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1 Find the kitty cats [D-rank/Repeatable] on Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:10 pm



Mission Details:
Mission name: Missing Cats
Mission rank: D
Objective: Find and capture the missing cats
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: A few cats belonging to an old lady have run away, she requested help on getting them back. Your job is to find the five missing cats and bring them home. These cats are quick and sneaky so expect to be put through hell when trying to track & catch them. You will need a minimum of 500 words to complete this mission. All cats must be brought back alive and well or you fail

The day had finally arrived for Fuyuko, the day where she would take on her very first mission. Not being able to contain her excitement she woke up even before the sun had risen above the horizon. Since this was her first day she felt like she needed to be properly dressed and look splendid. As such she ended up spending about the next two to three hours making sure everything looked fine; making sure no one could find a single crease in her clothes. Re-doing her hair several times over just to make sure that every strain was just the way she liked it. But most importantly to have a strong meal that would give her loads of energy so she can take on any challenge.

After having spent what she deemed necessary preparation time, she was ready to leave and take on her first mission. However in her desire to look in tip-top condition, she had completely forgotten the time; the sun was already well passed breaking the horizon and red glow that comes at daybreak was just about all gone. “I better hurry up before all the missions for today are gone!” she thought as she slightly panicked. Not willing to waste any more time she rushed over to the mission board. Upon arrival, she was saddened, the board was empty. Her sadness wouldn’t last long however, a person came walking up to the mission board and posted up a new D-rank mission. Not wasting a second Fuyuko jumped up and grabbed the mission straight away without looking what it was.

Fuyuko, being unable to contain her excitement, jumped into the air. She quickly looked down at the paper and started reading the mission. “Kazumi Kimiko has requested that we find her missing cats. Five of her cats have escaped and she wants them safely returned. The cats can be identified as such.

  • Icho – A full black cat with white ear tips
  • Sano – A full white cat with black ear tips
  • Godo – A golden cloaked cat
  • Roko – A black and gray striped cat
  • Nano – A red colored cat with a few white stripes

After having read the mission note several times over making sure she remembers all of the details she puts the mission note in her pocket and runs off into the village. After having walked through a few of the streets of Kirigakure it seemed like this would turn out to be more of challenge than Fuyuko had initially thought. “What do cats like? What would be some obvious places they could be hiding” she pondered. “Grilled fish! Buy your grilled fish right here! Just 5 ryo a piece!” a stand seller yelled. Fuyuko’s thoughts were interrupted as she past the stand, though to deeply in her thoughts she didn’t quite catch what the man was just yelling. “Uhhmm… Excuse me… What did you just say sir?” Fuyuko said in a rather soft voice. “Huh, what did you just say young miss?” The stand seller replied back. Fuyuko took a deep breath and mustered up some courage, “I asked what did you just say sir?” she said, but in a clear voice this time around. “Oohh, I’m selling grilled fish, 5 ryo a piece!” he said with a smile on his face. “Fish?” Fuyuko thought. “Fish, of course!” she exclaimed loudly. Looking at the surprised face of the man, her face turned color to a slight red hue, despite that she bows quickly and runs off.

Having arrived at the place where they trade all the freshly caught fish Fuyuko tore the whole place down. Looking all over each individual stand, all the docked boats but no cats to be found anywhere. Having spent a good hour searching for them at this location she determined they weren’t there. Heading towards a different part of town Fuyuko glanced into a small alley between two warehouses. Much to her surprise she saw a couple of cats in the alley, the way they were grouped up together would make it seem like they were scheming something most heinous. She quickly grabbed her mission note to check if the descriptions matched the cats she was looking at. And sure enough it was a perfect match.

Fuyuko kneeled down and made a gesture towards the cats to come over play, get some scratches and belly rubs. The black cat with white ear tips, which seemed to be the leader, gave her a glance. A glance that made it seem like she was being told to run along and not meddle with their business. A glance that made that for some reason pushed Fuyuko in the wrong place. Her eye slightly twitching “Oh you’re going to get it now kitty cat!” she stated. She took a deep breath, placed her hands on her knees and got back up straight and exhaled. As she inhaled once more, she opened her eyes; a fierce, determined expression was all to be seen on her face.

Fuyuko dashes, she dashes with all her might towards the cats in hopes of just catching them all in one go and get it over with. But alas it seemed like it wasn’t meant to be. The cats being nimble as they are easily got out of the super obvious move Fuyuko was making. The cats bolted quickly past Fuyuko, basically just swapping position with her. But something had changed, Fuyuko wasn’t sure what it was; it just felt different. She didn’t ponder too much on the though and started the chase after the cats. As she got to the end of alley she noticed that the cats had scattered in all directions. It looked like she would need to catch them all one by one. Letting out a small sigh at the thought, she made sure to not let it discourage herself too much.

The first target will be Godo, it’s by far the easiest to spot and it also seemed to be closest to her. She rushes after Godo as he weaves in between the stands. It’s hard for Fuyuko to keep up however, the ease with which he can maneuver between all the people makes it a rather difficult challenge to keep up. Fuyuko stopped and started to think “what kind of trap could I lay for a cat here”. Within a few seconds she had come up with an idea, as she ran past one of the stands she swiftly grabbed a fish off of it. Now having her bait ready at hand, all she needed to do was find the cat again. Which to her surprise was too simple, it almost looked like it wanted to be found again.

This time however instead of dashing straight at it she vanished in between the stalls. Still quickly closing in on the cat, but making sure there were always stands between the two of them as she got closer. Stopping at the last stand that would be between them she peeked the corner. Sure enough the cat was still in roughly the same place as before. Fuyuko grabbed the fish by the tail and dangled it around the corner of the stand. “Godo, kitty kitty” she said. Sure enough the cat moved over to the fish and as it got close to it Fuyuko pounced onto it and held it tight around his middle. Lifting it up to make sure it couldn’t run away. Much to her surprise it didn’t try to break free at all it seemed rather content to be held, if anything it looked like he wanted to play more.

