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Waiting, it was an excruciating task for those who did not have, nor showed the necessary amount of patience for such a task in life. Neither was it a great thing for those who completely lacked the luxury of having patience and sadly for Lamya, she was both. Her time was running out, the temporary medical intervention made by that girly looking boy had long past its mark and had already been waning a week or two ago, allowing the pain of Lamya's wounds to resurface in an even more dreadful way than before.

The places where she had been hit by Hyuga Tsuyo had flared up again, with red dots spread accross her body like some sort of rash, the internal ruptures caused by forcing herself to use her chakra against Tenzo had started causing her much pain again as well, yet she could not rely on her own chakra or jutsu to heal herself. It was beginning to look a painfully annoying problem.

She could go back to the village, allow herself to be treated by the village's hospital, but the risk was high, certainly now that Uraeus' spying had managed to give her the information and thus the knowledge that she had been placed in the bingo book with quite a substantial bounty on her head.

It was quite surprising that her bounty was of such a large proportion compared to other criminals she had seen in the bingo book when she was still captain of the Anbu forces. Lamya wasn't sure wether it was this high because the higher ups feared her and what she might've been capable of with whatever information they thought she had or simply becaus they maybe thought she'd be backing up another criminal who actually WAS worth such a sum of money...or maybe the ones making such a large bounty for her were just idiots who didn't know any better. Either way, that bounty was almost as, if not just as inconvenient as her wounds themselves.

"Ugh, I'd laugh if my entire body wasn't hurting like this," The former Anbu captain was lying on the ground next to a fire in a small cave at the center of the dense forest near Konoha, shivering from the fever she had gotten about a week earlier, coughing every few seconds, while she noticed that Uraeus was looking at her with quite a strange look in his eyes.

She knew what he was thinking about, that ever so loyal pet of hers. If she was no longer fit enough to be considered the large beast's master, he could just as well use her as a great deal of nutrition for himself and return to the caves of his kin. Yes, Lamya knew exactly what he was thinking, but she knew he was probably waiting for her to finally fall unconscious, to avoid the risk of the woman possibly managing to resist him still, even in her weakened form. "The reality of nature, the law of the's such a beautiful thing, wouldn't you say, Uraeus?"

"It is eat or be eaten after all, Lady Risu," The snake's eyes shifted a bit, calming down apparently as it seemed that his mistress accepted the rules of their agreement long ago. She would only be his master as long as she was deemed capable of such an honor and such a role in his life. "Should the boy not return before nightfall, you know what I must do...I'm glad you accept our agreement even now, it shows I was never wrong to trust and follow you."

"Heh, Nightfall hmm,"Lamya laughed and immediately got into a fit, coughing loudly as droplets of blood came out of her mouth, splattering upon the ground next to her as she hunched over. She looked sickly and weak, practically looking twice as old as her actual age. "Time has already passed along for a while now, the kid has probably not been able to gain more knowledge or power in the time he had thought it would take. In a way it's a pity, for all I needed was someone to open that window, that short moment in time for me to gain control of my chakra. Alas, it was not meant to be it seems..."



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Special Jounin
A History~:

It had been a long night...

Hanbei had been wandering the halls of konoha for sometime now, having been given permission to browse the many bookshelves that made up the libraries within the country of flame. The halls were marked with knowledge of chakra enhancing techniques, there had to be something that set apart healing chakra natures over the body... though it had not been long, Hanbei had-had to spend some considerable effort in learning about the nature of the inner ethereal system that composed a ninjas major functions. Although he knew that his task was not to heal the system completely, merely enough so that Lamya would have enough control to use her own techniques in such a manner that she would be able to heal the rest of the damage herself... But where was the fun in that? Judging by her wounds, the condition would likely grow more and more severe as time went on, and he couldn't help but think with the limited control he was able to provide, that she may not become strong enough to heal the intense damage in one go... So, Hanbei would try and create a technique or combination of techniques that would be strong enough to do the job more or less himself... It was that desire that had Hanbei practicing his needles, forming the chakra needed for them over and over again and thinking about how he could construct a medical technique that would be able to reconstruct a chakra system with stem cell chakra...

