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Name: Sumiko, Tkamaru
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: February, 10th
Clan: Sumiko [Revamp]
Sexuality: Bisexual
Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Genin
Element(s): Fuuton (S rank), Katon (C rank), Shakuton  (C rank)
Specializations: Ninjutsu (S-rank), Fuinjutsu (C-rank),
Special Characteristics:

Name: Multitasker
Type: Positive
Description: This individual is about to divide their focus equally among multiple tasks. This Special Characteristics allow a Shinobi complete multiple tasks at one time such as performing Kugutsu with one hand and perform jutsu hand seals with the other simultaneously.

Name: Quick Learner
Type: Positive
Description: This individual is very versatile and generally talented. For this reason, he/she learns techniques at an above average rate. When learning a new jutsu, the word count required is reduced by 10%. If learning said jutsu from someone else, the reduction goes up to 20%.

Name: Jutsu Master
Type: Positive
Description: This shinobi is particularly talented at learning jutsu. For this reason, he/she receives a free technique every time he/she ranks up. This technique can be of the same rank as the shinobi or lower.


Name: Hesitant (Specialization)
Type: Negative
Description: This person has a comfort zone that he/she doesn't like to venture out of. Learning a new field of techniques can be scary, and this ninja puts it off, or ignores it entirely. This individual cannot have a fourth specialization, and can only learn their tertiary element at Jounin rank. (This is a clan drawback and cannot be counterbalanced.)

Name: Foolhardy
Type: Negative
Description: This individual is incredibly overconfident in their abilities as a shinobi, to the point where they think it is almost impossible for them to lose against a foe. Because of this, shinobi with this special characteristic are unable to flee from a fight.

Name: Haemophilia
Type: Negative
Description: This individual suffers from a rare genetic condition known as haemophilia. Their blood takes longer to clot, and as such, even small cuts will continue to bleed violently for a long period of time until sealed by burning or by stitching. In addition, the user requires suturing/cauterizing and twice as much bandaging as a regular person to prevent bleeding. Medical jutsu used to stop bleeding must pay an extra 5 chakra for small cuts, and 10 chakra for large gashes. Only men can have Haemophilia.

Empath Wannabe
Type: Negative (active)
Details: This person has grown to want to know other people. They take a -2 tier to their Strength for the first 4 rounds of battle. This is while they try to connect with the opponent, either through analyzing them or actual conversation during a fight.

Height: 5’6’’.
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Silver (Right), Golden brown (Left_
General Appearance: Tkamaru’s crimson hair is in odd spikes in whichever way he feels like, making them cover at least one of his eyes, with a preference with his golden on.. In a casual setting wears a dark crimson, jacket witha white shirt underneath. He wears dark blue, denim jeans held up by a simple brown belt, with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pocket. Feet fitted black shoes to complete his outfit. Tkamaru also carries a star shaped necklace, held together by black leather. In alternative settings, Tkamaru may simply wear a white shirt with black cargo pants held by a brown leather belt, and black boots. Whatever he chooses to wear though, he is always seen with the same star shaped necklace around his neck.
  Tkamaru has a pale complexion from staying inside most of his time, doing whatever; reading, writing. He has gained an somewhat muscular build in the years he’s been training as a shinobi.

Personality: Tkamaru is at most times flamboyant, but reserved. Preferring not to share himself with others. In recent years he has taken on a more serious and quiet persona, and developed a strong superiority complex. Though still retains a bit of his original flair. His facial and vocal habits have a tendency to contradict what he’s saying or thinking. If he is exaggerating his happiness, then he is probably pissed or depressed at something. This act is one he only keeps up around others for why would he have to hide from himself? On the contrary he doesn’t hesitate to admit simple things like attractions or intimate hate for a particular person.
While he does seem a little odd he it is more rather that he’s just defensive when around others. Preferring the predictable layout his mind provides, instead of the complex minefield that lies within others. Because of his constant guard and conflicting moods and personalities he can be a bit strange when he does decide expose his true opinions and feelings.

