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S'athmos Hadalis

S'athmos Hadalis

During a calm night at Konoha, S'athmos is seen standing in the middle of an open field filled with beautiful flowers that are of bright colors such as pink and red. Watari, an older yet much stronger individual is standing in front of him though. The two faced each other from a fair enough distance whilst the moonlight shines its light onto them. Watari begins to say "So you want me to be your Sensai?There are so many other people though, why choose me?" Sath stood there with a neutral expression on his face, saying "Because you're the best bet when it comes to teaching me Jutsus. I wanna learn from an expert and not some wanna-be ninja thinking he's everything." Watari grins. He begins saying "Well then, I guess that's fair enough. So what are you thinking of training?" Sathmos tells the ninja what he wanted to train and the two begin to start the process. He looks at the advanced ninja in front of him as he began to demonstrate how to use the Ghost Technique. Watari starts to get into a stance, using his hands to make some type of charka focusing hand signals. All of a sudden right after he did the hand signals, a white aura began to form on the sides of his body. It wasn't soon until nine false copies of Watari started to appear near himself. This was the clue that the man had mastered the technique.

The young ninja had watched closely, analyzing his stance and the exact hand signals he made. Once the technique was done, Watari and all of his nine transparent clones looked at him saying in sync with each other "That's how it's done. Now you try." Sathmos tries to get into the same stance and does the same exact hand signals but it didn't work because he was kind of sloppy on the stance a bit, just a tad bit nothing too crazy. Watari points that out to him as he put both of his fists on his hips saying "Try again. We're not here to seek failure. You'll get it." Sath goes into the stance again and makes the same hand signals as before, but this time it actually somewhat worked. That same white aura appeared on the sides of his body but there were no false copies though. It was unsuccessful, meaning little but no chakra was used. Sathmos says annoyingly "Why is this so difficult? It's not even an offensive attack." Watari looks back at him and replies "It's part of both defense and offensive which is crucial to winning a fight. Now, try once more I believe you almost had it that last time. It's just that you're not focusing enough chakra into it."

Sathmos tries the stance once more, doing the exact hand signals for the technique which causes the white aura to come back onto the sides of his body. Then, out of nowhere whilst in the midst of him focusing his own chakra into the move, three transparent copies of himself began to come out from his sides of his body. They stood there right next to him, copying his every move and word. Watari smirks and says "It worked. I know you were capable of such Jutsu's, but now it's important to learn how to manage and control the clones one by one as if just one of them might save your life from an attack. Look, just focus, think of what you want each one to do. Or if you wanna go automatic style and let them defend you by themselves don't think of anything at all. Don't try to control them if you want that." Sath nods and attempts to control his clones using his mind and thoughts. All three of his clones began to do push-ups right near the two ninjas. Watari has his clones disperse manually and starts to walk around Sath's clones as if seeing how well their form is.

Watari, The Hidden Sensei stops in his tracks and attacks of one his clones but it didn't react at all to it and got evaporated into thin air. He then says with his hands crossed with each other, "They're either too slow with reactions or you yourself were caught off guard. Always stay on guard, whether you have clones or not you still can get hurt. Remember that. Now, I want you to use them as an offensive strategy, get them to attack me with everything they've got." Sathmos nods and stands there in one spot controlling one of his clones to throw a punch at Watari. He quickly dodges it, the clone continues to throw punches though but it was if the false copy was too slow for the ninja. Whilst the clone was throwing punches at the Sensai, the other clone of his comes from behind with a Ninjutsu small blast. It wasn't enough to injure the ninja but it was a direct hit which can always be dangerous to one's body, if powerful enough. After the blast made contact with Watari's back, he quickly teleported behind the clone that was in front of him and kicked his head with ease yet with speed. The clone disappeared into thin air whilst he didn't waste any time to attack the remaining clone with a small blast to the face which sent that false copy into the air until it quickly faded into just air.