But whatever he tried, he couldn't quite figure it out, he even asked one of the Hyuga students he had worked, Yomi with to use his juuken on her in an attempt to be able to reconstruct damage to his own system, while his trials had worked, he had a feel for where his system was and how it worked, though it seemed the structure of the chakra system was far more complex than he had taken for granted. He had basically hit a wall, if he could see the tenketsu and chakra system of the person he was trying to heal, which would make this entire process a million times easier. The link to all of this however, was the nature of his stem cell chakra, it was a chakra that he didn't need to direct, because it molded with the person he was administering it in. That way, it guided itself like a gel, filling the holes it came across on the way as it made its path through the body. it was a clue, but little more, Hanbei had only ever allowed it to be used on the physical, this, this was entirely new territory.. Though it made sense in a way, the chakra that was flowing through his veins was attuned to meld with others... but it normally converted into flesh, bone and bile with his medical chakra...

"What if you just didn't mold it with medical chakra?"

The thought would come to the mind of Yomi as Hanbei was once again lost in a thinking storm... His eyes would shoot up locking on the man before him, a questioning yet silent expression on his face was the only thing that would alert the Hyuga for wanting to know more. Yomi shrugged before opening his mouth and beginning to talk. "Well, chakra is chakra right? So, if you mold it into being able to become flesh and all the other humany bits that make us up, the stem cell chakra is just your chakra right? So why could you not create a process which just omits that part of the whole deal? That way your chakra is just chakra, it absorbs into their system and bingo, all done! I would have thought a smart kid like you would have been able to figure that out..." Hanbei thought about it for a while, going minimal rather than maximal was a good idea to do the whole thing, but, it was a little more risky. If he just allowed his stem cell chakra to roam free in her body there was no telling what it would do. The boy was pretty knowledgeable of his chakra, but he was no medic. The nature of body and spirit chakra needs to be dealt with. It was spirit chakra that by and large ran through the
chakra system around the body, though the spirit chakra was something else entirely, more a figment of the mind than of man.

"That's not a bad idea, but there are a couple of problems with that theory in particular, the first being that spirit chakra is what flows through the system, so i would need to find a way to filter body chakra from spirit chakra first. Which should not be too hard, but then there is matter of finding a way to ensure that it codes the chakra right, stem cell chakra is exact, it can't just be flown through the system at random, it would have a chance of making a mess of the system, or end up creating some form of whole new one... so we have a few options, and while that makes some things a hell of a lot simpler, it makes a couple a damn lot harder... Though, you're well studied, do the Hyuga have any books here on the chakra system and how it works, if i could find that, or maybe some information on how your juken works, then perhaps i could reverse engineer a cure, but for that i would need charts on chakra control and formulation to get an idea on how all that works. "

The boy would look at hanbei and shrug, before telling him that he would like to help, but the elder Hyuga kept everything like that under lock and key, he knew Hanbei was friendly with the Hyuga 'upper management' but there was a reason their skills had remained a hiden technique for so long. They were special, and only medics under the Hyuga clan were allowed to view them, sadly, he wasn't a medic, and neither was his sister. Their uncle on the other hand was, and he may have been Hanbei's only chance to get the information he wanted from them, but, getting that from the stoic gargoyle of a traditional Hyuga was not going to be something that would be easy, if it were possible at all. However, Hanbei had to try, thanking Yomi he would leave for the Hyuga compound... The trip would not take the boy too long, rather, it wasn't far from the library itself, and the buildings could be seen from quite some way away. The man he was looking to find was ever present, training the youth of the compound, Ko amongst them as Hanbei approached. Bowing to Hanbei, Ko greeted her former Sensei as Hanbei bowed slightly in return before turning to the teacher so that he would give a much lower bow. Hanbei should have bowed to him first, but, Ko broke rank... Hanbei should have known better, but the fault, in this case was on Ko, and hanbei didn't want to disrespect the student either. With a stern look Ko was shuffled off and Hanbei had some time to talk to the elder patriarch of the Hyuga clan... His nerves rattling around like nothing he had felt before.

"Master Hyuga, I have come with a grave request one that im sure you will appreciate that I don't ask lightly. But here I am... I would like you to be able to tell me the ins and outs of your sixteen trigrams hundred and twenty eight palms technique. Before you object, I only as as a medic, attempting to heal wounds from a patient I believe to have been struck with a technique similar, though perhaps a little more frantically." he lied "I need to have a better understanding of the chakra system that you Hyuga would have with knowledge into that technique in particular, but, it seemed like the wound was done with knives of chakra as opposed to the blasting force that it normally was. Would you be able to help me? I would be ready and willing to do anything for you do get it done. "

