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Special Jounin
’Hanbei couldn't help but reel from the serpent’

It being close to him at any point in time put Hanbei on edge, and he didn't like the thought of it at all, in any-case, cross referencing with the notes that had been given to him by his contact in the hyuga compound, it was time to see if the medic could breathe life into this woman once again, the first step was to enhance himself, Using his Medical Sight followed by Virulent Adaptability technique he would observe his patient again and any extra damage as well as flood his system with his own stem cell chakra, allowing it to sit along his chakra pathways so that the next time he molded chakra to use a medical technique, the chakra would latch to it, infusing it with its presence and perfect any of the imperfections with its creation, reinforcing it to such an extent it would be far stronger than it would have been otherwise. It was at this point that Hanbei would perform the hand-seals needed for his mirror-cast technique, a simple skill though one that potentially carried great power. Breaking a technique up into half-handseals he would perform the identical hand seals for his healing technique with both hands and extra concentration, the stem cell chakra in his system adapting to the formation of the medical skills as they were the same skill being cast simultaneously, however it would only be one that recieved the full benefit of the empowerment.

'As both needles sparked into creation, Hanbei hesitated a moment, thinking, before learning over lamya.'

Hanbei could have used his chakra reversal technique to end the criminal, or he could have denied her service, but, he had a promise to keep and it was not up to him to end the story of a woman who had shown herself to be great. Whether a character in the story was a hero or a villain, they were worthy to have their story told, and not have it ended in the woods against their will. Daji had bought him to this woman for a reason, and as cruel and malicious as Daji was, she had mind for key players in the grand scheme. This woman, whomever she was, whether or not she was the person who attacked the prison in konoha, she was important and she still had a part to play. First, Hanbei would administer the Retrovirus into her that had not been empowered by the effects of his Virulent Adaption, allowing it to begin a lot of the ground-work as it would flow through her system and attempt to re-knit the damage, falling blatantly short, but, it primed her body for the second dose.

The second needle he would enter it from her Ajna chakra at her forehead, the meridian point co-incided with one of the eight gates. The second needle would hold the power of an S rank technique and would flow through her body like electricity restoring and rebuilding the roads as it used her own internal charka template with the stem-cell chakra to reconstruct chakra pathways from the pieces that were left. Hanbei wouldn't halt there, he knew she was weak, her body looked as thought it had been drained of stamina entirely, so, with a couple more hand-signs he would activate one more of his healing techniques, The revitalization needle. It was the technique he had used once before to attempt to sedate some of the pain she was in. Hopefully the waves of positive chakra would flow through her like an inner heat... there was no point loosing her to exhaustion as her body was finally being healed.

'There are some things, you just dont risk.'

After it was all administered, Hanbei would step back and await the magic to work its way through her body, watching her nervously as his eyes turned to the snake. Remembering its comments from before as a curious Daji sat in the tree above them looking down. Whether she had always been there, or simply appeared from the aether had yet to be known, she yawned, thinking the whole process boring and void of juicy complications that would actually keep her attention. Hanbei was not without pride as he looked to the creature, a little frustrated with its constant stabs at his ability.

"Well, I may not know much about true power, but maybe it's my weakness that has given me the wisdom and intelligence not to pursue a combat that would leave me an inch from death and relying solely on the hospitality of others... Or with a partner who seems conveniently unscathed in comparison..."

Daji's eyes burst open at the comment as she stared down in disbelief before devolving into a small but manageable fit of snickering laughter at the comment. Though as his eyes kept keenly on the snake with his medical sensory technique, awaiting any chemical sign of potential energy building up in his nerves in case the snake attempted to meet out some form of punishment. Hanbei's fight or flight senses were already kicking in as he was ready to body-fliker a mile away at so much as the slightest offensive move from the serpent. So he would continue to watch them equally, both the Snake that had proven itself to be trigger happy in the past, as well as the woman who's system was reconstructing from scratch from fractals of a chakra system.

Had the wound been new, the combination of the techniques would have likely healed her completely, but as they had been set somewhat from the time they had taken, Hanbei was unsure of the effect his jutsu would have. He was certain that he would heal the most of the damage that was dealt, anything less would likely heal on its own in time and with use. But he was sure that it was nothing to the missing ninja.


130 remaining

In Order.

Name: Medical Sensory Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 60m
Specialty: Ninjutsu/ Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cool down: Duration x2
The user, closes their eyes, combining penetrative Medical Techniques and Ninjutsu to create an immaculate ecological grid within their mind. Within it, the user senses and perceives all bodily functions of the people/ living beings around them, this includes their nerve / impulse pathway function, bone composure, organ function, body heat and circulatory system function and all anomalies within of those within the jutsu's radius, making this technique incredibly effective as both a sensory technique, as well as a means to diagnose medical disturbances in a patient or ally, in a process not to dissimilar from remote viewing combined with X ray. Though as a trade off, the user becomes blind to all non living things for the duration, and the intense focus reduces their reaction speed by -1 tier.

