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Uzumaki Ilya

Uzumaki Ilya

delete this, going to request change to ninjutsu

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Senju Airi

Senju Airi


Name: Yami no Ashi~Shita e Jō (闇の足~下へ 上,  Foot of darkness~Down up)
Canon/custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: offensive
Element: futon
specialization: taijutsu
range: 5 meters
Duration: 1 post
cooldown: 2 posts
Envelloping her legs with futon chakra, Yomi can allow herself to rush towards an opponent in a straight line at 15m/s, followed by a combination of a sweeping kick (Shita e) and a upward knee strike (Jō), This can deal minor bruising and when the kneestrike is succesfully applied, it will propell the enemy for 3 meters into the air.

Name:Yami no Ashi~Kyūtō (闇の足~急騰, Foot of Darkness~Jump)
Canon/custom: Custom
Type: Supplementary
Element: Futon
Specialization: Taijutsu
range: 15 meters
duration: instant
cooldown: 2 posts
Enhancing the already formidable leg strength of a taijutsu user with Futon chakra, this jutsu allows the user to make a straight jump of 15 meters high in the air or a forward jump of 15 meters far and 5 meters high in a single second, this jutsu is first and formost a supplementary jutsu to either enhance the effect of other jutsu, but can be used defensively to dodge incoming jutsu.

Pre-Approved Jutsu
Not to be mean here, but ... the previous mods didn't quote what exactly they approved, so it's hard to track this -.-

Foot of darkness~Down up, Foot of Darkness~Jump are approved

Sword of Darkness~Cut
- No activation cost? Surely you jest. All jutsu have an activation cost.
- This is... weak for a B rank. You can drop it to C rank without worry and keep everything that the jutsu currently has. And even then it's on the lower end of C rank jutsu power o.o

Turning Point
- As the same rank of their weapon? This makes the jutsu potentially fall under 'illegal ranking' since it scales on weapon rank rather than jutsu rank. Example: the C rank jutsu would be able to deflect an S rank jutsu if you use an S rank weapon.
Sorry, I can't re-approve this unless you scale it on jutsu rank, or limit the weapon rank to be fitting with the jutsu rank.

Black Rose Crystal
- Duration: please add chakra cost/post since its maintainable
- Specialisation: the creation/expelling of black crystals sounds like an external manifestation of chakra, which would be considered ninjutsu.
I'm sure that's not quite what you had in mind, so perhaps clarify/reword it?
- 'immobilize a limb/body part', matter of making sure this isn't going towards stun potential, what exactly is to be understood here?


Complete Jutsu list revamp [due to spec changes] Airi_b10

The Trees
The Branches
The Leaves
The Blossoms
The Nutritions

Passive - Distinctive Scent:

Passive [Permanent cost of -10 max chakra].
Airi has a distinctive scent about her that is quickly recognised and easily lingers around. All scent-based (non-tracking/detection) jutsu against her suffer a -1 rank in effectiveness, while all scent-based tracking/detection is done with a +1 rank in effectiveness.

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