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Doesn't Anyone Around Here Work:

Mission name: Doesn’t Anyone Around Here Work?
Mission rank: Event
Objective: Locate the ceramist.
Location: Namahage Festival
Reward: 10 Tickets.
Mission Description: Locate the ceramist shirking his duties around the festival and convince him to make you a mask for the Masquerade Ball.
Mission Details: While skilled in his craft, there is not a soul familiar with the ceramist that would describe the lazy, obese Oni as reliable or dedicated. As per usual his shop will be found empty, abandoned by the ogre in order to laze about and greedily eat his full. He could be anywhere (Player Choice), but places with food (especially sweets) would be where we suggest you begin your search. When you find him, he will be none too pleased at the prospect of being asked to labor over his kiln and clay. We’re sure you can find a way to convince him (Player Choice).

The way in which Aozukin realized his entire scenery had been changed occurred in the strangest of ways. He woke up standing in front of a desk with an assortment of letters and papers with different things etched down in them in al sorts of festive fonts with artistic drawings and a pleasant parchment scent.

Had he gotten himself kidnapped by some of the less satisfied members of his clan?

He supposed if that was the case he was going to be dying soon, and ought to at least partake in some recreational reading before that happened. It didn't really make much of a difference to him. It would all come the same either way. The first of the notes he happened to pick up read as follows:

“Dear Festival Goers,

You are hereby cordially invited to attend the annual Namahage Masquerade Ball, a week long private celebration running concurrently with the Festival. Everyokai who’s anyokai will be in attendance and this year our gracious host has seen fit to allow even the rabble to partake in his generosity. The upper halls will be open only to our VIP’s, of course, but the ground level will be open to anyone who shows up with this flyer in hand.

With respect to the dress code, this is strictly a formal affair. We expect all attendees with aspirations of being allowed through the front gate to dress as such. And of course, masks are non-optional and may not be removed under any circumstances while in attendance. If you find yourself in need of a mask, the local ceramist may be of some assistance…


A Humble Servant“

What the hell was this talking about? Namehage? He had never heard of anything like this, and certainly had no understanding of why the writing was referring to people with pronouns of spirits. Yokai? Aozukin's name was actually an homage to a popular story about a man-eating yokai, not without the irony. Aozukin stood up from the wooden chair and away from the desk, finished with the silliness before him. As he walked with conviction toward the door in the oddly small, cabin-like interior of the building, he scoffed before opening the door and immediately finding himself looking at the ground. His feet began to slide as it seemed the earth itself and all of reality had changed by ninety degrees. He slid, unsteady from this awkward angle and plummeted through the door onto dusty, hard earth. Around him walked man and spirit alike. It was like a carnival of sorts. Stalls and rides, strange sights and wonders, attractions to bring people in. How was this even possible? In front of him was a small shop which seemed to resemble something of a ceramic workshop. It was easily the most simple method of getting off of the filthy street and to take a moment to get his bearings.

"Oh dear oh my, I hope you aren't looking for the mask maker. That oaf hasn't been around to attend to any of the other masquerade attendees either. I wonder myself if you human sort will even have a chance to go before the festival ends!"

The voice was radiant and otherworldly. It's source, a small woman with a veil, almost transparent in her appearance. She wore a long dress and not a bit of her was able to be seen uncovered by clothing.

Speaking was one of Aozukin's real talents, and making impressions on strangers was something he always been able to do with little or no effort.

"Well now, hello there! I've just so happened to stumble into this strange place and I am honestly so lost. Please do forgive me when I ask you such a silly question, but where am I exactly?

Aozukin waited calmly for an answer from the ghostly woman.

"You're a chosen guest at the Namehage festival, darling! It is a traditional festival that invites the souls of the living and the Yokai of the afterlife to meet and mingle in whatever ways they please, with games and prizes, rides and special events all around. You should consider yourself quite lucky to be here. It also looks like you have yourself an invitation to the Masquerade Ball! You won't rightly be able to attend unless you find that big, dumb Oni, however. He's a fat one with a sweet tooth. You should go searchin! I'd love to see you there."

Marching on with a bit of a grumble, Aozukin made his way to what had to have been the MOST obvious place in this festival for a large, snack-hungry Oni. The funnel cake cart. And as it were, he was seated right before it. With no major hesitation, Aozukin purchased a Funnel Cake and offered it to the Oni.

There was a silent mutual understanding as they made way back to the ceramic shop.

WC: 831

Mission Requirements: Met (750/750)


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