Name: Virulent Adaptability
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Up to 3 Posts
Cooldown: 6 Posts
Description: Hanbei empowers himself with his clans stem-cell chakra, flowing the chakra through his veins primed and awaiting the next activation of a medical technique. Upon the activation of a medical technique the stem-cell chakra latches to it, altering its composition and repairing the simplest flaws in the techniques creation effectively perfecting the techniques inception and reinforcing the chakra molding process from the ground up. The 'adapted' technique, upon activation increases its overall power and effectiveness as if it were a single rank higher. (Increases next medical techniques power / Effectiveness by +1 rank)

This technique can be held dormant in the user's system for 3 turns before the stem-cell chakra simply re-absorb into the user's body, healing light bruising, 1 degree of tissue damage and 1/4 inch cuts over the users body, ending the technique and commencing its cooldown.

Name: Mimic Technique; Mirror Cast
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Jutsu Dependant
Cool Down: 2
The user with skilled use and with an additional cost equal to the mimicked jutsu +10 additional chakra (The cost of this jutsu), the user simultaneously(at le same time) casts an identical second use of a single Jutsu the user has learned. The technique this ability mimics the casting of has double the cool-down (these can't be maintainable jutsu.)


Name: Guanyin Style: Chakra Cleansing Virus Needle
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive / Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: On Contact
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant, Until Effects Last
Cool-down: 6 posts
Hanbei, studying the effects of Juken created this techique as a means to attempt to heal its effects. The user creates a small 3" long senbon that is filled with a chakra effecting virus which infects the hosts' chakra system with a protective property while using their presence in the beneficiaries' system to quickly repair the user's chakra system should it be damaged or afflicted.

This technique, upon administration, reconstructs and re-knits any of the user's chakra pathways, revitalizing them and restoring their chakra system to optimal working condition over 2 turns should the damage be mitigated to limbs or other localized areas. However, should the patients' chakra system be destroyed or damaged beyond the ability to be used at all on a wide-spread scale, this technique, while capable of restoring them to somewhat working condition, they still remain considerably damaged. Techniques and chakra costs require: -5 more chakra in order to activate while in this state, a turn of preparation where the patient must fight through the considerable pain and finally, while in this state only 1 jutsu is capable of being activated / in use at any time. This damaged state can be healed to optimum condition with another A rank or higher healing technique or at the end of the thread as the system is healed 'enough' to recover naturally over time at this point.

In addition, this technique removes the effects of a single negative debuff technique of equal rank or any mix of 2 debuffs of B rank, 3 of C etc.

Name: Revitalization Needle Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 6m
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 Posts
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: Hanbei Generates a swell of healing chakra in his hand before thrusting it upward, creating what seems to be a Needle with turquoise energy coiling off its surface before throwing it in any given direction. The Needle on impact with a surface sticks to it, and proceeds to let out a constant pulse of rejuvenating energy. The energy waves, travelling at 20mp/s recharge the stamina of the ninja they course through like adrenaline while the chakra recovers 1/2 inch cuts from the inside out as well as nerve damage and a single degree of tissue damage each turn to exposed areas where the waves impact.




When death approaches, a snake finds a way out

The moon was hanging high in the pitch black night's sky, the pale light creating an eerie atmosphere in the place where Orochi Risu AKA Lamya was resting and waiting, though resting was perhaps not the correct word for what she was doing, as even with the days passing by and her body growing weaker and weaker, she was still doing at least some part of the promised healing process: to find a way to utilize whatever minimal opening, whatever small window the boy who she meet before could provide with his healing skills.

She had managed to stow away a few old scrolls from her clan within her backpack before leaving the village. It wasn't easy getting her hands on those old manuscipts and jutsu formulas from within the clan compound, not now that the clan had yet again been firmly established under the rule of the elders and no apparent new clanhead had been chosen. Yet even without her jutsu and with a gradually weakening physique, Lamya knew she still outclassed the entire lot of them, from any orochi to the lowest of hebi they had and as such, she was still able to manage to get her hands on to some interesting and even forbidden techniques devised by certain more notorious and infamous members of the clan's long past.

Sitting there on the cold dirt ground, a few stones making her position rather uncomfortable near the small, smoldering remains of her campfire, the breeze of wind chilling her to the bone and her body shivering due to the oncoming fever she had, Lamya was still reading through the scrolls she had and was trying to figure it all out, surprised to what some of her ancestors actually managed to create and sought to become. She smiled, her single eye glowing feverishly due to both the light of the smoldering fire, the actual fever she had and most importantly, the spark of brilliance which managed to jumpstart a train of thoughts within her mind.