It would take the man thinking some time before he began to answer, calling hanbei in and asking Ko to put on tea as the two of them sat down at a table and looked to one another. Hanbei had no doubt that his lineage as a guanyin and the kinship that their clans had would have gotten him this far. The fact the man was even considering it and didn't just throw hanbei out of the house was one thing, but the man owed hanbei, he had saved his three students and his prize pupil Ko that day when the eye hunters had kicked down their training time, Hanbei risked everything to keep them alive and thanks to him and their quick thinking, they got out of there unscathed all save for Supaku's eyes, which they recovered from the Ouroboros doctor in the end, restoring the sight of the girl. As the tea was served, Hanbei would listen to the patriarch of the young hyugas as he would give him a condition for the information in no uncertain terms.

"The answer to the knowledge you're seeking is no, the leaders of the Hyuga clan, as much as I am part of the inner circle would never permit it. So i cannot help you learn anything about our inner techniques themselves..." The news made hanbei's heart sink, like he had been stabbed, his eyes trackiing down to the table that they were sitting at. Not wanting to look up in case that he was met with even more disappointment. "However, the information that we have gathered on the chakra system and the tenketsu is not relevant to our techniques, and the wounds they inflict is not that way either. If you perform a task for me, I will draft the documents myself while you are gone and upon your return I will hand them over to you. Knowledge that only a byakkugan could give you on the human chakra system... taking into account that you've told me what the wounds seem to be, I can personally give you the information you'll need without compromising clan secrets." Hanbei's face lit up like the 4th of july, thanking the man with all his heart before standing ready to leave.

"Fistly," The patriarch would continue. "The place that I need you to go to is about half a day out of konoha, there is a fire temple camp there that had stolen something important to the Hyuga... the artifact belongs to us, and we need it back. Should i present that item to the council, I can rest assured that they will overlook this transaction. The relic is a vessel of import, believed to have been used by the otsusuki clan when one of them came down to earth, upon it, it has details of the origins of the Byuagkugan and its potential power as used in combination with the otsusuki. This knowledge, however little can't be allowed to exist outside the hyuga clan... so we would like it recovered." Hanbei nodded without a second thought and made his way to the location of the temple, having spent that amount of time there already and knowing the fire temples inside and out, taking a vase wouldn't be the hardest task of the day...

'he hoped.'

Half a days travel seemed to go quickly for the Guanyin, the fire temple in the middle of the plains was a place that was sacred for all life. Hanbei was able to see the spirits moving around in this place, weasels and other creatures moved through the tall grass not bothered by the new comer, on top of one of the hills it looked as though there was something larger slumbering and not wanting to be bothered. However, there was one menace that could not be ignored. High above them, circling like vultures were the winged figures of something that Hanbei had hoped he would not meet on the road for some time. Each of them raven black and their eyes bearing down on hanbei. Taking to the heel, he would begin to run as each of them in turn looked like they were to spring into action. Tengu... each of them likely karuma tengu, stronger than the copper tengu that would normally haunt forests at night and bother travellers. No, each of these birds were swordsmen of the greatest designs. Each of them were able to read the thoughts and emotions of humans and each of them were capable of creating tornadoes strong enough to destroy homes and end the livelihoods of hundreds... and the one thing that stood tengu out from almost any other Yokai...

'They hated priests.'

Running for cover, one of the birds landed behind hanbei, drawing its blade and advancing on him as he made his way to the temple, diving into the gate and closing it behind him before a tip for a blade came through the wood. As hanbei turned to look at the fire temple, most of it was ravaged. Whatever had happened here, it seemed that there had been a fight, buildings were damaged by fire, people lay dead on the ground while there were a few people that were heavily wounded within the complex, they were few and far between, many of them tending the wounded. In the middle of the court-yard there was an elderly man, meditating with beads hanging from his neck in their hundreds. Knowing this man to be the head priest here, Hanbei would charge to his side, asking what had happened and if everyone was ok. Opening his eyes, the man looked to hanbei, he was missing one of the living globes that should lie in his skull... It was not a sight that he would have hoped to see, but, using a healing technique and throwing the healing pulse needle into the middle of one of the hospitals, people within the area of effect would begin to heal while he would look up at the Tengu. Whatever the old man was doing, it was holding them at bay, any attempt to leave seemed to allow them to be attacked, but Hanbei was here now... but even he was not strong enough to fight 3 Tengu.

