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mission briefing:

Mission name: Doesn’t Anyone Around Here Work?
Mission rank: Event
Objective: Locate the ceramist.
Location: Namahage Festival
Reward: 10 Tickets.
Mission Description: Locate the ceramist shirking his duties around the festival and convince him to make you a mask for the Masquerade Ball.
Mission Details: While skilled in his craft, there is not a soul familiar with the ceramist that would describe the lazy, obese Oni as reliable or dedicated. As per usual his shop will be found empty, abandoned by the ogre in order to laze about and greedily eat his full. He could be anywhere (Player Choice), but places with food (especially sweets) would be where we suggest you begin your search. When you find him, he will be none too pleased at the prospect of being asked to labor over his kiln and clay. We’re sure you can find a way to convince him (Player Choice).

Quite the festival was happening, something Lamya had not seen before, with various otherworldly creatures and spirits in all forms and sizes having descended upon the mortal realms of man and beast. In a sense it was quite a wonder, but on the other hand, even if these spirits had converged and created a whole place out of nothing and seemed to bother none of the normal folk that started to flock at the festival, the kunoichi still decided that some form of anonimity was more suitable for someone like herself, especially if she would happen to come accross some shinobi that were in the process of tracking her or hunting her down.

It was better to be safe than to be sorry after all and in this case, the helmet she wore, despite granting her the anonimity she wanted, would no doubt also draw a lot of unwanted attention.

The news that there would be a masquarade ball did seem interesting in this case, because it meant all who went there would be wearing masks and disguises, to ensure their own safety and anonimity while feasting and enjoying their time at this rather spectacular festival of Namahage. With the smile on her face hidden by the mask she was wearing, Lamya looked at one of the posters that described where one would be able to get the mask they desired and as she read the entire thing, she noticed that there seemed to be a catch: the only masks alowed where the masks created by a certain ceramist in this strange new town, some sort of demon or oni specialized in making masks for the dead to wander around the living.

"Well, guess that seems fair enough," The kunoichi chuckled aloud, wandering through town to find the shop which had been described in the poster, yet as she arrived at the place, the shop's door was closed and a single paper hung across the shop's window:

Gone for now, no customer service today

That...was quite inconvenient, as Lamya really did want a mask and without it, she wouldn't be able to get to said masquaraded ball. Even if she didn't like actual fancy feasts, there was no doubt there was still some fun to be had and fun was something she had not had in quite a long time. It would've been a nice break from all the running and fighting for a change.

Well, since she had no choice, she had to find this ceramist no matter how long it took her, so she walked away from the shop again, determined to search the whole village if necessary.

Lamya checked various bars, taverns and foodstalls, but everywhere she asked around the answer was either that they had not seen the person she was looking for or that he had been there, but had already left quite a while ago.

Getting rather frustrated by this issue, she eventually decided to walk into a sweets & liquor shop, which happened to have a bar as well, where customers could taste the finest liquors and newest, most delicious sweet treats the village had to offer. It was there that she saw a crooked old person, looking much like an old man aside from the blue skincolor and two small horns on his head. There was no doubt that that person was the caramist she had been looking for, as she had not seen any other to fit the mysterious man's profile so correctly.

Letting her emotions run rampantly, her killing intent oozing out greatly, a lot of customers stood up and ran from her as she marched towards the old man who was laughing, drinking and enjoying sweet rolls. "Is this a reason for not being in your shop?"

The man turned around and looked at Lamya's helmet, smiling softly, before apparently motioning her to leave. "I don't want to work, it's bothersome, just let me be here, will ya."

Annoyed by the man's reaction, Lamya removed her helmet, placed her hands on his shoulders and pressed upon them with just enough force to truly convey how strong she was compared to him. bending slightly forwards, she removed one hand and grabbed a sweet roll and ate it and as her face was right next to his now, she calmly chuckled. "You see, dear sir.
I can gobble you up just like that sweet roll...that is if you don't get a move on and make me the mask I want."

Letting him go, she stood still next to the ceramist and crossed her arms with a smile. "What's your choice?"

Shivering all over, the oni got up from his seat, dropped some coins in a platter on the table and turned towards Lamya with a nervous smile. "I reckon I'll have to make my dear customer a mask, no?"



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