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1 I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:44 pm

Izayoi H

Izayoi H

Time passed, and a while had passed since the meeting Izayoi had within the woodlands. He’d met a fair few individuals who had caught his attention, yet this was one that truly did. Ferocity. Skill. And from a clan that held a huge reputation, one of the great four clans of Konohagakure. For that reason, Izayoi had scribed down onto parchment some words he wished to transmit. He held ideas within his mind for what a further alliance and comradeship with this individual could lead to. For that reason, he planned, wrote, and began, making sure he could begin the slow brick laying process for the true size of his schematics. His plans. Early in the morning, a carrier pigeon arrived at a particular Inuzuka’s residence, dropping off a letter that read as such.

I hope you and your companion Tsume are well. In case you don’t remember me, my name is Izayoi, and I am the one who helped you meet up with Tsume when you and he were lost within the woodlands of our homeland. I hope you do not mind me contacting you thus, but, I’ve felt as though I’ve been rather lacking in skills. I hear the Inuzuka are known for being skilled at close quarters combat, so, if you do not mind, I would like to train with you. I don’t expect a spar, as, that would be rude to ask for, and quite frankly, I don’t want to risk a fight being unfair in either of our favour. However, if you are interested in training with me, please meet me at the Hyuga clan compound, district block 12. There is a garden there with three cherry blossoms, you can find me there. I’ll be waiting all day on Thursday, so, come at your own leisure. I hope you come, and I hope that you and Tsume are well. We’ll have plenty to catch up on.
With regards from your friend,
Izayoi Hyuuga.

As the letter suggested, there waited Izayoi, clad in his usual blue and white kimono as he sat upon a rock, meditating underneath one of the cherry blossom trees. His hair was done neatly as always, trailing down behind his back, and unlike usual, he wore nothing upon his feet – bare footed in the Zen garden. His eyes were closed, eyelids fluttered shut over the grey pearls of the byakkugan. The light was fairly bleak, rainclouds gathering up in the sky and swirling, as if threatening an oncoming storm. Yet, the light of the sun broke through at odd locations, shining through the petals of the cherry blossoms and causing an almost serene pink light to glow down onto the ground, and Izayoi.



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2 Re: I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:58 am



Special Jounin
Shippo and Tsume were home now, and both were well enough to begin shinobi work again. However, Shippo’s mother was in no hurry to allow such a thing to happen. After all, she had seen how badly her son had been wounded and in her mind, it was only a miracle that kept her son alive. Tsume wasn’t much better and he now had a lighter slash of fur along the right side of his body, where the tusk of one of the boars had gored him. She knew they were restless, but she didn’t want to risk losing her only pup. Her thoughts were distracted by the arrival of the carrier bird. She took the letter saw it was addressed to her son, and then took it to him as she read it.

Rolling it up she knocked on his door opening it before he answered her “Wake up. You have a letter.” She said stepping into his room.

Shippo and Tsume however, were already awake and they looked as if they were ready to get things going. He smiled as he took the letter from his mother and unrolled it looking it over “Thanks Oka-san.” As he read it over he smiled widely nodding his head “I am going to visit my friend Izayoi. I need to do some simple training.” He said as he rose to his feet groaning slightly as his body was still too tight and not used to moving. Groaning he stretched out his body before he walked past his mother with Tsume right after him. The two left their home and started to head towards the Hyuga compound. Shippo dropped onto all fours for the run, and in so doing he gave his body an agonizing workout. He could feel his scars stretch as a constant source of slowness for his body.