"Master, " Hanbei would begin. "Have they mentioned anything? what is the goal here?" The master thought, looking up at the creatures, telling Hanbei that they have been holding them down here for the last few days, the members of the yatagarasu clan. Each of them deadly in their own right and master swordsmen, attacking anyone who would attempt to leave the sanctuary of the temple or anyone brave enough to make it in from the outside. Hanbei was one of the only ninja who had gotten in, and even so it was with the help of the body flicker technique. They needed a means to break the siege... but they didn't know how. Though, Hanbei had an idea, looking to the man he would ask for one prize in return... "I'd like to take the otsusuki urn back to the hyuga, if that is ok by you, in exchange, i will end this now." The old sage nodded, and Hanbei would get to work.

Walking outside, the greeting would be immediate, all three of the creatures would swoop down with their blades, however, hanbei knew no fear, summoning his two great needle wings and performing one more hand-seal he would with a single giant wing-beat disturb the air they flew on, hurling them backwards with holes in their wings from the needle peppered rain. One of them struggling to get up at all. As they flew backwards, Hanbei prepared the landmine needle as well as an orb of needle hell as the Tengu rose, enhancing their blades with fuuton. Charging, Hanbei would have used his shadow clone evasion technique moments before they would charge... their minds reading the mind of a clone who was intent to stand in place, hurling the orb behind them in a single flourish as it, and the landmine beneath him detonated, peppering the Tengu once again in a shower of needles at point blanc range. The wide AoE effects downed them all instantly... Hanbei wasn't a skilled fighter. But the Tengu had expected a fight, not a boy with bombs looking to do nothing but run.

Walking back into the temple, the others seemed surprised, grinning Hanbei would move past the civilians, taking the urn and beginning to move back to the place where he had been before. While they thought that the task had been easy... it wasn't. Hanbei knew the nature of Tengu inside and out, they were a common tale he had been told over and over again, and with that information drilled into his head, he simply knew the attack route to take against the kurama tengu. Unlike their little brothers the copper tengu, kurama tengu were honorable, in a manner of speaking and that was a weakness, while the copper tengu were on the other hand more mindless and vicious as well as often swarming people in unimaginable numbers. At the end of the day, Hanbei didn't fight them with honor, but they were far from dead in the mean-time, one of them had already fled the scene while the other two slumped as the villagers would no doubt do what they will with them. Hanbei however, prize in hand, needed to return to konoha.

Handing the vessel over the patriarchs eyes widened, tea being poured for them once again as the item was put in a silk sac and hidden from view. Taking a scroll in return, Hanbei would open it and begin to read, his eyes wide with wonder. The scroll wasn't just a depiction of the chakra pathway and damage dealt by the jutsu, it was almost a step-by-step instruction guide to be able to alter his chakra in such a way that he would be able to heal Lamyas' wounds. Most of the work had been done for him, the stem cell chakra using its spirit nature, shredding the body nature from the technique and allowing it to only heal the chakra pathways. It seemed that if you could introduce it to the location of a few set tenketsu following the meridian pathways that it could jog up enough of the chakra system to allow a flow to happen. it was perfect, and exactly what hanbei needed. Thanking the man, the boy ran out the door at top speed, using his speed jutsu to reach the forest in time... as it seemed, the sun was beginning to set, it had been a long day, but as he ran he studied the scroll...

It was time to end this.

Charging through the forest, hanbei was well on track to attempting to find the place that Lamya had been left standing, using his medical sight to sense the locations of the trees ahead of time as the boy charged through the forest he had the knowledge down now. While he wasn't able to heal the wounds in full at his own power, he had not thought of using a preparation technique in order to boost that power beyond its normal limits. It was a sneaky work around, but it was something he was willing to try. Knowing the twin cast technique was key here. It would be his coup de graces if he needed it to cast another technique, but he doubted it, with the scroll of the Hyugas medical knowledge on the subject of chakra pathways and how to discern them and how they worked, he had a much better understanding of the nature of healing, and finally, it looked like he was able to deliver the good news, as well as the treatment.

Though, with his new status as a special jounin, there was the somewhat awkward matter of the woman likely being the person who had attacked the konohagakure prison. While hanbei wasn't an ANBU, he wasn't blind either. The woman matched her description somewhat, so, Hanbei didn't quite know what to do... on the one hand, she was a criminal that had done a couple of really ill deeds... and on the other, she was his patient in the mean-time. He had a duty of care and needed to work to save her life, and not just allow her to die from the elements and the hand that had been dealt out before her. Also, she would likely owe him a favor, that would be able to be cashed in at a later date. Things on that list were more than good for Hanbei he knew full well that the power of a promise kept and the leverage of a concord held was key to power in the world...

