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Sero had begun gearing up for this particular test for some time. He had wished Nozomi to become a part of the seven swords with him. Yet he had managed to make it there ahead of the saint of roses. Many claiming her petals were doom brought forth with beauty. Not many compared her to him but those that did thought her his opposite. He was a dark creature that shifted beneath the surface of the skin and placed his venom of fear in the hearts of all those around him. Nozomi was widely considered a mighty hero by the people and a hero could never be viewed in such a way. Some actually whispered of how it would have to be Nozomi that took him down some day. When his transformation was complete and he gave up being man. What they didn't know was the two had grown together as squad mates. Nozomi was closer to him than any other. His aunt had been their mentor but hardly. So he had come up with a test for those who might doubt her. Those that doubted she would save the demon instead of destroy him as a threat to her. And then there were those who knew more, those that knew of Kumo that suspected she would do just that. That Sero was the biggest threat to her love life and she would eliminate him if given the chance. To him of course they had already covered this and moved on but further proof was needed for others.

Back in the human world he had spread mere whispers here and there while concealing his true identity with his ANBU armor. Rumors that Sero had been gravely injured and was unable to use jutsu and could barely hold a sword. A location hadn't been given but the rumors had moved from mouth to mouth as expected. Landing on the ears he wished and more. To his immense joy he had learned that those ears had also come to this place. Likely to bolster their banks. More influential bandits than the average scum. So a young woman in red robes with dark hair in two buns and a sly smile moved through the crowds on the border to specific gatherings. Drinking here and there as she smiled through yellow cat like eyes. A single rapier on her hip. She moved from tent to tent and listened and joked before letting it slip here and there that she had heard a rumor. A rumor that a bloodied Sero had appeared in a clearing in the land of demons and had to virtually crawl to a cave. The rumors included a location now and as she made it to the next tent it appeared the rumors were ahead of her as someone claimed they had seen it themselves to her. The captain of the seven hiding in a cave in defeat. A laughable idea. Yet she could see in their eyes they were curios. Was he truly vulnerable? If he was what could thugs like them do about it? How many would it take to handle him?

She would wait an hour before she spread a little rumor of her own again. There was another at odds with him..another that could be coaxed into aiding them that was a match for him at full power. Wounded she was their trump card he could not overcome. There weren't any specifics but by the time the rumors got ahead of her Nozomi was a jilted lover that wanted vengeance in the form of blood. The woman grinned again behind yellow eyes as now roving groups began to gather. A secret meeting was to be held later and there was rumors that they were searching for Nozomi to join the meetings. They thought they could talk her into aiding them. The woman would run her tongue across her top teeth and wait. Watching to see how they would find her or approach her. Those searching seemed to be offering an olive branch of peace if only in search of a meeting with her. Instructed to beg if needed. This was turning out interesting after all. The woman had riled the masses including some fairly potent looking Yokai now into a hunting frenzy. So it was to begin. How would Nozomi handle a situation of a hundred warriors and her chance at redemption or possibly revenge? Would she side with them? Try to take them all out alone? Perhaps use them to locate the supposedly wounded Sero? Perhaps she would kill him after all. So much to wait and see.



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