Sathmos watches the advanced ninja easily take both of his clones in just a split second. It was amazing to see from a third person point of view. Once Watari was done fighting the clones, he glances his way and says "Their form is a bit predictable, just like you. They take after the user. To truly control clones make sure you focus enough on their movements, make sure their quick and efficient. Let's try this again but this time I want you to be the one fending off clones."
Sath agrees to say "Whatever will get me to learn this technique." Watari starts the process of doing the technique and creates nine clones again that is right by his side. Watari stands there whilst all of his copies begin to run at Sathmos. Luckily, Sath is effective at using Taijutsu so this will truly help in this specific battle. Sath's eyes both look left and right as he's figuring out who will attack first. All of the nine clones gather around making a circle around the young ninja, blocking him off from escaping.

All of the clones began to throw punches at Sath but he was just too quick for them, he would dodge their attack and counter-attack them. He took the false copies out one by one. Sath seemed to be using Taijutsu against them which was going perfectly. It's something he knew very well. He continued to take them out until there was only one more clone left right in front of him. The false copy waited until Sathmos threw a punch, dodged it but then tried to kick Sath and he ended up blocking the attack with his arm. He quickly reaches out with his other hand to the clones face and fired a Ninjutsu blast at him. The clone was pushed back a bit but disappeared into thin air soon. Watari looked at Sath whilst in the background and begins clapping. He walks up saying "Impressive. Though I do recommend we go over the technique process several more times so you know exactly what do rather than just improvise your attacks." Sath nods after trying to catch his breath after the fight. Sathmos begins to say "So this method, will it be enough to handle tougher opponents?" Watari says "Think about this way. I was going easy on you. I can easily lay you out flat with just three clones but I've mastered this technique so it may take a while before you're really good at it which only makes the clones faster and stronger. Even though when you use more clones, they become weaker because your power is divided between them. So, with that being said, if you want clones but still want them to be at best efficiency than just three is want you're looking for. It's less risky and has its benefits."

Sathmos nods in agreement with his Sensai. He says "I see." The two soon get back to training after the small conversation. Watari walks around Sath while he does the technique some more times successfully. It was taking some time but he seems to be getting used to the technique at a good rate. Learning Jutsus always was about being patient with oneself, even Sathmos knew that. It was quite clear he was planning to use this technique for bad purposes later on but Watari never turned down a student ninja before. He didn't really see Sath as an evil person because he didn't ever portray himself as that type of person to the Sensai. It was too early to roll that dice and make such a move. Though it would be interesting to actually have a hard fought battle between the two. That was, of course, to come later on after all of the training, when Sathmos becomes powerful enough to match up with Watari. Sath would keep learning more and more about the Ghost Technique every time he did it. Time passes by as he ended up doing it four more times because it doesn't take too much of his chakra, well if he does three clones per time. It was now time to have a break so the two can get hydrated and have a nice conversation. Both of the ninja's sat down to look at the bright full moon in the calm night sky. The stars very far into the sky glimmered. It was beautiful.

How Watari and Sathmos met was quite the shocker. When Sath was just a little kid he would run to the outskirts of the village and enjoy being alone in the mountain range. Well, surprisingly enough Watari was seen from a far standing on the edge of The Hokage Rock. At the time Watari didn't think anyone saw him but Sath eventually found him up there to see what he was doing in such an odd area. Not every day you get to see some stranger standing at the edge of that massive rock. Ever since the two met, the Sensai saw capability of powerful jutsus in Sathmos. He promised the kid he would someday train him so that he can become the ninja he so desires to be. Fortunately, that promise is now becoming reality. In this case, Watari is doing right by him but training him is going to cause everyone else troubles later on once he's strong enough. Havoc will rain onto other villages and clans. No remorse will be shown at all. Sath thinks sorrow and remorse for a large group of people are sick. It makes you seem weak, impure. That's what he thinks the world is right now...Imperfect. Though no one will be able to change his mind about his strong thoughts. It will be stuck to him like glue all the way until he's dead.

