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Shippo wasn’t sure why they wanted or needed to help set up a camp for the army. The army didn’t seem to want or consider them until they had something they couldn’t handle. Still, this was a mission, he had orders, and he wasn’t about to fail the mission or break the orders that he had been given. The traveling was not going to be easy, but Shippo knew that he would have a long day ahead of him. He reported to the army barracks and was quickly saddled with a huge pack with various electronic equipment and radio gear. Even Tsume was loaded down as best he could be considering he was still a pup.

As they walked in the line with several other soldiers heading out to the predetermined point on the map, this would be the new listening post for the army where they could test communication equipment, and various other forms of pre-warning defense, or such the like. This didn’t matter a wink to Shippo what was the equipment was for, or his purpose. As he marched along with the soldiers one of them seemed to take a liking to him at once. He was an older man standing taller than Shippo by a good head maybe even two. He slapped Shippo’s right shoulder with a smile “Well, hey there Kiddo! It’s good to have a shinobi along on this kind of mission. We don’t always get enough people to help, and you are stronger than you look. Even your dog is strong. I’m guessing from those marks, and the dog that you must be of the same family as that Hokage person.”

Shippo nodded his head slowly as he looked over to the man that slap was jarring, but it hadn’t hurt. He did feel however that it was a bit over the edge. “Well,” he said slowly “I am indeed, he is a relative and we are in the same clan. Yet, my mother is only a distant cousin. As you can imagine the clan grew once we gained power, and influence in the hidden leaf village. Yet, I try not to let the fact that the Hokage and I share blood influence anyone. I am plenty good enough to get by on my own merits.”

The man laughed as they finally made it to the site where they were to establish the new encampment. “Yeah, I hear you. Some of the officers that I have to listen to are in similar situations, they have power because of who they are related to, and the various family matches that they have made or are made for them. You see, people with power like that don’t appreciate the hard choices and how hard it can be to live as the soldier in the field. You listen here kid, don’t you ever let your blood cloud your mind. You shinobi do some of the hardest jobs and fight some of the most insane creatures and foes that I know. It is imperative that you keep a clear head.” He began to set up and calibrate a miniature radio tower pulling the pieces from Shippo and Tsume’s packs “If you don’t keep a clear head, then you could end up dead or forgetting just how important it is to make the tough calls, but also remembering that making the tough calls is supposed to be tough.” He sighed heavily shaking his head “Being a soldier, basically a killer is never an easy life, and it shouldn’t ever be easy. Don’t you forget the faces of those you kill, they were people too, and its due to the silly games those in power play that cause us to be enemies.”

This seemed to be pretty good advice, and he was sure that it was meant well. Shippo nodded his head in agreement as he looked to Tsume who was sniffing around the machinery that the rest of the troop had finished setting up, and they were currently drawing camp lines setting up defenses and other such things that would matter. Shippo smiled and extended his hand to the soldier “I am honored to have met you sir. What is your name?”

The soldier shook Shippo’s hand “Yuki Izunomu. It’s a pleasure to meet you…?” he left the question in the air.

Shippo smiled and shook his hand warmly “Shippo Inuzuka, and this is Tsume. We are shinobi of the Inuzuka clan. I am glad I got to meet you today, and I will keep your advice fresh in my mind for as long as I can.” Looking to see the commanding officer was approaching them Shippo smiled at him “We can go?” a sharp nod was all the signal that he needed. With another salute to the soldier he had met he looked to Tsume smiling “We need to get back to the village. They have their work to do and we have ours. See you all again soon.” He turned and left heading towards the village so he could start on his next set of adventures and missions.


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