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1 The Kozai on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:41 pm

Raphael Kozai



Clan Name: Kozai
Location: Sunagakure
Specialization: Any
Elements: Futon

Clan History: The timeline of the Kozai began the day a man by the name of Hitotsu Kozai came across a shrine while passing through Kazi no Kuni, on his way to search for some land to built his homestead, inside the shrine he found the statue of the Goddess Raava. The statue gave off a strange blue glow as Hitotsu approached it, and when he reached out and touched the statue a voice spoke to him. Raava told Hitotsu that this place was sacred and if he built his home around the shrine Raava would grant him and his descendents both her protection and her power. Hitotsu was a powerful Shinobi in his own right, however he was looking for the land to build on and so he decided to accept Raava's request and created what has now become known as the Kozai Estate, with the Shrine to Raava based in the center of it. Shortly after the completion of the estate Hitotsu met a young woman by the name of Artemis, whom he built a relationship with and eventually married. Through Artemis, Hitotsu was able to develop relationships with nearby villages and soon the Kozai Estate was a prosperous oasis. Hitotsu thanked Raava for his prosperity and the blessings she bestowed upon him, however Raava's true blessing did not take form however until his children. Artemis gave birth to triplets, all three were born with bright vivid blue eyes (as are their descendants), which is the sign of the gift of Raava. This was the beginning of the Kozai Clan, and the gift of Raava.

The Kozai have lived in peace for many generations keeping their gift a secret, and remaining out of conflicts for many generations. Raava kept her promise to Hitotsu, protecting his family from the outside world for all the generations.It was not until under the leadership of Iroh Kozai, whom believed that the Kozai could no longer hide in the shadows and must come out to the rest of the world, that the Kozai revealed their prowess to the outside world. For the last 75 years the Kozai has developed relationships with many of the five Shinobi villages, however their strongest relationship has been with Sunagakure, coming to their aid without question or hesitation. This is likely because it is the closest of all the Shinobi villages to the Estate, but also because Iroh had developed feelings for Kazekage that was in power at the time of revelation.

Hitotsu Kozai - Founder/Former Clan Head
Iroh Kozai - Former Clan Head
Aurora Kozai - Current Clan Head

Kekkei Genkai Name: The Gift of Raava
Kekkei Genkai Description:

The only visible sign of the Gift of Raava is the vivid blue irises of the Kozai, however this is simply a cosmetic and has no real effect other than to show the bond they share with Raava.

The gift of Raava first manifested in the sons of Hitotsu Kozai. From a young age all three showed signs of advanced talents for chakra control, however it was not until their seventh birthday that the power of Raava's gift show itself. Raava manipulated the chakra of the Kozai making it not only appear different but also act differently than that of an ordinary Shinobi.

The Kozai's Kekkei Genkai can be broken down to simply be inner awaress of ones chakra and the control of it. The Kozai are able to sense how their Chakra flow is doing, how much they are expending as well as detecting any difficulties within their own Chakra network (such as disrupted or altered flow, wear and tear, etc) It allows them to be aware of any abnormality in their own Chakra network and flow. The Kozai are highly renowned for their remarkable Chakra control, able to control the very aspects of their chakra flow to different areas of their bodies or around them.

Immense chakra control
The clan's chakra itself is very malleable, allowing it to be used as a weapon, it can also be used to enhance the users body.
*Any chakra based technique cost 5 less chakra to activate/maintain (cannot drop cost below 10 for activation of jutsu/cannot drop cost below 5 for Maintaining)

Resistance to Genjutsu
The clan's chakra systems are very sensitive to foreign movement, and the clan member can feel/sense when their flow of chakra is disrupted or controlled.
*As such Genjutsu act as 1 rank lower against clan members.

Increased chakra pool
The unique chakra granted to the Kozai by Raava is actually denser than normal chakra, which allows their body to hold more than normal Shinobi.
*Clan members gain a permanent +20 to their chakra pool

More Info:

The Kozai have master a great deal of the different ways to use their gift and have become a clan of variety in the way of training their young. Ranging from molding their chakra into Ninjutsu, to using it to enhance their own Taijutsu or Bukijutsu styles, etc.

Due to their unique and even volatile chakra, they are considered elementally weak, this weakness takes 2 forms.

  • The first stems from the original host chakra of Hitotsu Kozai. Raava manipulated his chakra with her own to create the Kozai bloodline. In doing so she striped them of the ability to use chakra in the form of elements. The Kozai are only able to manipulate Futon Elemental chakra due to Hitotsu have a strong Futon affinity. The Clan Member's Futon Elements start at B-Rank and must be leveled up per site rules, members cannot take the Hesistant (Element) SC.

  • the second comes from their lack of knowledge or understanding of the different elements (only knowing Futon and its weakness to Raiton) and how best to defend against them, putting them at a disadvantage against them. Elemental attacks, other than Futon based attacks, against clan members act as 1 rank higher when reacting against the clan member or their chakra based techniques.

OoC Infomation:
1) The Kozai are identified by their vivid blue irises that seem to glow, this is a sign of the bond they share with Raava.

2) The Kozai's chakra is different than other's chakra. Unless their chakra is suppressed those with the ability to see chakra will be able to easily see that difference as their chakra glows in the same vivid blue of their Irises. Chakra sensing techniques can feel slight difference in the chakra compared to other chakra.

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2 Re: The Kozai on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:17 am



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5 chakra is a very low minimum cost, so members of this clan could easily stack other chakra reductions on top of it and have high ranking jutsu with extremely low maintenance/activation costs. I'd like this raised to 10 for activation costs, but it can remain at 5 for per-post chakra cost. If you'd like to keep it at 5, however, you may opt to add another drawback instead.

Let me know when your edits are done.


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3 Re: The Kozai on Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:42 am

Raphael Kozai


Went ahead and changed it to 10 for the activation and 5 for the maintain as requested


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4 Re: The Kozai on Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:02 pm



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Looks good. Approved.


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