Watari looks out to the sky in front of him saying "You seem flustered, is there something bothering you Sath?" He glances over at him, saying back "Yes but I'm afraid I'll have to tell you at a later time in my life. I'm not ready yet." Watari wanders what he meant by that and asks him "What do you mean by not ready yet? Not ready for what?" Sathmos says calmly "My body, it's not ready for what I actually wanna achieve in life. That's why I'm out here with you, training on the out skirts of Konoha." Watari says back "Ah I understand. Well if it's any help, I'll be more than glad to train all of the jutsus of yours to you so you can accomplish what you want in life." This is exactly what he wanted to hear. Sathmos grins and says "That's exactly the plan." His white and orange colored eyes shimmered into the night as he looked at his Sensei. He just now hopes Watari, The Hidden Sensei doesn't end up telling someone else that he's training him otherwise it would bring up suspicion.


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S'athmos Hadalis

S'athmos Hadalis

The conversation between the two continued on whilst they both looked out into the distance over the whole village of Konoha. This was only the start of it all, a new Saga in this helpless world. Sathmos begins to speak, saying "Watari, I want you to know that by training me, you're helping me save humanity from itself and I appreciate your assistance. I will one day repay you for what you will have done for me." Watari looks over at Sathmos, chuckling and stands up to then help him up by reaching his hand out for him to grab. He then says "Oh, it's all my pleasure. Now we should really continue training, you have more to learn about the Ghost Technique." Sathmos nods, grabbing a hold of Watari's hand and pulls himself up using leverage. "Let's do this," Sathmos said before they start training again. Watari started to demonstrate how to create six false copies instead of just three. The same stance, the same hand signals but how you focused on chakra was the only thing different about it. He stood there watching his Sensei do the technique successfully from some feet away and attempted to try it himself right after him. The first time didn't work. The way he focused the chakra was all wrong. It was simple. Focus your chakra onto the sides of your body to the point where you know it's enough energy to create six copies. It kind of takes perfect timing but that's when you summon them. Watari decided to have him try harder the next time so that's what he did and it turned out successful. There appeared six transparent ghost-like figures of himself right near him. He looked to the side and grinned causing all of the clones to grin as well. Watari told the young ninja to practice hand-to-hand combat for a while to see how long he can have the clones without them dispersing into thin air. Time is important to everything if he didn't have Sath try to figure how long they'll last, in future fights he could've messed up really badly and end up losing a battle.

So Sathmos agreed to do what he said as he begins kicking and punching into the air, practicing combat with the clones so that he can get used to the technique. Six copies cost more chakra to use but the duration of the technique seemed fine. It was enough time for a rough fight, an easy way to defend himself or to sacrifice a false clone so that he can get closer to an opponent. He was doing all kinds of back-flips, karate kicks and Taijutsu moves that he knows of already. You'd think all of this would tire the ninja out but no, he was fine to keep on going. Quitting now wouldn't do him any good of course. Sath is too motivated by his will to keep getting stronger, he can't rest knowing he's not one of the most powerful ninja's that exist. That's what keeps him going. After finding out how long he can keep the false clones of himself for, he looks towards Watari who seems impressed so far. Watari then says "Good, so remember how long you can keep them for. Otherwise, death may come of it. Now...Let's work on controlling six of them so that they defend you against me." This was an obvious winner of course but either way, he was going to see how well he could do it. It's actually better training against much better ninja's so that you can learn from them, they're movements, they're fighting styles and how they control their chakra to be able to do what they want.

Sathmos does the technique once again for six clones to see if he can defend himself with only them and nothing else. Watari jumps up into the air out of nowhere and comes down with speed and aggression whilst forming a Ninjutsu blast from his palm of his hand, coming directly towards Sathmos with the attack straight down from the sky. Sath quickly has his false clones jump on top of each other and sacrifice themselves for him one by one; getting in the way of Watari's attack. It was a risky move but that defensive strategy actually worked. His attack ended up getting blocked by the clones and ricocheted off into the distance to the ground where a small explosion happened. It wasn't a strong attack but if it was, he would've needed all nine of the false clones to block it using that strategy unless you let the clone alone so it could defend itself then maybe it would've had a better chance at blocking the attack. Watari notices that issue right off the bat so he began to demonstrate how to let the clones defend the user themselves. It's a much more effective way because they're not being told what to do, they have some free will to their blocks and attacks allowing the user of the technique not to just be standing there looking silly and do their own thing whilst the clone fight. After Watari demonstrates on how to do the technique the other way, he stands back to watch Sathmos attempt it. His first time was a success. The clones did everything right and blocked Watari's same little blast.

