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Hi I'm new to this game and I'm not sure how to join different clans and villages and such so I kind of need help in that respect. Also If you could, point me in the way Hyuuga clan and and the Konoha village that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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Hello and welcome~

Well first of all, I'd advice you to read most (if not all) of the guidelines to get yourself started. They can be found here .

After that you can read up on all the clans here
But if you're really only interested in the Hyuuga, can be found here

If you have any more questions feel free to ask ^^


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Firstly, welcome to Naruto Saga! We're happy to have you here just as much as we are to see old members return. I like to think here we're all a big family and it's always nice to see new people join this family or old ones return. I see the poster above me has given you some information, which I thank her for. There are quite a few parts of our site that may seem daunting at first and I know that many still have questions about them, it's only natural that not everything will be understood. If you do need more help, you may find our discord on the top scrolling banner and we have a channel there called "Help Desk" that will be open for staff to answer any concerns or questions you may have. Otherwise, you may find us in the chatbox and we usually have @ in front of our names. We're glad to have you here and eager to see where you go on Saga. This is the place for you if you wish to have your own story unfold in the Naruto Universe. Thank you for choosing us and again, Welcome!

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Thank you as well!

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Welcome to the site! It looks like you've been helped out so ill just say I hope to see you around!


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Welcome to Saga! Hope you enjoy your time here, and I'm looking forward to seeing you around the site.

throws welcome glitter. . . sparkles away


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Welcome to Saga~


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Greetings and welcome to Naruto Saga~

As previously stated, if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone on that staff widget through PM or on our discord server. We will be happy to answer any questions that we are able to, and if we aren't able to we will work towards finding the answer for you.

I hope you enjoy your time on site,

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.... did no one realize this is down in the clan update section...?


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