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So yea, in exchange for that small burst of progress and posting I was able to do for the last couple of weeks, I've currently screwed up my foreseeable school future, for the trimester at least. (Failing a class by never turning in semi-decent work, or any at all, is never a good idea people.)

So while I'll be doing OOC stuff, revamps and item creation, and minimal IC stuff. (Event [mis]fortune wheel) You probably won't be seeing too much of me for a while while I try to get my life back in order and seek some therapy to help me with my addication to the amazing-ness that is NarutoSaga.

As always. Until next time!


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Best of luck! We'll be waiting ^^


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Good luck with school and life in general. Hope to see you back here soon.


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I hope you get your RL under control and can come back in full capacity

Akito Miku


Take as long as you need, and return to us feeling and being even better then when you left
See you when you return Kisei


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