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First off sorry to everyone who has or had a thread with me. I don't know. Wouldn't blame you if ya dropped the thread. Life kind of got too blue for me to handle, and I forgot all about this site if I'm being honest.

No worries though. Not only have I tamed the wild beast known as life, I have also regained my love for Rping that I didn't even know I lost. The Poe is back!

(Unfortunately, the blue fire training is long gone. I don't think I care much for it anymore either. The blue dream is dead. Maybe...)


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Welcome back to the site. Hope that you stay longer this time around.


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Fūton - C rank



Welcome back. Since you've returned, I should go and post in our squad thread, so we can get things rolling once more.



"Good and evil are just words. It is not my place to judge their worthiness."

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Long live the blue fire!


"Light always shines through the dark"

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Akito Miku


Blue fire is not dead, it lives in you


No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white



I am new so I didnt know you when you were here before, but welcome back? Maybe? Possibly? Probably?

I do hope to see you IC though if you do stay.

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