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1 A meet in the bar [Priv/Lamya] on Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:30 pm



After a hectic day, a good night sleep was always a pleasant reward and Aomine had certainly earned this. Being a wanderer since he was old enough to walk, moving between places frequently had always been a part of him. His day was spent looking around the village and getting information. He had seen and heard things that didn't make his mysterious arrival to the village any less strange. A festival was going on, that was much obvious and this festival was open to both humans and spirits that took the form of various creatures.

He had looked into a couple of shops around, checking out their wares and even planning to purchase some of them especially the spear he had found on his first day here. The fighting rings and drinking bars had not escaped his view and he had made sure to bookmark them in his memory. He had no idea how long he would be here for or why he was even here but since he was here already, he'd have to learn something like he always did everywhere he went. No matter how small.

The Hattori clansman lay on his bed of hay and looked to the roof above him. He had money on him but this single room was the only available one at his time of arrival and he hadn't found the time to search for a new place. Things like that didn't really bother him and he mostly put away things that cost too much work. He could prove to be very lazy most times but he always makes sure to get things done.

Little sun rays pryed through the roof and shot directly at his forehead, heating it up immediately. Aomine turned before waking up to a new day, not remembering how sleep caught up with him the previous night. All that mattered was the day ahead. The wandered walked down to the bathroom, pulled off his clothes and had a nice wash as well as cleansing his teeth. Drying up quickly, he changed into black pants and a sleeveless dark blue jacket leaving his broad arms very visible. Sliding his feet into black boots, he tied up the laces and exited the room.

Walking out of the inn, he strolled through the streets and kept walking until he came to a river. Fishing was one of his hobbies but then, he had no rod on him so all he did was go in for a good swim. To his surprise, the day passed quickly and he had been in and out of the water all along but now, it was time to head back to the village so he changed his clothes and moved on towards the village.

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2 Re: A meet in the bar [Priv/Lamya] on Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:08 am



A never before existing village, filled with strange people, strange beings to be more precise was not exactly something that came to mind when Lamya had thought of finding herself a place where she could possibly relax a bit, yet in the end, she still managed to wander towards this strange place where the inhabitants were less human than even she, a village of monsters and a festival to honor those same monsters.

Still, with the amount of foreign shinobi having entered and staying at this strange place, the former konohagakure anbu captain had to be careful, as at every turn and in every dark alley this strange place had to offer, there could've been a shinobi from a country or village where she'd have reached the bingo book and at this point in time, that was the last thing she needed: another idiot trying to be brave and bleeding out after she was done with them. Her forebearer was right, humans in the end were but weak and feeble creatures and only by becoming a monster could a human become strong.

"Who knew I'd be so desperate for a drink," Lamya muttered to herself as she watched the bussy streets and strange inhabitants of the place with keen eyes from up on a rooftop. It was quite strange for her to have a desire for a drink, certainly given it had been quite a while since she had last drunk anything containing alcohol and the endresult of that time was... not at all unpleasant, but simply showed how bad she was at holding her liquor. "Guess I'll be the fool for once."

In a sense it was strange to be alone as well, as Uraeus had been sent home to the Great White Snake sage to request an audience about some family stuff, poor snake really couldn't enjoy his time these days now that word had spread that changes were coming to the world and not all of them seemed to be favorable for any of the Great Sages.

But since she had nothing to do with it, Lamya just continued her own business and dropped down from the rooftop, making sure no one saw her do that, she checked her clothes while standing in front of a shop window, verifying that she did not look like a shinobi. Cheap fishnet shirt, nearly unraveling purple haori and a pair of boots and spats... yep, she didn't look like a shinobi, but she did look like a bandit. God, she missed the choice of clothing she had when she was still living in the Ouroboros compound or even in her appartment near the hokage building, life sure wasn't friendly for a missing nin.

Drinking on her own though...might've seemed rather boring, so when she passed through a couple of streets, she ended up at a small river, nearly bumping into someone who didn't exactly look like the typical kind of person to wander around the strange village either. "...Fish didn't bite?"



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