She had found it, that which she sought, the jutsu, the technique to utilize and maximize the effect of a single possible opening in which she'd be having full control over her chakra. Yes, she had managed to see the dots and connect them, Lamya had found the answer to the problem that had been annoying and eluding her for so long: how to fully heal her body and perhaps even make it better, stronger and greater all round.

It was no surprise that the scroll she was holding bore two names upon it, two names of probably the most gifted members her clan had ever produced: Orochi Enaka and Orochi...

Now there she was, being healed by the boy who had made the promise of a lifetime, HER lifetime. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps divine intervention or maybe just someone understood that Orochi Risu, known as Lamya, was yet to show the world of the shinobi what it meant to have unlimited potential for growth and thanks to the jutsu she found, possibly also the potential for unlimited, everlasting life.

Yet she needed the kid to achieve the next step in her evolution, the step to cast off that wounded, shriveled and broken body and start life anew with great health and even greater spirit.

She could feel it, the needles touching her, entering her flesh through her skin, the boy's incredible potential showing itself and truly making him live up to the name of one of the greatest medically specialized clans of the shinobi world: the Guanyin.

The chakra, she could feel it, the surge of energy and electricity, the strength of her body holding on for dear life and her chakra violently trying to find a way through her system, trying to beat the odds and partially repair the severe wounds and damage she had suffered. Lamya could feel her bones turn less brittle, her muscles twitching, her tendons swaying with the flow in her flesh, it was getting close, they had nearly reached the point at which she could act, the window of opportunity she needed, it was coming so close, that the woman was actually showing a grin as she raised herself a bit to watch what was going on.

'And thus it began'


And so she started, closing her eyes, concentrating on both her own chakra and the boy's healing chakra which coarsed through her, a shiver went through her body, causing Uraeus to raise his head and eventually rise up to about one and a half meter in height, looking down upon Lamya as he noticed the changes as they happened. "Now boy, you will soon witness why I choose her."

"Hush now, Uraeus," The woman rose, sitting up straight, as she looked at her arms, her hands  and even the very tips of her fingers, smiling rather eerily, with her golden snakelike eye glistening in the light of the moon. "There was no intention for combat, just chaos. Sadly, one can't contain chaos and it turned upon me. Though now, with your help, I have seen the error in my ways..."

The red dots started to fade slightly, while chakra started to become visible, erratic and rather crude, but the chakra was there, both visible and easy to sense. Her chakra had been freed, coursing through her as it should've and in that brief moment, that window in which she had control, her hands came together and she made a yin handseal, letting her chakra rise to the maximum o its capacity, a burst of energy that blew away the remainders of her long dead campfire, even making Uraeus struggle not to shift and slide over the ground.

"Yes...yes...YES!!" As the red dots had momentarily faded away completely, Lamya's form seemed to momentarily bloat up a bit, before returning back to its earlier state, her dots returning, her skin becoming sickly gray and her single eye becoming dull yellow rather than gold. "Just a little more, boy. It is almost...time."

Chakra: 340/370

Ninpou - Shin no Saisei:

Name: Shin no saisei [真の再生- True Rebirth]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post prep+Instant use/activation
Cooldown: 10 posts
Using the well known orochi saisei as base template, Lamya has discovered the true way to cheat death for at least once. At the cost of 50 chakra, which she needs to meld into her core (gate of death), Lamya can sustain any injury during a single round (meaning in case of both single and multiplayer battle, that it lasts until it's her turn again) after the preparation, at which point she will be reborn anew and free of all wounds and physical trauma no matter the severity.

This jutsu has no restriction to what may or may not be destroyed, as long as at least half of her body remains, Lamya can reform her body anew, ascending from out of the "dead" body.

Though this is called rebirth, Lamya herself does not actually die, as from the moment she prepares this jutsu, her entire being is already encoded upon the chakra and cells she molded which within her husk already start to form a new body for her, discarding the old body like a snake would discard its old skin.

The "rebirth" has no command or activation, after preperation has been made, her rebirth will happen as soon as it's Lamya's turn again.

The downside of this jutsu is that it has a hefty cost on her chakra reserves and that for three posts after the use of it, all stats will have a -2 tier drop due to the body still being new and lamya needing to adjust to it.




Special Jounin
"Now boy, you will soon witness why I choose her."

The words echoed in Hanbei's mind as he stared and watched the process begin to unfold in her body, it seemed that the process advanced into its later stages, with the pathways largely restored to some semblance of working condition the jutsu concentrated on working and repairing her tenketsu, though this was the harder part to get right in the composition of the jutsu, tenketsu were complex things, and by and large he had to rely on the nature of his technique and chakra to do a lot of the work here for him, at the end of the day the boy wasn't a hyuga and hadn't been raised with the elevated level of understanding of the chakra system that they had, although the Guanyin often dealt in meridian flow within the body, they weren't exactly the same. The meridian pathways deal with the bodie's ki, which was often more considered the body chakra of a ninja to do with health and physical well-being, less so with the chakra of the spirit and the pathways therein.