He wasn’t going to give up however, he was still going to move and he was still going be a shinobi. It took him a bit longer than he was used to, but he eventually arrived at the garden in question. As he arrived the clouds were a bit thicker than earlier in the day and he was sure it would rain soon. Still, he landed on all fours in front of the rock where Izayoi was sitting. He was of course, tracked by the Hyuga, but none of them had attacked him outright so he figured Izayoi had given his clan notice. As he slowly rose to his feet he clutched at the side where the tusk had gored him snarling softly from the pain “Damn that’s smarts.” He grumbled shaking himself off. Looking to the Hyuga he smiled “Hey Izayoi, sorry I’m late. It’s still hard for me to get around, but now that the wound has closed and the stitches are gone I can move around again. Just a little muscle sore ya know.” He said cheerfully enough


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3 Re: I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:16 pm

Izayoi H

Izayoi H

Upon the sound of what struck him quite simply as the arrival, the Hyuga boy opened his eyes, looking out at the new arrival – his friend, Shippo. Offering him a smile as he arrived, Izayoi rose to his feet and stretched out, waving a hand in greeting and listening as his friend spoke. His voice seemed rough, and that was not in the way that a dog goes ruff. Before addressing the Hyuga, he talked about something hurting, before saying hello, and apologising for being late, stating that scars were his reasoning for delay. While Izayoi hadn’t set any time limit, the excuse Shippo had given intrigued and disappointed him. Scars?

Waiting for him to finish, Izayoi stepped forward, cocking his head to the side as he spoke up in an inquisitive and curious tone. “Stitches? I… Apologise, but, I know not what you are referring to. Are you injured? Friend Shippo, if you are wounded, the last thing you need to do is be out and about helping a silly individual train. If you do not mind, please, take a seat, I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll get you some water and you can tell me what happened.” With that, Izayoi gestured to a rather plain oaken bench, before running off inside of a nearby house, returning within a couple minutes in a much slower and more careful walk, one foot in front of the other in a poised motion with a china cup in his hand that was filled rather generously with water. Whether Shippo had sat down or not, he proceeded to hand him the cup, before stopping himself, and as if remembering something he had forgotten, spoke up. “Ah, I just realised I forgot to say hello! A pleasure to see you both again, Shippo, and Tsume. Still, please, you must tell me of what happened. When last we met, the two of you and I were in the woodlands, fighting a bear, before returning to our own routes home. Were you off getting into woodland trouble once more? Because, if that is the case, I daresay you must be some sort of animal bad luck charm. No offense. But, if you are severely injured, I do not wish to put you through anything that might further your injuries, so, please, I will stop talking now so that you can recount what will no doubt be an exciting tale."

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4 Re: I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:35 am



Special Jounin
Shippo’s heart sank as he realized that he had opened his mouth too far. That Izayoi would possibly not let him train just like his mother hadn’t been. He needed to train, he needed to regain what he had lost, but he couldn’t do that if those around him wouldn’t allow him to train. For now, he would move to the oaken bench and sit down hissing slightly from the strange feeling. Tsume jumped up onto the bench next to his partner whimpering from the pain that he was also experiencing.

They both sat there and waited. When Izayoi returned and offered the china cup of water Shippo took it drinking slowly from it before nodding his head lightly “It is good to see you again as well. We haven’t forgotten you, nor could we ever. You saved Tsume’s life, and I owe you much and more for that. We are honored to call you friend.” He finished the water with a sigh and nodded his head “Well, Tsume and I were out on a mission. We had to kill a boar that was ravaging lands. Turns out, however, it was a group of giant boars, not just one. Normally, this wasn’t going to be a problem. I and Tsume dropped on them from the trees. We took a few this way. However, it got down and dirty real fast. We also didn’t count on the young boar. This one was only a little larger than Tsume and it gored him nastily. I ripped that damn thing’s throat out!” he finished in a snarl before he seemed to get control of himself.

With a deep breath, he continued “Well, that didn’t go over well with the grown-ups. It was me against them, and I got savaged badly from a few of them. I have a token of one boar’s esteem along the right side of my body. When I was done, I was wounded badly and so was Tsume. Apparently, I carried him to the hospital and we were treated. We only got out a week ago. I haven’t done any kind of training or anything like that. My body is sore and I need to get back into the swing of things. If I don’t then…” he couldn’t go on at this point and Tsume gently prodded his partner with his soft black nose. Shippo set the china cup down carefully next to him and pat Tsume’s head absently “Well, that’s my story.” Shippo said at last.

