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1 What Do You Mean No Clay? [Mission|Solo] on Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:31 am

Syekren Uchiha


I Guess Not:
Mission name: I Guess Not.
Mission rank: Event
Objective: Obtain special clay used by the ceramist.
Location: Namahage Festival
Reward: 10 Tickets
Mission Description: After returning to the shop, the ceramist will explain that he had stopped working because he was out of the clay he uses to craft his works. Considering himself something of a purist, the Oni refuses to work with any other materials and demands you fetch his clay for him if you want a mask.
Mission Details: The source of the Onis clay lies within the House of Tsukumogami, inanimate objects that have acquired a spirit after existing for more than 100 years. Everything in the mansion is sentient. Everything. Even the building itself. As it turns out, the clay comes from a giant, possessed ball of clay that is continually adding onto itself. It sells the clay that is more than 100 years old to the Oni to make his products. He was expecting the ceramist to come, but instead decides to congratulate you on your new job as a courier. Bring the clay back to the shop.

'Seikatsu' stood in disbelief while the oni he'd met the night before was busying himself about his shop. He'd just had a bomb dropped on him that he couldn't have a mask made since the ceramist was out of his special clay. No ordinary clay would do for such a job, either and he hadn't made it out to collect the clay. Instead, he'd asked his new dango companion to go and fetch the clay for him so that work could commence. 'Seikatsu' sighed and rubbed his scruffy beard in thought, trying to think on how he could go about this. He didn't expect to have to fetch the materials needed for his mask and assumed he could just befriend the oni ceramist and that would be that. Instead, he was going to have to find some sort of sentient house full of other sentient objects that had gained their own lives over the last one hundred years. This was a bit much to take in for the man as he didn't have all that much experience with spirits, save for one.

With a wave, he turned away from the oni and departed, making his way out of the shop to begin a walk down the fairground way. He'd received basic instructions on what to look for and where he would find it, so the only other thing needed to do was to go ahead and get along on his way towards his destination. The homeless looking man put his hands into his pockets as he strolled, his emerald hue going back and forth between stalls and other sights on his way. The man flashed a smile to the various yokai he saw, some of them being oni. A few waved to him as he passed, holding out sweets or other things to tantalize him to stop by while he was walking. He had to politely respond with a 'no thanks' or a 'I can't right now.' He was currently on a mission to find something for the ceramist and could not be deterred from it currently.

It wasn't long before the festival way gave up into a small rocky path that led out of the fair grounds and onto a long winding road. This road eventually brought the man to an old looking house, which had shutters that almost looked like eyes with eye lids and eyebrows. Brushing this off, the man stepped forward onto the first step and heard a low, guttural sounding noised with the door's deadbolt locking. 'Seikatsu' had almost forgotten that he was striding up to something sentient. He stepped off of the stair and took a low bow, before speaking. "Fah'give me there. I humbly request yer permission ta enter the premises." After he came up from his bow the house groaned softly this time and the door creaked open ever so slowly. With a nod in thanks to the house, the man stepped up the stairs and strode into the door, softly closing it behind him.

When he entered the main room, he looked around at the place. Though it was supposed to be a century or so old, the house was beautiful. Here and there items such as chairs, tea kettles, and tables moved about, talking amongst themselves. The man moved up to a chair and bowed to it politely, receiving a bow in kind. "Ya don' happen ta know where I kin find the clay ball do ye? Ceramist sent me to collect some clay for a mask. Sed on'y this'n would do." The chair motioned for him to follow and so he did, passing through the house by other sentient items. He bowed and smiled and nodded as he passed, following the chair into a room near the back, where there floated a large ball of clay that could only be described as 'magnificent.'

"Well, you're not the ceramist! I heard we had a visitor but I fully expected it to be that oni. By how you're looking at me am I to assume you're the courier then? Well, good show old boy! Here's some clay for you to take back to the oni and do tell him not to be a stranger!" This was moving along easier than anticipated and the man seemed a bit wary of it. He only took the clay and bowed. "I thank ye, I'll be sure ta pass along yer message. I appreciate the kindness from ye, I truly do. I must be off, enjoy the festivities, the lot o' ya." With that, and another bow to each the chair and the sentient clay ball that was light one order of clay, the man made his way out of the house and started back down the street. He had what he needed, now to get that oni to perform his duties.

76 discarded.

[Mission Complete, Thread Closed]


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