75 + 150)]
+75[Speed Training E - E1]
+75[Perception Training E - E1]
2175 used...

Mission Done
Exit Thread


No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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