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Mission Details:
Mission name: Doesn’t Anyone Around Here Work?
Mission rank: Event
Objective: Locate the ceramist.
Location: Namahage Festival
Reward: 10 Tickets.
Mission Description: Locate the ceramist shirking his duties around the festival and convince him to make you a mask for the Masquerade Ball.
Mission Details: While skilled in his craft, there is not a soul familiar with the ceramist that would describe the lazy, obese Oni as reliable or dedicated. As per usual his shop will be found empty, abandoned by the ogre in order to laze about and greedily eat his full. He could be anywhere (Player Choice), but places with food (especially sweets) would be where we suggest you begin your search. When you find him, he will be none too pleased at the prospect of being asked to labor over his kiln and clay. We’re sure you can find a way to convince him (Player Choice).

Fuyuko was roaming the streets of the festival. The only thing that could really be seen was the smiles and laughs upon everyone’s faces. The general atmosphere of the festival was pleasant, it was lively and energetic. Young and old playing games together all while being dressed up. It warmed Fuyuko’s heart, that despite the harshness of the daily life, people seemed to be able to genuinely enjoy themselves, just as long as the atmosphere for it was there.

After having walked through the streets a bit, Fuyuko encountered someone handing out flyers. Without hesitation one of them was shoved into her hands. Fuyuko found it a little bit odd that no word was spoken to her as she was given the flyer, but on the other side, they seemed so busy trying to make sure everyone got one of them it would take too much time to talk to everyone that was given one. Fuyuko made her way to the edge of the street, making sure she wouldn’t impair anyone’s movements as she would take her time reading the flyer. It stated that there would be a masquerade ball and that anyone who would show up with the flyer would be allowed to enter the ball. Despite the generous offer of the host Fuyuko could not help but wrinkle the flyer a bit. The tone used in the latter was just something she despises, the host clearly deemed themselves better than the ‘common folk’.

Having taken a few deep breaths Fuyuko was able to collect her cool again and get back into the mood of the festival. She did not have a mask so she would need to find the ceramist to help her out make one. An address for the ceramist’s location was written on the flyer and so that was the direction she would go. Whilst walking there she wondered who else would attend the masquerade. Her heart skipping a beat, her face lighting up and her palms getting sweaty at the thought of being able to watch Nozomi in a dress. Thinking of her, would she be able to attend the festival at all? Fuyuko would definitely need to find Nozomi and ask if she would be willing to go.

The shop seemed to be deserted. Fuyuko circled the shop, but no lights were lit, no one seemed to be present. Did they take off to go enjoy the festival themselves? But why would they do that if they would most likely get an endless stream of customers for the masks? It wouldn’t help her at all pondering on these questions, she just had to get out there and find the ceramist. She walked through the streets trying to find the ceramist, maybe see a familiar face that could be it for the festival. But then it dawned on her, she didn’t know anyone whom could be the ceramist. She has been looking for someone for the past half hour of whom she doesn’t even know the identity. Fuyuko dropped her head at her own stupidity. It quickly got back up again as she overheard some words that interested her. Followed by a line that she just needed to hear. “Don’t you have to be at your shop to make the masks for people that want to attend the masquerade?” “Leave me alone, I’m enjoying my sweets!

Without hesitation Fuyuko moved over to the direction of the conversation. She saw an ogre standing in front of the small munching away on some sweets, that must be the ceramist. “Hello” she said with a bow. “Could you please make a mask for me, so that I may attend that ball?” “Can’t you see that I’m eating miss, I can’t make a mask if I’m eating now can I?” Fuyuko looked sad at the ogre, with puppy eyes that could burst out into tears at any moment. “Well… I guess, I won’t be able to go then…” Her voice sounding more and more like she was about to cry with every word spoken. “Please don’t cry…, that’s not necessary, but I still want to enjoy the festival myself, you know? So what can you do for me in return?” Her eyes sparking up, a big smile plastered on her face as she heard those words. Seeing as the man was very into sweets, she probably could just buy a bunch for him? “Well how about, if you help me make a mask for me, I’ll treat you to a round of sweets?” “You weren’t about the cry just now, were you? That was all to trick me into, wasn’t it? Still, it can’t be helped, let’s go.” Fuyuko smiled without giving the ogre a reply, she simply just followed him back to the shop.

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