Though step by step he could feel the power in her begin to restore as there would be the beginnings of a surge welling up in her system. She was preparing something, though he had no idea what it was. Taking a hesitant step backwards he was beginning to think it may be a good idea to turn tail right about now. Lamya seemed to be coming into her own, the color in her skin seemed to be returning slowly and the pathways had been largely re-knit in their entirety. At least half of her Tenketsu were back in working order including all of her gates being the main web ways of chakra that flowed throughout the body, it was some of the lesser tenketsu around the chest and legs that were still a little damaged but slowly coming together with the help of the pumped second jutsu that seemed to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting in that regard.

Much of the transformation was difficult to look away from, the display of strength from lamya and the presence she gave off as a massive sum of chakra was spent in her system as she prepared her technique was something unimaginable to Hanbei, the level of strength she had was superhuman, and as his healing techniques continued to repair her, he seemed to be proven over and over again just how damaged she really was from the inside out. He had thought her chakra system to be refined and as strong as the average special jounin or a little higher when he had first met her, but what he was met with was an intricate system that had been trained far beyond that of most he had come into contact with, resembling more of a kage than anyone else. The realization was almost shocking, Hanbei began to develop a cold sweat as even Daji up in the tree seemed to be taking some kind of interest in this whole healing business, one eye open as it seemed she just couldn't bring herself to close it and take a nap.

'But, had Hanbei done the right thing?'

Lamya had admitted herself that she had been trying to sew chaos within the land of konoha, that that chaos was what had wounded her and left her in this state. If she was a chaotic force of destruction as it seemed to be, why then was it that Hanbei felt like he was not doing something wrong here. He felt uncomfortable, if his actions here led to the death of innocent people, their deaths were on his hands... was that something he could live with? or was that simply a part of him that he had not thought about looking into? The stars of destiny he modeled himself after, a great many of them had been demons before they were captured by the great sage, trapped and sealed away and repentant for a hundred years before they were reborn as heroic spirits of good, so, perhaps he had to truly walk in their footsteps to end up like one of them after all... but, were that the case, then hanbei would have to become a villain himself, to indulge in evil. Simply put, he didn't think he had it in him.

Yet his conscience couldn't take the strain anymore, and he finally found himself asking the question.

"Unless I'm mistaken, I know who you are... you're the person who attacked the prison in konoha and let a bunch of people free aren't you? The wounds you were given would have had to been from a high ranking hyuga, someone who I don't think exists in Konoha, so it must have been some fight, or you were taken by surprise. You say it was to sew chaos... was that really the reason you attacked the prison? Or was it because there was someone special in there?"



Her skin started to become rather dull in color, yet she still turned her face towards Hanbei and grinned, the process was nearly complete. Lamya was certain that if she used it in a more... accesible state, it would be less messy and especially more timely than it was now, but then again, the slowness and length of the entire process was also worth studying, it gave her the time to perfectly prepare the setting for what was to come.

"I must say you are both keen of sight and sharp of mind, kid," A chuckle escaped Risu's lips, her eyelids slowly closing and opening again, as she looked straight at the young boy with an eerie smile on her tired and frankly quite old looking face. "A hyuga indeed did this, but that was probably obvious by the fact it were my tenketsu that had been damaged first and foremost and that all the rest was a result of that single disruption in my body. As for the reasoning behind that which I did... let's say I wanted to see how much I had grown, alas less than I hoped..."

A second shiver went through her body, her arms falling limp on the ground, her back and head hitting the ground with a dull thud, when suddenly a third tremor went through her body...


Slender fingers with imaculate nails came out of the lifeless corpse's mouth, pulling the jaws aside, as if opening a large sack, covered in a slimy substance, a head adorned with long, silky smooth jet black hair and two bony horn-like appendages slowly arose from out of the stretched open mouth. Whatever was coming out of Lamya's mouth, pulled itself upwards, until it was apparent that out of the shriveled, disheveled looking corpse, it was Lamya herself who arose, her hair longer than it had been before, her skin a smooth and perfect alabaster, with no red dots, scars or even a single blemish to be found.

As the slimy substance dripped off of her, the woman's hands rose towards her face, softly combing her hair aside and opening her eyes, revealing that this time, she had not one, but both of her eyes, shining like golden snake eyes as she looked at the kid, every inch of her body betraying her heritage and every fiber of her body eluding to her strength and physical prowess. "Perfect..."