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5 Re: I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:42 pm

Izayoi H

Izayoi H

As Shippo followed his instructions and sat down with the drink, Izayoi sat down on a nearby rock, looking up at the other shinobi and listening. He gave a light hearted chuckle at Shippo mentioning Izayoi saving Tsume’s life, the Hyuga shaking his head slowly as he quickly inserted his own thoughts. “I did not do much, but, I thank you for remembering me.” Still, it seemed Shippo had in fact gotten into another incident in the woodlands. A mission that sounded remarkably similar to one he had been on not too long ago himself, regarding the elimination of a hostile boar. Perhaps those that tended the lands needed to take a mission or a lesson in counting, if the problem was made multiple times. Memories of the young child he went with struggling to hold his own ground snuck into his mind, although Izayoi shook the thoughts off.

He waited patiently for Shippo to finish, humming quietly for a moment in thought as he took in the information. Both he and Shippo were wounded and gored by boars. Putting a hand to his face in thought, Izayoi rose to his feet, stepping forth and retrieving the cup. “I will just go put this away. I believe I have an idea.

At this, the young Hyuga walked off, back inside once more, before returning shortly empty handed, now standing in front of Shippo and Tsume. “I hope you do not mind this as a suggestion, but, I think normal training would perhaps be a bad idea for you. So, I have a thought that perhaps would aid the both of us mutually. You see, despite the nature of the byakkugan, I personally struggle against multiple opponents. From the sounds of it, you and Shippo are both injured badly, and so would need a way to get back into moving your bodies without it being intensive or risky. So, I propose that the two of you attack me. Not with everything you’ve got, but with everything that does not cause you intense pain or problems. I will not strike back, and will simply work on avoiding as best I can without using my byakkugan. That way both of you can work on your co-ordination, and skill at fighting while wounded, while I myself can work on my non-visual senses. Of course, if you believe this a bad idea, then I would love to hear any suggestions you have. For example, we could work on aim with weapons such as shuriken, senbon, and kunai, so that we both make up for our weakness to long ranged combat, since both of our clans have a reputation for… Preferring the up close method, as it were.” As he finished speaking, Izayoi sighed, stepping back a moment to leave Shippo and Tsume some room as he offered his ever-continuous smile once more, eyes shut, and head tilted ever so slightly to the side as he awaited a response from his canine friend.

Oh, and from Tsume of course.

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6 Re: I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:36 am



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Shippo sat there and let Izayoi take the cup back into his home. He was very curious about the idea that Izayoi had. When he came back Shippo listened intently to what was being said by Izayoi. The idea was a good one, and he held up his hand slowly shaking his head “I do not have my shuriken, nor my giant shuriken with me. So, I can’t use such things to practice with. I hope you understand that I also do not want to use borrowed equipment. It isn’t mine, and I do not know it. You can’t use a weapon you don’t know and don’t trust.” He said rather simply before he straightened himself up shaking his body slowly before he forced himself to stand.

Now on his feet, he began to go through stretches mostly to loosen up his upper body, in tandem with his limbs. “I think Tsume and I will benefit from this kind of training.” He had a small smile on his face “Although, I never thought that anyone with a byakuugan wouldn’t be able to handle multiple opponents easily.” He said with a bit of surprise in his voice. Tsume hopped down next to his partner and began to stretch. Part of that was rolling around on his back and despite some very soft whimpers he never let the pain he was in show. Shippo also choked down his pain as he stretched out in a particularly nasty way.