This whole training session seemed to be paying off for the young ninja. He was learning this technique at an alarming rate due to Watari's training methods. It was a rumor going around about Watari, that he served in an all-out Ninja war with ancient legends back in the day. Though most of them either died in that war or died of old age. It's still a question how Watari is even alive right now, he's about seventy years old so he's definitely an elder but still very experienced when it comes to Jutsus. That's kind of the whole point why Sath even decided to come get trained by him. He's the closest thing to a 'role model' for Sathmos. Anywho, the two kept on training while into the dark and cold night, training for two more hours. It was rough, it was repetitive but in the end, he would be for sure master this Jutsu and would be darn happy about it too. Deep down he knows he really needs to learn this one as it will play an important role later on in other situations. Every jutsu he has in his pocket is somewhat crucial to his game plan. It would be quite tragic if he couldn't do one of them anymore.

Watari told Sathmos to stop for a quick second so that they can go over some things first before going any further. Watari walks up closer to him and says "Sath, you're doing great so far there's only one more part to mastering this technique. Creating nine of the clones. Are you ready for that because we can always do it another time?" Sathmos says confidently, "No, I'm ready. Trust." Watari nods after hearing the young ninja say he's ready. The Sensei then has Sathmos try it himself first to see if he can do it without any demonstrations. He didn't think it was quite necessary knowing Sath is an exceptionally quick learner. It came out to be a success. After doing the stance and hand signals, nine false clones appeared right next to him. This was good news. It was pretty clear that he mastered most of the technique by now but its time for the final test to prove that theory.

Watari ends up telling Sathmos to be prepared because he wants him to actually try and capture him as a pretend hostage for this training lesson. If he does it correctly, his training will be complete and he would truly master the Ghost Technique. Watari backs up a few steps away from Sath as he began to do the technique in the same fashion as he was taught. Once it was complete, the nine false copies of Sathmos appeared next to himself. Watari looked at him from a fair distance away as Sath's clones began to run at full speed towards him whilst Sathmos jumped into the air as a distraction. Watari paid his attention too much on Sath, ending up giving the clones the advantage and they soon were surrounding him, eventually hurting him to the point where they can capture him by holding forcefully restraining the Sensei. Once the clones captured him, Sathmos went back down onto the ground near him and walked up in front of Watari saying "How's that? It seems you were too distracted by me and forgot all about the clones." He gains a small grin after that statement and made all of the false copies of his disperse into thin air which caused Watari to be let go. Watari says "Quite a good strategy there but it won't precisely work out every time like that. If it could every time then it would be considered too easy of a move to pull off. Remeber, I'm still really old so cut me some slack here and there, younger ninjas would've more likely detected a witty move such as that."

The training for the day was finally complete. However, continued training for this specific technique might happen later. Just to make sure he's got it all remembered in his brain. The stance, the hand signals and the way of focusing chakra. It was now time for the two to chat it up again as the both hiked down from the small mountain range back to Konoha. As they were walking, Watari looks over at the ninja saying "You did well today...You made quite the improvement on the technique. Little did you know that I taught this move only two times, once when I was much younger and then now for you. Pretty crazy huh? I don't really use it that much in combat, heck, no one these days wants to pick a fight with a grouchy old man like myself so I never get to use it." Sathmos looks back at his Sensei, saying "Oh is that so?" Watari nods and says "But I'm glad I got to use it today, I needed to crack a few achy bones back there anyways." The two walked away as the sun barely started to rise and the moon just finished going down. It was an amazing view to see the both of them get along so well in a scene like this. They have a bond, a real connection with each other. Not one of those fake ones where Sathmos would actually try to hurt him on purpose. That's not his book of intentions at all. He thought of it like this: Why hurt the man who taught you to want you to need to know? He doesn't deserve it, he's already old as it is so just let him live the rest of his life out. There will be the day though where Sathmos has to tell or show Watari that he's going to turn evil. There's no doubt that information will surely be a surprise to him!


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