Lifting her feet from out of the mouth, this 'new' Lamya elegantly stepped towards Hanbei, bowing down a bit when she raised her left hand towards the boy's chin with the intent to slowly raise his head so she could look him straight into his eyes.

A soft smile appeared on her face as she calmly placed her lips against his for just a second, before retracting and starting to stretch herself a bit, inspecting her arms, legs, chest and more, chuckling with glee and pure selfsatisfaction when she realized that not only had she returned to her full health and strength, she had actually managed to remove every single scar, blemish and fault which her original body had, yet when her hands touched the top of her head and slid accross the ivory horns, she seemed to suck in her breath for a moment. "Well, new, must be a side effect or a mistake, but no matter...I'm back, I'm better than ever and I am at the top of my game."

With that being said though, she looked down at the remains of her old body and grinned, bending through her legs to remove the armor and the scalpels from said corpse and with a swift jump she got to her backpack, taking out a jumpsuit and some sandals, which she quickly pulled on and complemented with a new belt to which she could attach the scalpels and as she put on the armor she had just taken from her corpse, the woman smiled brightly and slowly walked back to Hanbei, putting her right leg next to Uraeus, so the snake could slither upwards and coil around her middle, with part of his body and head hanging over her shoulder, looking at the Fox spirit in the tree with obvious glee in his eyes.

"Now then, I think the world needs a bit more Chaos, don't you think, kid?"




Special Jounin
'The boy didn't expect what came next.’

Rebirth was the immediate thought that came to mind, something had changed in Lamya on a fundamental level, maybe it had something to do with the fact that her chakra had been broken down and reforged on a fundamental level, chakra was given to people from creatures from the stars, so, Hanbei only began to perhaps understand that the healing effect with his stem cell chakra had begun to tap into something deeper within Lamya, he had attempted to recreate within her, what at its base level the chakra system truly was, not what it was to 'her' but in focusing entirely on it without any concept of the body and the form it was in... perhaps he had made Lamya a little more like a spirit in the mean-time. As she regenerated her body, her new form seeming to adapt to what she was now, casting off what she had been but moments before. It was a powerful technique, that much was certain, shedding ones' skin entirely and leaving a body behind in your wake was not something many could say they were capable of. The technique was a crass use of chakra and medical technique, wild and animistic.

'In truth, Hanbei couldn't tell whether he was impressed, or offended.'

Once she was healed, Hanbei would look over her new form, looking to the horns on her head as he couldn't help but think of notable other creatures that were said to have horns, from traditional demons to something else. To him, she looked like a monster, an apostle of serpentine proportions that had risen from the grave reforged and stronger than ever. She said that she had learned from her mistakes, and that was a powerful thing, to have truly grown from the ill that you had suffered was no small progress in the world of insanity and repetition that they were ever surrounded by. Death came slowly to some, all to quickly to others and not to some at all. Though the boy never responded to her remarks, keeping his thoughts and reasoning to himself for the mean time. Now that she was at full power the gap between the two of them in power alone shone brightly, he didn't know what to say or even what to think but the female before him seemed to be almost godlike in comparison... maybe even a match for his father, wherever he may be. But it was then the kiss came out of nowhere, Hanbei stiffened like a rod as it connected with his lips, breaking all composure as he froze like an animal before an oncoming train. The older, far more curvaceous female making Hanbei nervous beyond his wildest dreams, far more terrified than any evil or opponent he had ever fought.

'Wherever the man may'

"Now then, I think the world needs a bit more Chaos, don't you think, kid?" The words seemed tantalizing and almost seductive, Daji even found herself walking out from behind the tree she was once standing in, gracefully moving and stroking the back of Hanbei's leg suggestively as for once in her little life she seemed happy in Hanbeis suffering. Although it quickly became apparent she was more curious about the discarded former corpse of the woman to see if it still had its organs or other soft tissue matter that a body should have. Her mind curious, but sharp as a blade as she would look to the snake with a coy smile. The sound never escaping her lips as the serpent would hear within its mind as if it had been spoken 'you going to eat that?' the voice soft and calm but with a wicked venom-like cruelty as the sun caught the opal that seemed to be part of the animals' skull, glittering brightly in a million colours.

"I-um *cough* don't know about causing chaos, I'm-uh, usually kinda against turning the wheel... of reincarnation i mean. If it can be, you know, avoided. Though, there were a few wise man that thought that chaos may be needed in order to, uhm, reign in any kind of lasting peace. What i do know is. The winds and the lands have kinda become still and stagnant, and in stagnation people are becoming... restless, i guess. So, I don't really know what to do. I saved you because I believe a destiny of sorts bought me to you, silly as it sounds, that means your duty here has yet to be fulfilled, if that duty is to sew chaos, it's not really up for me to deny you. Though your being here has stilled the forest, the spirits have fallen... oddly silent, like they're nervous about something... or about what's coming. "

Hanbei would begin to break out of his nervous stupor, looking around as he spoke for any sign of the natural world he was used to seeing immediately around him, but there was nothing, not even a breeze, the air was so still it could be cut with a blade should it move fast enough. The kodama of the trees were dormant, and the spirits of the air and earth hadn't made themselves known for quite some time. Whoever Lamya was, they seemed to have reason to fear her, after her reincarnation, Hanbei was sure the pressure around her on some level had gotten worse, though he hadn't known her before her wounds to compare her as she was then to what she was now.