After about ten minutes he nodded his head and took up his stance. This stance was low to the ground his right foot pointing and his leg arched. His left leg bent and shoulder width apart. His right hand came up in a claw that was pointing to the ground, the other came up to the center of his body and open palm facing the sky. This was a stance he was thinking of honing and perfecting. Tsume meanwhile, slowly started to move in a huge circle aiming to be in a proper position when Shippo needed him. The two inhaled deeply at the same time although neither one of them would be close enough to notice it. As they exhaled Shippo snarled low in his throat “We are ready.” He said only just loud enough to be heard.

From his stance, he surged forward with all the speed he could muster. He was markedly slower than he was when they had previously met in the forest. Still, he was fast. As he closed the distance he shot out his left hand towards Izayoi’s sternum in a clawed palm strike. While Shippo did this Tsume rushed up from Izayoi’s right side silently. Upon closing the distance, he opened his mouth and looked to sink his fangs into the Hyuuga’s corresponding ankle hoping to pin him for Shippo. If the pin should work then Shippo would bring his right hand out in a full flat claw stab this one going for Izayoi’s throat. Should the pin not work Shippo would instead aim his right-hand to slash diagonally from left to right across Izayoi's chest.

With Shippo, this close Izayoi could see a change in Shippo. He was more like an animal on the hunt. There was none of the joviality that had been common place in him. Something had snapped in this Inuzuka and he was not in his normal state of mind.

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7 Re: I Say Bark (Private/ No Kill) on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:49 pm

Izayoi H

Izayoi H

As Izayoi listened to Shippo’s approval of the training, he smiled, nodding. “Very good. Although, that is exactly my point. The Byakkugan allows me to fight multiple foes well enough. Yet, to only rely on my eyes, my visual prowess, would be to weaken myself without them. What would I did if my eyes were too strained? If my eyes were stolen? I live to serve the village, and being so disabled would truly make that job a more difficult endeavour.” He answered, moving to get himself into a position and waiting, ready, watching. It seemed Tsume and Shippo both had their own way of getting themselves ready, and Izayoi took note of the effort they put into themselves and their preparations. While hard to read upon their facial expressions, the tensions in their bodies showed where the pain wracked them. If he were the sort to actually care, he would be glad he chose such a method of training. Instead, he was pleased he had made the right call, so as to not dissuade his potential allies.

Still, after the ten minutes passed that the two were doing their stretches and preparation, Izayoi kept his stance as it was, waiting, and letting out a gentle exhale. A single statement of finishing the warm up was all Izayoi heard, yet all Izayoi needed, as suddenly the boy sprang forward to strike at Izayoi, rushing with intent to get a quick strike. Reflexively, Izayoi leapt backwards, and while unaware at first, soon became conscious of a looming shadow along his side, eyes switching focus from the striking Shippo to the dog form of Tsume, flanking him from his right. Quickly, Izayoi began to think, only seconds to gather his thoughts and put them into action. Deciding his priority was to dodge Tsume, Izayoi moved towards the oncoming Shippo, diving under his arm as the left swinging strike came, the palm hitting the Hyuga’s kimono and causing a slight scratch in it. Still, Izayoi committed to the dive, ensuring he got out of the way of Tsume and hitting the ground, using his movement to do a barrel roll across the ground, and while upon his back, erupted chakra from his back to quickly launch himself into the air, turning around while within the air, letting himself become a practical still target.

In the air and on the way down, Izayoi waited, watching. This was as much for his own benefit of training as it was for Shippo. Would Izayoi be able to avoid a strike while in mid air, or would that be something to work on? It was certainly an interesting thing that the boy wished to discover. And as he looked upon his current training partner, the look of almost feral atmosphere about him was something Izayoi couldn’t help but feel impressed with. If he was anyone else, it might have actually been intimidating. Fortunately, Izayoi was too insane to feel fear in such a situation. Not that he let that show regardless that is.