Fuyuko wanting to test her theory put the cat back on the ground to see what it would do. Somewhat to her surprise it didn’t walk away, it just kept staring at her. So she took a few steps backwards and Godo just followed. She turned around, ran a little bit, and sure enough Godo obediently followed her. It seemed like she wouldn’t need to worry about Godo running away from her anymore, she just hoped all the cats would show similar behavior. “Oh well, that’s something I’ll have to find out once I got another one of the cats” she thought as she moved over to the stand where she took the fish from and sneakily puts it back.

She looked up to the sky to estimate what time of the day it had already become. Much to her surprise the was almost on top of her head. She started to slightly panic, wondering if she could manage to catch all the cats before the day would be over. After quickly giving herself a gentle slap on both of her cheeks she snapped out of mini panic attack and rushed into the city again to search for the four remaining cats. Luck was however on her side today, or at least in this moment, as without having to run all that far she had spotted two of them. Sano and Nano were just lazily bathing in the sun at the other side of the channel. Not wanting to run back a little bit to take the bridge to crossover, despite it only being a few meters away. She prepared herself, ran towards the edge of the channel and jumped.

Despite only reaching the other side by about half a foot length, she felt rather good about the jump which was about 6 meters. Although her happiness was rather short lived as she frantically turned around and looked across the channel again. Godo was gone. She let herself fall to the ground and became overwhelmed with sadness. “Now I have 5 cats to…” she mumbled before being interrupted by a loud meowing sound. She looked up and to her surprise there he was, Godo was right in front of her. “You must have run across the bridge, right?” she happily exclaimed while picking up the cat and giving it a tight hug. While still hugging Godo, Fuyuko glanced over to the location of where she last saw the two cats. It seemed like the pair was completely oblivious to what was happening in their surroundings.

Not letting this opportunity go to waste Fuyuko moves in closer. Tiptoeing her way over, making sure her footsteps make no sound at all. When she gets in range to grab the both of them by their collar she leans over and reaches out to them. However within the blink of an eye, the cats were no longer in front of her. Slightly dazed by what had just happened, Fuyuko quickly snapped out of it and started to scout the surrounding area. However no matter where she looked into the distance, she could not spot the pair of cats. That is however until she heard some distinct meowing behind her. She turned around to see the pair next to Godo. Without hesitation she lunged for them once more, this time however the cats dashed away in an obvious manner and Fuyuko was able to keep track. Quickly she ran after the cats whom had turn into an alley.

The gap was ever closing, the cats turned once more into another alley. This alley however was a dead end. The cats however were going to easily scale the wall, which means that they would disappear once more from Fuyuko’s sight. The distance was only getting smaller, Fuyuko had barely anytime to think of a way to cut them off. For some reason she flashed back to when she was younger, playing along the riverbend. She was trying to cross the river by hopping over the stones sticking out of the water and how difficult it was to keep your balance on the rocks. A smile appeared on Fuyuko’s face as she raised her hand to her mouth, and a jet of water came bursting from out of her mouth. The water stream soared straight between the cats as the leaped towards the wall. The pair of cats desperately tries to find grip and climb the wall but to no avail. Having closed the gap, Fuyuko grabs them both by their collar and puts them down next to Godo. Just like Godo, Sano and Nano didn’t walk away either after being caught.

The three of them looked at each other, it looked like they were agreeing upon something and suddenly sprinted away. Not waiting a second beat Fuyuko followed the cats, it quickly became apparent that they were trying to lead her somewhere as they always waited for her to get closer. Making sure that Fuyuko did not lose sight of them. After running a lot through town once more it seemed like Fuyuko was finally done running after the cats. She had arrived at a small open field with the last two cats, Icho and Roko, just sitting in the middle of it. All she had left to do was catch the last two of them. But by this point exhaustion was slowly starting to kick in, having run all over town the entire day she couldn’t help but starting to feel a little bit short of breath.

However Fuyuko was determined to finish her first mission as a success. She wasn’t going to be beaten that easily, she also thought to herself that Icho and Roko most likely just wanted to play. “As long as I can just entertain the cats, everything should be fine” she thought. After giving herself a few more moments to catch her breath she started running after the cats. The cats were obviously in this place, they had a lot of space to dodge every move that Fuyuko would try to make. It also made it completely impossible for her to corner them. So after what seemed like hours of chasing the cats, having countless attempts where Fuyuko could almost grasp the them, she collapsed from exhaustion.

Time passed and Fuyuko felt a soft but wet feeling on her face. Slowly opening her eyes, she could vaguely see a cat in front of her licking her face. She jumped up as she was startled by the sight and quickly fell through her legs again onto the ground.  It was Roko that was licking her to wake her up. She patted the Roko as she gazed up into the sky, only to realize that the sun was already about done setting underneath the horizon. Looking back down again at the cats, and counted if they were all present. “Icho, Sano, Godo, Roko, Nano” she said while pointing at the cats as they in turn walked up to her when their names were called. “Let’s go home” she said whilst stroking the cats. Finally she mustered up any strength she had left to walk the cats and bring them home safely.

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WC: 2453
Mission: 750; 2453 - 750 = 1703wc
Ryo increase: 600 (6x100); 1703- 600 = 1103wc
Speed Training E-0 > D-0: 750 (75+150+225+300); 1103 - 750 = 353wc
Reaction Training E-0 > E-2: 225 (75+150); 353 - 225 = 101wc
Endurance Training E-0 > E-1: 75; 101 - 75 = 26wc

26 wc left

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