He is just the (mostly) average person. He hides, but he never lies. Tkamaru holds himself to a high standard of never lying and to always answer a question when asked. For this reason he doesn’t talk that much any more. Way too much energy being energetic, hiding yourself, then telling the truth. A fitting way to describe him, is someone who hides nothing but tells nothing either.
Interests: Tkamaru has always been more solitary, ever since he was a child. He has only needed to worry about himself, and finds it hard to take care of others because of this. So you might catch him deep in thought thinking about how other people think and function. As one of his more docile interests, Tkamaru loves to think things out. Writing, making plans, creating strategies. Being able to spend hours on any one of these subjects. After a sparring match you might catch a slight grin on his face, whether he wins or loses he likes to fight just the same. The freedom of going all out without any restraint is one of the reasons that drive him to become stronger, so that he may fight stronger opponents. Although he is deeply curious about people and how they work and may attempt to study them in inconvenient situations such as combat.

Motivations: More than anything, Tkamaru desperately wants to become one of the best ninja in his village. Preferably not the Kazekage, the job isn’t for him. He wants to prove that he can go the distance, to be remembered by all as one of the greatest. Tkamaru possess a natural curiosity for all techniques and devotes great time to studying them if not busy with something else. Like most shinobi, he is especially interested in the ways ninjutsu work together. As it was the mix of chakra natures that created his kekkei genkai, what other creations could result from this? Tkamaru had heard how the first head of his clan and his struggles to replicate the scorch release. He searches for more ways to expand on his “library” of information, in order to create something like his ancestor had done.  

Younger Years
Before he entered the academy Tkamaru didn’t really care for friends, usually secluding himself within the confines of his house. Most of the time he spent was on self-studying and working on projects he came up with to entertain himself. His parents were both jounin, and were often away on higher level missions. So he had to become responsible and learn to take care of himself. At the age of ten he was admitted into the ninja-academy by the will left behind by both of his parents.
Ninja Academy : Intro
In the beginning of his time at the academy he tried to be more open, he was afterall going to be working with this class from now on. It wasn’t easy for him but it found someone who could stand his quirks, and they became close friends. Her name was Kana, she was of the other students who could rival Tkamaru in any subject. Acting as both rivals and close friends with Kana, helped Tkamaru to understand and sympathize with others. Improving from his colder persona. He became more sociable and cheery around others, he didn’t feel alone anymore.
Ninja Academy: Accidental Fire
One day during class, a week from graduation tests, Tkamaru felt a burning feeling coming from his hands. He looked down and saw blisters on his hands, and he could also feel a strong heat coming from them. He lasted about half a minute till he started screaming in pure agony and rolling on the floor.. The teacher at the time brought him to the medical ninjas, after restraining him. On examination they found that Tkamaru had unlocked the scorch release. Without control of it however Tkamaru was not allowed to come to school until he had gained some form of control of it. He was dismissed home to train with another ninja who possessed the same kekkei genkai, with his teacher as an escort. On his way home he bumped into Kana, against what his escort’s suggestions and he was forced to drag him home. When the three of them arrived at Tkamaru’s house, they found the instructor at the house already, and quickly began training. Together they would practice formation and concentration, as well as a few other things. Everyday they would practice for a few hours like this, sometimes with Tkamaru’s teacher and Kana as bystanders. It was on the day of the graduation exam Tkamaru was told that if he could gain control of the scorch release by the end of today, he would be able to take the graduation exam tomorrow. He was stressed to get this basic techniques perfected so that he could graduate. So frustrated with his lack of progress, that while he was forming the jutsu it exploded in a great blaze. When he looked around he found his both his instructors covered in burns, but they would survive. Then he looked at the burnt body next to them, it was Kana. He tried to go to her, but he realized that she was dead. Horrified at this he ran back to his house and locked himself in. Things weren’t the same for him since then, when he returned to the academy he was shunned by the other students, as they had heard about what had happened to Kana. His grades reached an all time low, which honestly wasn’t that bad; just one grade lower than the highest possible one. He couldn’t even function normally at home. Tkamaru didn’t resent those who rejected him, he in a way rejected himself as well. For a while he just continued on like this. Until the day his teacher returned to teach. Noticing Tkamaru’s depression, he called him back after everyone was out of class. Asking what was the problem, Tkamaru told him about his guilt of injuring him and killing Kana. His teacher assured him, that it was OK it wasn’t his fault. Though this did very little to cheer him up, his teacher tried a different approach. He gave him a goal. “Instead of depressing yourself over this, use this experience to push you forward. So that you don’t have to worry about hurting those close to you.” Inspired from that moment the young ninja trained to in every way he could conceive. Working to master his powers to help the village.

Face Claim: Generic Red Haired Anime Character / Google search

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Do you have your link to the original picture on google so that I can reference it to the FC page? Otherwise, approved!

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