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Special Jounin
Shippo thought about this idea and then tilted his head as he heard the idea about stealing eyes. He was sure that a team of professional medical shinobi could possibly do it, but that would be an extreme. He was also quite certain that if someone of the Hyuga had their Byakugan stolen then four or five squads of Jounin would be sent after the eyes. Even so, there was no point in thinking on that now he was on the attack and he had to make sure that he was not taken out so easily. The Hyuga were just as renowned for their Taijutsu as Inuzuka were for their Seijtusu. All of this was beyond his true thoughts and flashed by in the back of his mind. Instead, he focused on this training.

The dive served Izayoi’s purpose and he separated himself from Shippo and Tsume. The pair stopped dead in their tracks and Shippo popped his neck dropping down onto all fours. This was the signature technique of his clan and they waited to watch the mid-air flip and Izayoi flying. There was nothing they could do about that. Shippo did not have any jutsu that would help him get close or get up into the air. He waited until Izayoi landed on the ground then he made his move. That was when he attacked, surging suddenly on all fours towards Izayoi.

He was aiming to swipe Izayoi’s legs out from under him, and kick him into the air. On all fours, his strike was aimed at one of the most impossibly low centers of gravity that a human body could come up with. His aim was to get Izayoi into the air so he could continue the rest of the technique. Going from on all fours to this, then it would be the perfect attack.

Tsume on the other hand held back only trotting behind. He would make himself ready however for the moment that Izayoi would move or try to evade. If he did evade then Tsume would move to intercept him and sink his fangs into the Hyuga’s leg to hinder his movements as much as possible. If he chose not to evade and engage then he would run up next to Shippo and leap at Izayoi’s arm to try for an injury there as well. The other option then was to allow Shippo to finish his attack and wait. The moment an opportunity presented itself then he would be ready to engage again.
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Rank: D.
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Element: Doton.
Range: Can dash for 5m.
Specialty: Taijutsu.
Duration: Instant.
Cooldown: 2 posts.
Description: A quick maneuver from the position of the Four Legs Technique, or just a stance identical to it. (When using the Shikyaku no Jutsu with this jutsu, the speed boost from this jutsu is increased by an additional 5m/s.)

The user, by kicking off of the ground, can instantly accelerate by 5m/s in a straight line.

As straightforward as it seems, at such a speed this technique's simple leg-shot is extremely effective. Due to attacking below all but the most awkwardly low positions' centers of gravity, "Roll Over" can take the legs out from any target regardless of Strength. This ends up with the victim in midair, parallel with the user and above them.

By performing a midair vertical flip while still holding the target, via kicking off the ground again, the user both performs a midair heel kick to the target's face at the beginning of the flip and, upon completing it, slams the target into the ground at a speed of 15m/s, easily causing major bruising across the entire back of their body.

This attack is at high-speed and thus once the target is picked it can't be changed. The direction can't be changed and the user can only travel in a straight line. If the target avoids the attack the chakra is still used even without making contact. If the target manages to avoid the initial strike then the user still expends the Chakra but suffers a -1 tier to both reaction time, and speed.

Name: Four Legs Technique (四脚の術, Shikyaku no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: C.
Type: Supplementary | Offensive
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu | Seijutsu | Inuzuka Hiden
Duration: Maintainable. [-5 per post.]
Cooldown: Duration + 1 post.
Description: By enveloping their body in chakra and moving on all fours, the Inuzuka gains accelerated movement and reflexes, similarly to that of a wild animal. The user of this technique gains 1 tier in Reaction Time, and their movement speed increases by 5 meters per second. However, these only apply while the Inuzuka stays on all fours; returning to an upright, biped position will temporarily cancel the benefits.

The Inuzuka's natural sense of smell becomes heightened, being treated, for range purposes, as 1 rank higher than it is (to a maximum of A-rank). This jutsu brings down the perception of Shippo by 1 tier while using this jutsu. However, this also exposes the weakness of this technique: Scent-based Genjutsu, as well as any other jutsu that attacks the sense of smell, will reduce the Perception and Reaction Time of the Inuzuka by 1 tier. If one of the Inuzuka's limbs are injured then they will be unable to continue with this jutsu forcing it to end immediately.
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