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Souku, is now seen in his room. He is reading one of his favorite manga, which is of course full of blood and carnage. It’s the only type of reading material he will read, anything with violence, Souku will tune in to it. Perhaps he will outgrow the habit in time; however, with his current environment in play, it is highly doubtable. He lies back on his bead, twirling his legs, crossing them in all sorts of manners as he reads, he is truly in to his read. However, everything must come to an end sooner or later. Souku hears the front door unlock, with heavy footsteps that shortly follows after. He knows who is home, the grunting, the stomping, it was all too familiar. A boy hears the warden arriving.

As Souku’s father shuts the door behind him, he makes his way towards the couch, and sits down, resting his nerves. Today’s work was tough on him; however, so long as he has his drink, he will manage to stay cool about it, till he drinks past his limits however. Back towards Souku’s room, Souku now knows it is time to leave, to avoid any beating his father will bestow upon him, for whatever reason. He tosses his manga on the floor, and quickly dresses himself in his normal clothing, after that, Souku exits the house via the window in his room. With success, he manages to slip out of the house, without alerting his father. He makes his way with haste towards the training grounds, the same spot where he trained before, with the ruins.

Moments later, he arrives to the ruins; he surveys the area, to make sure he is the only one here. He does not like surprises, nor does he like being interrupted during training. He stops, only to think about what he should improve on today. Last time it was speed, now what should he improve on today? His body is in much better shape than it was the last time he was here, so perhaps he could actually do some strength training, to complement his new found speed. Souku drops down on the floor, only to catch himself with both his hands, keeping his face from hitting the ground. After that, he does a couple of pushups, one by one, one after the other, in a calm control manner. He thinks about the abuse of inflicted upon him by his father, it wasn’t by choice, and it simply just surfaced within his mind. It seems it was the only source of encouragement he had, the only source of fuel he could use to help better himself physically. After his pushups, Souku rose up from the ground, and head over to a wall nearby. Once he was in the proper spot, he performs a hand stand, and keeps his new position, now standing on his bare hands, elevated. He keeps his back against the wall to help balance himself. As he keeps his balance, using his arm muscles, he lowers himself slightly, and then slowly rises up again. This new method of pushups was more taxing then before, yet in the end he would be stronger for it. The pay off, more grand, more rewarding to Souku. He does this for quite a while, while at the same time wondering what he should do after all this training is over. He would need a team and someone who could help him train. Seito wasn’t going to be much help, he remembers Seito leaving him behind in the administration building. No, not him, he would need someone else, someone more dependable. What Souku had in mind, what he wanted, no, what he had to do. He would need to learn from one of the best. But with all of that, it was easier said than done. He was no step closer to finding a team, or figuring out how to even be placed on a team. He continues doing his pushups while pondering about what move he should make. No matter, he will not give up. A boy has a motive, and motive he will use to carry out his plan. No more will he be the slave of some abusive father. After he does his pushups, to the points of cfailure, he falls down to the ground, and rises up off the floor, he flexes his muscles, and sees improvement. A boy is on his way to carry out a mission, long overdue. Soon, A boy will have his revenge.

[Closed, Word count 756. Strength E Rank 0 to Strength D Rank 0.]

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