'his father had told him that much'

As soon as the clearing opened up, Hanbei could see the feint signs of life and biorhythm of the woman who was funtionally dying at this point, the sun just barely beginning to touch the horizon as the sky was turning into a deep orange. Grinding to a halt Hanbei would skid to the side of the snake and sprawl out the hyuga scroll to the side of lamya with a somewhat frantic smile on his face as he likely arrived in the nick of time, albiet ignorant of the borderline cannibalistic dealing that Lamy and her serpentine companion had made in the time he had been gone, or perhaps even always had from the beginning. Looking over the scroll, hanbei was already beginning to channel his chakra into his hands as he formulated the hand-seals he would need to form a needle to the specific requirements needed to begin the healing process, all the while he would take the time to look down at the woman in her state.

"Sorry I'm late, I had a bit of a hold up in getting the materials I needed, I have a technique that should be able to heal most of you... if there's any damage left afterwards, you should be more than able to heal the rest of it on your own... so, are you ready?"

It was only then that Hanbei noticed some of the details that were firing in the body of the massive snake that was beside her, its stomach had begun to dilate as well as its throat... something large snakes tended to d before they ate a large animal... It was at that moment that a dreaded feeling shot through the special jounin like he'd been struck with a lightning bolt. 'was he going to eat her!?' Hanbei couldn't help but feel that was cold, but then again, knowing his own pet Daji, he doubted she would be any better, in fact, she would probably claw him to pieces without a second thought, even if it were just to deface and spite him. At least in this case Lamya was in a way, returning to the earth and there was some poetry behind it all. Daji was just cruel for the sake of it...

With some skill, and a good amount of luck, Hanbei would move to channel his chakra into his hands, first forming a pulse as he placed a hand to himself so that he would be able to empower the next medical technique he was able to use. Then, moving that focus to each of his hands separately he would perform simultaneous half hand seals with each of them at the same time one after the other. The power that he was generating in his hands was more than he had ever wielded before, and doing so immediately with the twin cast technique, was borderline reckless, however it was the boost that he needed. The twin cast technique allowed hanbei to create 2 of the same jutsu simultaneously, and as theyw ere made at the same time, they were both, in a way, the 'next' medical technique that he used, increasing the power of both of them by a rank in this instance... the chakra immunization virus needles came into being at the same time. Each of them radiant, each of them empowered by his buff as he would kneel closely to Lamya, looking down at her as he would ask her but once.

"are you ready?"

[trained 2 A rank jutsu 4000/4000]

[exit thread]


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Uraeus was just about ready with his preperations, his body already acclimating to the consumption of his master, yet just as he was about to speak his final farewells to Lamya, the boy for which both of them had been waiting, finally arrived at the spot where they had meet their first time, though the former Anbu captain had moved the camp a bit out of sight, it seemed the kid was still able to find them properly.

"Well mistress, seems we both are lucky," The snake slithered closer to his ailing master and started to constrict the muscles in his throat and near his stomach again, to be more comfortable for the normal everyday work rather than swallowing his master whole. "At least now you can do what you do best, reveal what true power means."

Lamya's turned a bit towards Uraeus, grinning somewhat, though it was hard to see with the pain quickly turning her grin into a painful grimas, yet the snake knew what she did and what she was planning to do, slithering out of the way of the medic and getting slightly closer to him. "If only you knew what you were doing..."

Having said that, Uraeus hissed contently and coiled himself up near the end of Lamya's feet, awaiting what could either become a huge success or an equally large failure, eitherway it would go, he'd be the only one who'd be happy with both outcomes.

With her single, cold and golden colored, snakelike eye Orochi Risu looked at Hanbei, her lifeforce was at best described as at the brink of fading away into obscurity, yet she was clinging to those last threads of her life with great ferocity and a tremendous will, a trait that seemed to be rather common among those of the Orochi bloodline in the Ouroboros clan, the desire to survive, to continue their journey and to rise above all who they deemed their enemy.

"It is quite the timing that you have, kid," Lamya's voice was calm, yet hollow, showing that it took her a lot of effort to remain talking, even with her body at the brink of collapsing. "Do not ask me wether or not I am ready, I'd say by the looks of it,
that question needs no answer nor confirmation... do as we agreed and you may be thankful of the choice you made."



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