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Supply Run (D- rank priority mission, private, NK)

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Shippo smiled as he quickly made his way towards the supply house. His most recent mission was to deliver a shipment of much needed supplies to the army training camp. This wasn’t the most glamourous job he had ever taken, but there was need of it. He really didn’t want to bother with his job, but any job was a chance to show his family that he was worthy of the name and hopefully of notice. Running next to him as always was his great companion Tsume who was actually starting to grow in size. Instead, his head now reached just above Shippo’s knees, and he was getting thicker and longer looking now like a real ninja dog. So, he was sure that he was delivering something very important. As he arrived at the supply house he was greeted by a man who held up a very large pack with a box that looked very strange to Shippo. He smiled and gestured to a small map he had hastily put up to show Shippo. “That’s where you’ve got to go kid. Get there as fast as you can and there shall be an extra bit of goods in it for you. Do not fail.” He handed Shippo the pack who was happy to slip it on as fast as may be. With a quick nod, he dropped down onto all fours and rushed as fast as he could.

Tsume was quick to follow right up with him, and they made their way through the village dodging and weaving around the various obstacles that looked to obstruct their flight and the delivery that they were carrying. Shippo had to wonder what he was carrying, but he was sure that it must be food, weapons, drink, and maybe some kind of secret weapon. Of course, this was all just a fantasy seeing that he was sure it wasn’t anything so serious, after all why would they trust a simple genin with something so important as a secret weapon or something that could pose a very serious risk to the village if someone were to intercept him. Tsume on the other hand didn’t worry about what his partner was carrying instead, he was entirely focused on the fact that he was running as fast as he could which was always the most thrilling feeling he could have.

The pair made their way through the village and towards the training camp. It was on the western side of the village and he had nearly started as far east as east could be in the village. He wondered how smart it was for this supply house to be so far away, but he figured that with quick enough shinobi and perhaps even ninken and ninja cats then it wouldn’t be so ridiculous as all that and there would be plenty of time to get the supplies where they needed to be before anyone really missed them or had a bad experience. Still, there was naught that he could do about it right now, he was only a genin and orders were orders so he had to follow through with this mission. Perhaps he could speak to his mother about it, and maybe she would be able to come up with something. It seemed very dangerous to have a supply house so far away from the front line.

He finally made it to the camp where the supplies were to be expected and stopped panting heavily from the effort of running so far, and so fast. True doing so on all fours was much easier than those who tried to do it on two, but he was still exhausted. He wasn’t there for long when he was approached by one of the officers. He looked to Shippo and the pack he wore nodding his head “Ah the supplies have come! Very good, very good! Glad to have them. Go ahead and take off the pack young one. We will take it from here.” No sooner had the pack been removed than the man started to look in it with an almost frantic need finding the strange box and opening it. He smiled widely as a cooling little mist came out of the box and he removed another smaller box from inside “Ice cream!” he cheered softly to himself.

Shippo’s eyes narrowed in irritation thinking about an officer getting a treat like ice cream and having a shinobi spend the time to deliver it. He was not happy in the least, but he said nothing instead only giving a short salute and leaving his job finished.


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