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Mission name: Tunnel Troubles.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Assist the spelunking team.
Location: Wilderness - Kaze no Kuni.
Reward: 150 Ryo.

Mission description: A team of subterranean specialists was sent to investigate the rock tables below the sea of sand that comprises most of the Land of Wind. While they have been making progress in finding natural passages carved by water long ago, they've encountered a literal roadblock.

Mission details: Since the spelunking team is just made of highly trained civilians, they need a ninja to clear a path for them. Two D-rank jutsu should do; using precision with weaker techniques makes it easier to control. A C-rank jutsu will cause the local burrowing animals to become upset, and you'll need to ward them off somehow without hurting the delving troupe.

Word Requirement: 750

Raphael's heart nearly jumped from his chest when he heard the tapping against his apartment window, he had been here in the hidden sand village for a couple of days now and was still waiting to hear from the Kazekage. He rushed to the window and flung it open quickly taking the note from the messenger hawk, hoping it was the summons to the Kazekage that he had been waiting for.

Kozai, Raphael

Report to the Administration Office at once.

"Hm. You would think that they would not be so demanding of me considering how patiently I have been waiting." Raphael said aloud as he grabbed his cloak and headed out the door. As he walked the streets he took his time he was not going to rush to them just because they finally called on him, they made him wait for days they could wait a few minutes he thought as he looked through the different shop windows as he walked past them. Making note of the different shops he needed to pay a visit to later. It was already around midday and the streets of the hidden sand village was packed with people, all of them shoving past one another not in a rude manner but more of a hurried manner. Soon Raphael could not stand the constant bumping of every person that past him and quickly found a route to the rooftops, channeling chakra down to the soles of his feet and made his way to the closest wall before running up it to reach the roof.


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From the rooftop of the shop Raphael was able to see past the crowded streets and did not have to worry about the seemingly arrogance of the people not recognizing royalty as they should. Raphael continued towards the Administration office on the rooftops, all the while he was wondering how his meeting was going to go. When he finally reached the Administration Office he jumped down from the rooftop of the building across the street from the office, he was happy to see that this street was not as crowded as the rest of village and he was not getting bumped into constantly. As he entered the building the man at the front desk immediately waved him over amd asked him what he was doing there, "My name is Raphael Kozai, I was requested here." Raphael answered the man as he watched the man flip through the paperwork that scattered his desk, before pulling out a small file. "Ah yes, Mr. Kozai I have you right here, it seems you have been assigned your first mission. Does not look like anything too dangerous you should be able to handle it." The man said after skimming over the file and handing it to Raphael. "That can not be right, I am to meet with the Kazekage," Raphael objected as he took the file from the man, he quickly skimmed over the file as the man had and read the mission report before looking back to the man. "I do not have time for such nonsense," Raphael stated waving the file slightly to show what he was talking about, "send someone else I need to see the Kazekage," he finished throwing the file back at the man. "Sorry kid that is not how it works around here," the man said with a chuckle, "you take what is giving to you and you do it. You do not get to decide that you do not want to do it, and as far as meeting with the Kazekage. She is extremely busy for the time being, you will have to wait until she is ready to meet with you," he finished holding the file back out, expecting Raphael to take it back. "Do you have any idea who I am?" Raphael asked the man as his temper began to rise due to this man's lack of manners. "I know exactly who you are," the man answered with a snide smile, "you are a genin of the sand sworn to the service of the village hidden in the sand, and as such you will take this mission and you will complete it as it was tasked to you."


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Raphael took the file back from the man and exited the Administration building, despite his own objection to being assigned such a low level mission what the man said was true and as such he looked over the file one last time before heading towards the village gate.

Once he was outside the village he picked up the pace to try and reach his destination faster, the quicker he got it done the quicker he could move on to more important objectives. He soon reached the expedition site and found the leader of the expedition, "hello there, I am Raphael Kozai, I have been sent by the village to assist you. What seems to be the problem?" Raphael asked as he approached a rather elderly looking man. "Well you sure took your time getting here, I sent in a request almost seven hours ago do you understand how much time we have lost due to your incompetence?" The man bellowed at Raphael as he turned and headed for a makeshift stairway leading down below the sea of sand. Raphael moved to follow the man fighting back the urge he had to kick the old man's ass for his disrespectful attitude. Raphael followed the man for what seemed like an eternity in silence before they finally reached the end of the tunnel caused from what looked like a cave in years ago. "Here is the problem, come find me once you take care of it." The old man said as he turnes and headed back out of the tunnel.


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Raphael walked up to the rubble of rocks that seem to be blocking the path further down the tunnel and placed his hand up to it as if he was trying to feel how much was in the way. He stepped back taking a breath as he charged his chakra into his fist, wind began circling around his fist before he lunged forward striking the wall of rubble. Nothing happened. "Hmm" of course it would not be that simple he thought to himself before taking a step back and readying himself to strike again. He had not wanted to use the Hakaiken, mainly due to the destructive nature of the jutsu, but if he focused it enough then he hopefully he would not have anything to worry about a cave in or anything. As he charged his chakra into his fist he focused on the size of the tunnel trying to focus enough that his strike did not damage the integrity of the tunnel. Raphael lunged forward releasing the chakra from his Hakaiken straight into the wall of rubble, he could not help but smile as the rubble wall crumbled, creating a cloud of dust as it fell apart and opening the path further down the tunnel. As he hoped he was able to keep the tunnel integrity in tack, with his job complete the young genin turned and head back down the tunnel that he had come from, ready to get out of this dusty and filthy tunnel and return to his apartment to clean himself up.

As he exited the tunnel he turned to the old man that was going to be paying for his services, "The pathway is clear make sure I receive my payment." Raphael said with venom in his voice before turning and leaving not waiting for the man to respond. He journey back to the village was a quick one, considering the fact that he was in a hurry considering the sun was already starting to set. Once inside the village gates he headed straight for his apartment without stopping at the local shops as he had plan, instead deciding to do his shopping later. Raphael let out a sigh of relief as he entered his apartment, removing his clothing and heading straight for his shower. Despite how meaningless this mission was it was quite an annoyance, a royal such as himself lowered to such a demeaning task that he would get this dirty. His only hope now was that he did not have to do something as stupid as this again.

Exit Thread

Mission Requirement: 1392/750 (150Ryo)
Addition Ryo Maxed: 642/600. (25Ryo per 100) (total 150 Ryo)
Total Ryo Payment: 300 Ryo

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