"I'm on my path in attempt to become one of the immortal 108 stars, to do that I have to become legendary in my own right. They were once a supreme force of good in the world, and I hope to live up to that title... though I have a long way to go I'm afraid." He spoke in somber yet whistful tones, channeling the soul of his inner philosopher as a means to not directly confront her slightly more chaotic agenda, perhaps as a means of deflection, or more as a reason with coping with his choices, it would be difficult to tell. None the less, Hanbei seemed conflicted with what to do next.

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Still quite enamored with her own revived self, still looking at her hands and smiling due to the fact that her eyesight had been restored to what it was before, the woman looked at the kid who had shown such immense potential with keen interest. It was truly amazing that even when she had thought to have reached the pinnacle of her potential, she had to look upon a mere boy who seemed to have more potential than she ever had, if anything, with the right person to guide the kid, he'd possibly become more powerful than even her uncle, as his gift was not only his potential, but more so the blood running through his veins. If there was any clan which could be considered superior to the Ouroboros clan in terms of producing strong medically inclined shinobi, it was the Guanyin clan.

Still, for now she had the advantage, she knew she wasn't as strong as her uncle, but for now her current level would be more than enough to do what she wanted to do. Knowing the man who had toyed with her, experimented on her and eventually threw her by the wayside, she knew that her uncle most likely intended to rebuild what he had lost, though similar in their ways and ideas, Lamya wondered what her next step would be.

She could've stayed in Konoha, but that was probably a rather dangerous decision, as there was no doubt she'd have been added to the bingo book by now, the best course of action was to gather her strengths, secure a place from which she could operate and launch the plan she had. Lamya knew that if there was one thing that was certain, it was that the world would change and that it was going be a rather hellish place to be at, so why not take a foothold in hell and seek ways to become even stronger than her uncle?

To that end, the kid would've been an invaluable asset.

Meanwhile, Uraeus, leaning upon his mistress' shoulder with part of his body coiled around her waist, looked at the fox spirit and let out a soft hiss, announcing that he was not interested in eating a lifeless husk which no longer contained his mistress' overwhelming essence. There was nothing to be gained for him, but if the fox spirit would find something useful for it, so be it. "I have no interest in that hollow shell, do as you please with it, I don't think my mistress has any use for it either."

Lamya looked at the fox spirit as well, tilting her head a bit to the side and smiling gleefully and squinting her eyes, yet when she opened her eyes again, the smile had faded and there was a serious, almost cold glimmer in the woman's eyes. With that look, she turned towards Hanbei, placing her hands upon his shoulders while kneeling down a bit before him. "It's not reincarnation, it's revival, resurrection if you will. Unorthodox, maybe even immoral, but nonetheless the closest thing one can get to becoming immortal. I don't even think the guanyin have managed to figure out a jutsu to completely restore and regenerate a body, have they?"

Patting the kid's head, she stood up again and tried to orient herself a bit, with her fever and sickness from earlier making it hard to concentrate at where she was exactly and how she had to leave konoha, it was now surely much easier to retrace her steps and decide where to go now. Perhaps Sunagakure would've been a good choice, it had a new, unexperienced kage after all and that was always a bonus for a slithering snake trying to find a spot to hunt.

"Immortal 108 stars, I don't know what that is, but to become a force of'd have to first consider what truly is 'good'," The woman took her backpack, pulled out an anbu mask and placed it onto her face, her voice now distorted and as she stood up, she handed the kid the scroll from which she had managed to gain the intel and inspiration to create the shin no saisei. "To truly know what is good, you need to truly experience the evil in this world and even then you'd have to ask yourself, if there is any way that anyone can be abolutely objective on deciding what is good and what is evil."


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’A curious fox couldn't help but investigate’

Daji would fall to the ground and look to the falled corpse, she had wondered what the innards of the woman looked like, if it were but a hollow skin or a fully formed corpse that she had simply slithered herself out of, either way, there was much to be learned about the mysterious technique but also the woman of which they were dealing with. Was she entirely human? Did she had venom glands within her? Was there something off anatomically that she would be able to smell, taste or find as with scalpel-like claws she would cut and move, all the while never once getting even a drop of blood anywhere on the main portions of her snow white coat. The investigation would be perplexing, though as she snooped through the grisly afterimage of the woman before them, Hanbei would be standing facing her rebirth face to face, no longer bound by her weakened form and instead looking at something different altogether.

