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1 The Quest for a Mask {Part 1} on Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:51 pm



Raphael looked down at the note he had recieved once more scanning over the words for what he was supposed to do, he need not worry about formal attire considering the fact that he was always dresses for success and had on his Clan's royal family garb. Though his mother would not be happy with the fact that he had been wearing the same clothing for every situation, but that was the price you pay when you only bring one set of clothes with you when you leave home. A mask, Raphael stopped reading the note placing his finger on the part that talked about a mask, he did not own a mask and considering the fact that the note said the mask was not optional it seemed apparent to Raphael that he was going to need to find himself a place to buy a mask, the only problem was that he did not know where to begin looking. "Excuse me ma'am," Raphael called to a long haired woman that was faced away from him but was not to far away from where he stood, however when the long haired woman turned around he was met with the face of a horrible looking creature that seemed to be mad. The creature grunted and growled and then turned around and walked away, suddenly Raphael heard laughter coming from behind him causing him to turn to see what was the cause of the laughter. Once again he was met with the face of a strange being that he could not tell what it was, "excuse me but what is so funny?" Raphael asked the creature who snorted before saying, "his name is Eli, and you called him ma'am, he is not a woman you stupid boy not everyone that has long hair is a woman. Especially here in Namahage." The creature continued to laugh as it began to walk away, "well I am glad I could entertain you" Raphael snapped under his breath, deciding it would be best to just try to find a shop that would sell him a mask himself without asking for help.

After spending what seemed like hours searching he was finally able to find the village's mask shop, but to his dismay the shop was empty. "Excuse me, do you know where the shop keeper is?" He asked a woman pointing to the mask shop, "oh that oni is never in the shop deary, you can probably find him down the street at the bakery, he is usually there and if he is not then they might know where to find him." The woman replied before continuing to scurry along her way. "Well this is fantastic," Raphael said with a large exhale as he went down the street in the direction the woman indicated to find the bakery and the if he the woman said was the mask maker. As he continued down the street the smell of food and sweets filled the air, and as he rounded the corner he found the place he was looking for. "Excuse me I am looking for the mask maker," Raphael said to the person behind the counter, who simply pointed at the oni sitting in the back corner of the shop stuffing his face. Raphael approached the being and was about to ask him about a mask when the creature held up his hand, "No" was all the creature said. "You dont even know what I was going to say," Raphael stated with a little annoyance in his voice, "you think me stupid boy, me heard you ask for mask maker, me no make masks today." The oni replied before he went back to gorging on the cake that was on the table in front of him before yelling for more. "Look I really need a mask," Raphael said as he held up the note he had received that brought him here. "Not me problem boy, now go me enjoying me food" However Raphael was not going to give up, "listen if it is about money I can pay you whatever you ask, my family is wealthy and I am more than willing to pay you double your normal price." Raphael stated as he tried to plead with the creature. "Not interested in money boy," was all the oni said. With that said he began eating the new cake that was brought to him as Raphael tried to reason with him, then an idea popped into his head and he walked over to the shopkeeper. After some words Raphael handed the man a large sack of Ryo before returning to the oni. "Alright, well I have just purchased all of this establishments sweets, so how about this if you want anymore sweets you will make me mask," Raphael said with a wicked smile on his face satisfied that he now had the upper hand on the oni. The creature looked from Raphael to the shopkeeper in disbelief, and when the shopkeeper nodded that it was true the oni let out a large sigh, "Fine come with me" the oni said as it stood up from it's seat.

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