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1 Ningyou Clan (Revamp) on Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:44 am

Alwen Sangotatsu



Clan Name: Ningyou
Location: Sunagakure no Sato
Specialization: Kugutsu (Primary) / Medical Ninjutsu (Secondary)
Elements: N/A

Clan History: The Ningyou were once a clan that had never seen the use of puppets, they were mere civilians. The Ningyou were a peaceful residence in Sunagakure, finding solitude amongst each other. The obsession with puppets came after they discovered that this art existed, and Sunagakure was the place to be if you wanted interaction with puppets. The citizens and residence of the Ningyou clan never strayed too far away from their circle, but the council however did stray far. They took to the art of puppetry, seeking out and developing this art, toying with it for years. They were medical ninjutsu users, but the council themselves were slowly becoming obsessed with puppetry. A few years go on, most of the council seemed reclusive, they stayed far too close to puppets most of the time. Then, the Ningyou massacre occurred. Inside the borders of Sunagakure, the council members had been creating something deadlier than they knew how to control. They were trying to fuse puppets, and humans, together. Trying to create a hybrid puppet that was half puppet, half human. One that needed no strings to control. All they did was create a beast with no emotions, tapping into the nervous system of one of the council members, they forced her mind into an inactive state almost.

Craving to learn more, they tried to bring it back, which they succeeded in doing. Council member Yara was never the same. Half puppet, they kept experimenting on her, eventually she decided to experiment on them. She eviscerated the council with all of the abilities they gave her, took up her own way and slaughtered most of her clan. Yara ended up taking her own life, after that. The scar remained centuries after. The clan mostly was ruined, although a few survived. They kept the teachings of the council going however, in an unfortunate turn of events, the clan never really let puppetry go. It stayed with them for centuries. They figured out a way to suppress and amount of chakra into a puppet, secrets known only to the Ningyou, they created puppets that could utilize their medical jutsu. Even so, they weren't satisfied. They wanted to know more, they wanted to see if they could reverse engineer puppets unto a human once more. They too limbs, and replaced them with the appendages of puppets. It took many, many tries and an immense amount of error to replicate the effect they wanted to see. They had found the missing piece, years later, they connected the arm to the nervous system and utilizing their medical ninjutsu they came up with a way for their clan to use the modifications a puppet used.

That was over a hundred years ago. It is mainly a tradition now, a maturing ceremony of sorts. Using a prosthetic appendage they sever the arm of the new grown shinobi and create what is seen today. No one yet has been extreme enough to attempt full bodily replication, not since the long lost Sasori. However, the future holds many mysteries.
(Clan History by original clan creator, Aozame)
Ningyou, Haka
Ningyou, Midori

Kekkei Genkai Name: Iryō ningyō (医療人形) - Medical Puppetry
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Ningyou clan has utilized the ways of puppets for hundreds of years, slowly becoming more in tune with their creations, allowing them access to medical ninjutsu through their puppets. In order to accomplish this they dissected and probed at their own bodies, learning how to store chakra into their puppets, and taking onto themselves qualities of a puppet. The Ningyou studied each other and eventually modified their own bodies as well, in a style similar to that of Sasori, but on a much smaller scale. Utilizing their medical ninjutsu through their puppets, and their own prosthetic limbs they are a deadly enemy and a reliable ally on the battlefield.

Each Ningyou is modified at a maturing age, having one of their arms severed and replaced with a prosthetic puppet appendage, which is connected to their nervous system to allow them the ability to use it just as a normal arm would be used. This allows them to have one modification to themselves, mostly in the form of some sort of weapon, but the users chakra pool will be reduced since an arm is missing. The modification will be applied for just as a normal modification for a puppet would be, and they start without a modification, and they must apply for a modification and pay for it at regular price. The prosthetic will always be one of their two arms, and may not have any other appearance besides that of a normal arm. The user may only have one modification at any point, upgrading to a different modification, or a higher ranking modification, replaces the previous modification, although the modification may be kept and switched out between threads. (Example: I had a previous modification and I bought a new one. I can still use the old modification, but must be specified alongside the puppets modifications at the start of the thread for which one I am using at that current moment.) If the arm is broken, it may be repaired per normal repair methods. The ranking of the arm is C rank, however, higher ranked arms may be purchased as any other puppet.

The Ningyou have studied puppetry for hundreds of years, perfecting the art and becoming masters in it. They've utilized pouring their medical chakra through a puppet, giving the puppet an affinity for medical ninjutsu. Medical Ninjutsu used by the puppet is -5 chakra cost on the initial cost, and Ningyou clan members begin with a free C rank puppet that comes with 2 modifications of D rank for free.
Drawbacks: Due to missing an arm, members of the Ningyou suffer a -30 to their chakra pool.

Anything that is not Medical Ninjutsu or Puppetry exclusively incurs a 10% WC increase in training.

Due to the unnatural nature their bodies have been modified, they may not take taijutsu as a spec. Furthermore, upon the removal of their arm, their chakra variety becomes more limited. All Ningyou must take Hesitant (Element) without a positive SC to balance.


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I don't see any problems with this. Approved.


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