"It's not reincarnation, it's revival, resurrection if you will. Unorthodox, maybe even immoral, but nonetheless the closest thing one can get to becoming immortal. I don't even think the guanyin have managed to figure out a jutsu to completely restore and regenerate a body, have they?"

Hanbei thought about that for a moment but the thoguhts that immediately came to mind were the stories that his father used to tell him about when it came to the clan founders, the two whose names the clan jutsu were initually founded on. "Well, not in a long time at least... but, the clan founder was said to have conquered death, having mastered the needles of life, he was able to bring back the dead with one hand and end suffering itself with the other... Whatever that means. Though, he thought the power was too strong to be used by anyone else, so, he only taught half the techniques to his children... so they were lost ever since... at least that's what my father told me. "

It was the second thing that Lamya spoke about that made Hanbei think even more, the realization that she had not heard the story was something that Hanbei could not help but tilt his head at, the violet eyes that spoke so loudly without the utterance of a word as she questioned the story before questioning the nature of good and evil itself. While it seemed like something that was complex to her, good and evil were black and white to Hanbei.

"Good and Evil are easy to understand, you see a hawk pluck a rabbit from the ground, one might think its evil, but a hawk must eat. Yet a man may strike down a foe who had wronged him, to whom does the act benefit? The accuser? He's killed for murder by ninja, the one who had wronged him then? He was not to know the result of his actions. Evil is in the act, in the moment. The Evil is the waste of life and the denial of fate. Spinning the wheel where it need not be spun. You, i believe, sew chaos for a purpose... a garden needs to have its bed turned. While other villains, motivated by greed, lust and their own cowardice are far less noble.

As for who gets to decide, that's the easiest part... it's not for us mortals to decide. There are beings in this world, far beyond any of us, far beyond me, far beyond you, far beyond any of the nations Kage or the nations themselves. So it's to them I try to listen...

In the ages after the sage was gone, they say a hundred legendary bandits, and eight feudal lords rose up to control a big part of the earth... most demons in their own right at the time were captured and sealed by a single man and punished. After their term of punishment, they broke free themselves. But something was different, for some reason, they swore to undertake the roll of the sage in his absence. It took every one of them to complete the task, but they did it, for a time. So great were the one hundred and eight that they were immortalized in the heavens, corresponding to stars in the sky. The constellation is called the 'stars of destiny' and that's where the story comes from.

It's a bit of a myth, but I'd always liked it, it inspires me to push harder and harder. But, I guess you're right, they were each demons before they became heroes, so, maybe they had to see the chaos themselves before they became truly great..."

He wouldn't know it yet, but this was the beginning of a thought that would stay with the boy for a long, long time. The idea that perhaps greatness wasn't about just climbing the ladder to the top. Its about how far you had to climb to get there. If Lamya were to become a Hero, even if she were equally heroic as another ninja, would she be considered greater because she would have had to overcome so much more to get there? It was a compelling thought, but, the thought of needing to become evil just to aspire to greatness... to end life, so that he could later save it...

It was something he just couldn't do.



Lamya turned towards Hanbei, not sure if what she heard was correct or that she had just not heard it right. So the kid was truly a Guanyin after all, quite the interesting twist for someone who prided herself to be one of the most accomplished medically inclined kunoichi of her era, if not any era. "Needles of Life, eh. That sounds like some rather impressive jutsu to me, but healing others was never my intention, not that I cant do so if necessary."

While she was nearly explaining her own methods and ideology, Risu got annoyed by the sound of the little critter that seemed to accompany her savior, as it was clawing away with vigor at the remains of Lamya's previous body. Even Uraeus seemed quite intrigued to what the fox-thing was doing, yet made no mention of it, deciding that the previous body of his master was not a concern of his at this point.

"All you'll find is a decomposing shell of cells and residual chakra, nothing more,"Placing her hands against her forehead, Lamya slowly combed her hair backwards, not avoiding her hands to brush over her newly former ivory horns. It was all the more obvious that wether or not her former body had anything special in it at all, the new body was far superior due to it being fresh, without wounds and without any faults, exactly how she looked three years ago, with the addition of those strange horns. "If you need to know anything, you'd just have to ask me, you little vixen."

Letting out a sigh, the woman motioned Uraeus to move onto the ground for a moment again, so she could come closer to Hanbei and look him right into his wonderfully violet colored eyes again. "I must say, I've never seen eyes like yours...quite cute."

