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1 Chikamatsu [Revamp] on Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:58 pm




Clan Name: Chikamatsu
Location: Sunagakure
Specialization: Kugutsu (Primary)
Elements: Open

Clan History: It was a man named Monzaemon Chikamatsu who developed the Sunagakure's signature for puppetry. Long ago he created the puppetry technique, but it didn't strike him until later that they could be applied in combat. Since then Monzaemon's teachings would be taught to shinobi of Sunagakure that were willing to succumb to the strenuous studies and learn the Art of Puppetry. After Monzaemon's death, the puppet technique would be passed down to families within Sunagakure. Puppet-nin who have become true masters of the art, could later join a private organization known as the "Puppet Brigade" which is an association with some of the brightest minds in espionage, tactics, and ingenuity Suna has to offer.

Further enhancing their knowledge in mechanics and technology, the Chikamatsu clan has become the epitome of inventive nature within the Village Hidden in the Sand. With most modern practitioners combining puppetry with other aspects of ninja life, such as what the founder achieved with his Ten Puppet Collection. Many clansmen still practice the traditional art of puppetry but some have taken a stronger interest in more clever mechanisms, mounts, and artillery to name a few.
Members: Chikamatsu Monzaemon

Kekkei Genkai Name: Progenitors of Puppetry
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Chikamatsu clan is one of the oldest clans dedicated to the art of puppetry, and it’s members are intimately familiar with the complex nature of puppets. Allowing them to app for puppets and modifications one rank higher than what their rank would normally allow. The clan also possesses a large number of private supplies from their illustrious history of working with puppets, after a while these ties tend to stick. All Chikamatsu members receive a 20% discount when applying for puppets or modifications.

Members may start with a C-rank puppet with 1 C-rank or 2 D-rank modification(s) to go with it.

Chikamatsu are highly specialized in utilizing multiple puppets at a time and are able to use the multiple  and balanced control with great ease. Multiple control only reduces speed and reaction time by -3 tiers and they are able to use balanced control with no impediment.

As trained puppeteers are, all Chikamatsu members receive a +1 to their reaction time.


  • With the clan’s sole focus on puppetry they are much more vulnerable in close combat situations and have difficulty training their bodies. Receiving an extra 10% word count when they train their strength and endurance stats.

  • Chikamatsu members must take the 'Hesitant Element' sc, and they require a 10% higher word count in order to rank up any elements and specializations they learn, except kugutsu.

  • Chikamatsu clans members are physically less adept that other ninja, receiving a -1 reduction to their Endurance and strength at all times.

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This needs more active drawbacks to combat the positives. Perhaps a stat reduction and other active combat drawbacks.



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This is looking good, considering the strength/endurance drawbacks and the increased training word counts. Approved, unless Jet disagrees.


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