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1 A Bold Rematch! (Kamaitachi Round 2) on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:20 am



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'Hanbei didn't expect to be here again.

Looking at the race track, this time facing down the Kamaitachi that he had dealt with once before with calendar in hand. It seemed that it was ruled by others that the Calendar was an unfair advantage last time, placing no thrill in the race for himself what so ever. It seemed that the Kamaitachi were also unhappy about the whole thing, feeling manipulated and used for someone's own gain because they had nothing else that they could do against him. While it seemed to be ruled that they would not take away his winnings from last time, as it had not been in the rules that he was not allowed to use a ward, it was deemed appropriate that he would have to take the trail a second time, to prove that he was capable of performing the task legitimately in order to move on to the next one. Hanbei had thought about it for a while, and though it seemed to smell a little of there being a sore looser in their midst, he accepted it heartily, apologizing graciously for the act that he was sure had upset somebody on the side of the middle realm. So, taking his position in the stands, Hanbei would have to think of a plan to get himself through this. He was racing against another group of 9, and while the goal was not to win, it was to survive, winning made everything a little more fun in the long run.

'but didn't it always?'

As they waited hanbei performed a single hand-seal, creating a chakra needle as he would ready himself for the race. the command for ready was given, Hanbei crouched and grabbed the hand-holds hoping that it would be enough of a plant for him to get the head start he needed. The first of the kamaitachi that were going to deal with him was going to get a hell of a freight. Looking at the others he nodded respectfully, and they in turn did for the most part. Set was called, and all eyes moved onto the path before them before finally GO! was called, and like a bullet each and every one of the ninja who had prepared were gone in a flash, Hanbei among them moving as fast as he could. While the others were faster in slight, he wasn't so slow that he could not compete with extreme strain and effort. A trump card held tightly between his fingers.

As the first of the hurdles approached, Hanbei would smile, jumping and hurling the needle as far and as fast as he could into the distance along his lane with all of his forward momentum nearly doubling its speed as it was launched from a moving platform. The Sickle of the kamaitachi coming up and across for Hanbei's legs, sure to meet its mark as it hewed through... though the shadow clone finally gave way, and hanbei appeared at the location of his needle, running at full pace almost fifty meters ahead of all of his opponents now. The lead he had was so extreme that unless he was caught by one of the weasels now, there was almost no way that the other ninja would be able to catch up by the following laps. Hanbei would prepare himself for what was to come, the next weasel he'd block with a defensive barrier, and the next he would avoid with a rapid burst of speed by jumping with his Fuuton: Stream ability, blowing him a few more meters ahead and carrying him at odd angles as he could guide the technique.

Finally, the last lap would come to pass, Hanbei would feel burning in his body as he had already sprinted so long, his muscles were on fire, but it wasn't time for him to give in now. He'd used almost half his chakra to get this far, but, good for himself he was a medic, it only took one healing needle to reduce his tiredness and fill him with energy as with a smile he would continue back on track to the final of the Kamaitachi that lay in his path. With a few notable hand-seals the Guanying would leap the fense, the weasel raising up to strike as two large wings of needles would erupt from his back, beating once and flinging hanbei into the air a couple meters higher to avoid the cut as he would glide down, crossing the finish line in first place.

The crowd, and especially some of the tengu erupted in praise and cheering as the boy proved himself in the ring properly. The organizers came down, congratulating the boy as he was allowed to leave with a second prize for his efforts.

it had been a good day.

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