Suddenly wrapping her arms around him gently and without pressuring him with her rather immense physical strength, Lamya gently breathed into the boy's ear, letting the tips of her fingers slide softly accross the kid's back, feeling everything beneath the clothes. A chuckle escaped before she whispered into his ear, not letting go at all just yet. "The marks of a genius are the scars they carry, so I hope you'll tell me how you got those scars one day... we Ouroboros are intrigued by things we can't explain and things that are unique..."

Patting him gently on the back, Lamya let go of Hanbei again, letting Uraeus quickly slither back to his place upon her and around her again. I'll be going to Sunagakure now, if you want... you can always come with me to see wether or not you can handle the reality of this world and the darkness in which it thrives."


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’A word of acknowledgement, from a chaotic form.’

The words rang in Hanbei's ears as she mentioned the technique of the needles of life. The twin blue needles of Dharma were somewhat of a legend his father had talked about a lot, but there was almost no record of them ever being used. Their only lineage was the blue healing needle that Hanbei had at his disposal, and he wasn't even able to twin-cast that technique, something about it was just, wrong. Like his body wouldn't allow him to do it... there was something more to that technique, creating another in the other hand that was the same as the one he was holding created some kind of feedback loop which shorted out the jutsu. It was an odd sensation, but one he didn't particularly wish to try any longer. Looking to Lamya, he would find himself focusing on her lips again, remembering the kiss she gave as his cheeks would flush a little pinker as he thought about them. She was far too old for him, and he shouldn't think about that kinda thing, though, as still and paralyzed he had been, waxing poetic in a desperate attempt to cover for himself and his horrific insecurities when it came to 'full bodied' women... Though he doubt it worked.

Daji, when it came to Lamya calling out her discovery, it was like spoiling a future event. Soured by the calling out she would simply leave, retracting her claws for a moment and slapping Hanbei with her tail as she left in a slightly snotty mood. Turning her back on the Ouroboros and her serpentine partner before looking back for a moment, smiling with a wink to Risu in a coy goodbye as it seemed that she had found a woman she considered her peer. Finally, she leaped behind a bush, and back into the realm of obscurity for the mean time. Looking to Lamya, Hanbei would bow, explaining: "I'm sorry about her, I swear she has a crown on her head and I have no idea why she follows me around. Sometimes I really wish she wouldn't... Though, Umm" Hanbei hesitated for a moment, something was on his mind, though when it came to saying it, he would simply blush a little redder before proclaiming for Lamya not to worry, and that it was beneath her time or effort to be bought to her attention.

As Risu would lean close and look into Hanbei's soft Violet eyes, multiple black rings surrounding the center pupil as they seemed to be an even color. Hanbei blushed a little more at the closeness, stuttering a thank you nervously as she called them cute. Not quite enjoying that last compliment. Some of the romance died instantly, as Hanbei almost huffed. Of all the things she could have said about them, cute!? Really!? Not entrancing? Strange? Unique? Stunning? Gorgeous? Anything but cute. The most infantalizing comment of them all, though as she made the comment she would push herself close against Hanbei and wrap her arms around him. Hanbei could feel most of her whole body pushed against him, leaving few curves to the imagination as he would instinctively rest his hands on her hips, more to stop him from flailing like a child than in any real knowledge of intimacy.

Her hands down his robe were ice cold as her finger glided over the scars that he had. The touch sent a shiver across his spine and made his hair stand up on end like a porcupines' quills. All except for the long braided tails that came from the back of his neck. She would offer him much, the chance to go back to Suna, where he knew that the ones that had taken him were... they'd been sending parties into konoha to find him, likely for vengeance. But the thought of leaving right now was not something that he felt like he was able to do, there were a couple, though not many threads that needed to be ended here in the nation of fire before he slowly made his way back to Kumogakure thought Suna. He heard that the Kage there had been deposed, replaced with another woman, it was something that he had to see, and likely report back to. Though it had been a long time, his country had likely recorded him as dead, due to the blood and signs of battle after the exams ended. Though, finally, shaking his head he would say:

"I can't go with you, not right now. I'm so close to finding my own way, and if I went with you, I'd like to be thought of as a little more of a partner, than an underling. Which I feel is all I'd be right now. But, I will be following you soon. I'll track you down, I'm sure I'll find you. Maybe then, we can see just who out of us is the better medic." Hanbei would smile cheekily. Before thinking about what he had wanted to say before... finally working through his fear he would mask his awkwardness with the most awkward, transparent faux bravado he could muster. "And who knows, maybe next time I can earn that kiss... ..."

Immediate and unfiltered karmic regret flowed through his body as he visibly winced at the concept of swift and brutal retribution. The only thing he didn't do was raise a defensive technique in the half second after the statement as his face began to look more like a beet than skin on flesh. However, his features softened as he would look back up at Lamya.

"Whatever happens though, it was... oddly great meeting someone like you. I barely know who you are or anything about you, yet... I feel... strangely... safe."

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