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A boy is seen tossed to the wall, as if he was a simple piece of clothing. The abuser towered over the frail being, which was known as Souku. Souku’s breaths grow short and short with each breath; the beatings he had endured for today were, cruel. But what could he do? As long as he could remember, he was, and will forever be a prisoner to his father, the man who towers over him now. His shadow eclipsing him as such like the moon, his grunts and slurps of alcohol were his usual decorum. However, in a slight moment of clarity, the warden backs off, for now. He notices that the boy has had enough, and will have to wait for him to heal, or whenever Souku gives him another reason to beat him once more. He leaves Souku where he is, lying almost still on the kitchen floor. The bruises, the cuts, it was all there. It was child abuse at its finest, and Souku, the victim of it all.

Moments later, when Souku’s father is passed out on the sofa in the living room, Souku emerges from the kitchen. He uses all of his strength to rise up from the ground. He flops a few times, due to the blows he received from the father. However, he doesn’t give up. The rage inside him swells within, to a point that it now enhanced his body’s strength. Now, fully encouraged, Souku rises up from off the ground, and up on his two feet. How is now seen standing on the balls of his feet, eyeing over to his pasted out father on the couch. He wondered how he could make it over to his room, without making any noise. Well, actually even in his state of condition, he can.

As he passes his father, he eyes his drunken dead bead body. Killing him right now, this would be the perfect moment. As he continued to look towards him, flashes of him being beat by his dad surfaces. A boy is too scared to fail; a boy is too scared to kill his abuses father. However, one day, one day he will become strong enough to kill his father, and get away with it.

He silently continues to head to his room, and locks the door. Which is what he normally does, however, the door knob was now ripped off, only leaving a loose door frame. Souku changes his clothes, into that of his regular attire. After that, now slightly recuperated, he leaves the house through the window, and takes off as fast as he could. To stay in a god forsaken house like so all day, was something Souku could not do.  

He is now seen running through the training grounds, the thoughts of his father’s demise brought a smile to his face. If only he could. Every day he thinks about it, however, there was just one problem. He was simply too weak, as of right now. Even after the boy graduated the academy, he still found himself weak, and without a team. This frustrated Souku even further, no longer was he carrying his crooked smile. His running form shifter forward, his rams now waving behind him as if they were dead, his legs were moving faster and faster. To become stronger, Souku would have to train harder, whenever he got the chance.

As he continued to run faster and faster, he runs past many obstacles, the setting was littered with old decaying pillars, buildings that were once whole, now ruined by father time. He leaves and hops over them, while at the same time paces himself. The pain on his lower side grew much more painful the more he ran. He slows down his speed, his for now not as control as it once was. He curses his father’s name in his head.

Soon, it will all be over. He stops now, now resting against a tall yet sturdy grey stone pillar. He sits against it while catching his breath, his right hand hold his right side where it hurts. A boy is tired, and a boy needs to rest. However, that was not on Souku’s agenda for today. Plus, it was not like he could go back to his father’s house, just to wait for him to wake up again. No, Souku decided to use this time to help strengthen himself. As he breathes much more smoothly, he thinks about what to do next. Off in the distance, he sees a brown rabbit moving on by.

((Word count: 761. Speed E rank 0 to Speed D rank 0))

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