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The night before Kiriya went to sleep with a massive headache. The source of the pain was located in the back of his head. Usually when he slept Kiriya didnít have any dreams. This night that was different. As soon as he fell asleep he started dreaming. The dream he had wasnít pleasant at all. One could even say it was a nightmare. The image he saw was that of his mother screaming while the thieves were surrounding her. That night he woke up there or four times but every time he went to bed he dreamt the same dream. The last time he woke up, which was around four am in the morning, he decided that he couldnít sleep anymore. As he got out of bed he noticed that cold sweat was dripping from him.

Kiriya got out of bed, put on his clothes and went on the roof. He would often sit there and gaze upon the stars. There was something that intrigued him about the dark vastness of the space above him. When Kiriya was looking above he didnít notice when time went on. He would often sit there for hours and hours.

He sat on the roof until the sun started coming up. The sunís light painted the whole sky emerald red, which noted that today would rain. Kiriya got down from the roof and made himself breakfast. His mother was still sleeping. He made breakfast for the both and left it by her bed.

After doing his morning endurance run he went home again and had a fast shower. Today he was going to go for a walk in the city. His usual path was across the market district and throughout the whole village, making a big lap around it and coming back home.

While crossing the market district he saw the merchants opening their shops. It was early in the morning and there were no villagers around, just the shop owners getting ready for another day. After that he decided to go to the Sky forge. It was the highest ground in the whole village and legends were told about the excellent weapons and tools that were created there. Often said they were far better than the ones in other villages. The look from up there was magnificent. The whole village could be seen from there.

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