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1 As good a place as any. [Open, training] on Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:33 am



It wasn't like he wanted to be here.

Not like it was relevant to the reason he was here, anyhow. There was so much to do, and....well, no, there was plenty of time. The Tsuchikage wasn't said to arrive yet in the Hidden Sand, and two possibilities arose out of the many that would swarm the head of one thinking as such. They were met in secret in order to arrive without a fuss or any notice to foreign nations, or he simply hadn't made it yet. Having never actually bore the pleasure of meeting the Earth Shadow - oh, the perks of being a wanted criminal! - he couldn't discern how farsighted the Hidden Stone's leader was.

The sandstone was more forgiving than the crags he'd slept in for months. It curved naturally, providing a small sub-cave for him to reside in while he sat through the hours. He didn't surmise he'd have to do so for long - it wasn't often that someone posted an advertisement in the city's slums for a Sharingan, after all. It could have been the talk of the town for a week.

As if posting it was any sort of feat for the Whimsical Sniper - stealth and sensory abilities were his specialty, perhaps even more so than the killing blow itself. Pinging those who might detect him before he could get close enough for conventional sensory methods to do so, and then becoming completely imperceptible. Sneaking into a village was as easy as blinking to him.

He could only wait in these aged yet sturdy tunnels, yawning in anticipation of who could possibly choose to approach an anonymous seller.

[235. Can't be bothered.]

Name: 神楽心眼 {Kagura Shingan ~ The Mind's Eye}
Canon/Custom: Canon. 
Rank: S.
Type: Defensive.
Element: None.
Range: 500m radius.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -15 per post.
Cooldown: Non-Applicable.
Description: A sensory ability that can only be learned with an extraordinary amount of mental focus, due to most not being able open their mind's eye. Thus, this ability cannot be copied by Sharingan or any other means; it must be researched and learned for double the normal wordcount after learning of its existence.

Tame can detect by a 'sixth sense' where chakra signatures are, accurately deducing distance and direction, as well as activity and magnitude, even if he cannot normally detect them via the 5 senses. If he closes his eyes, he can 'see' his surroundings as chakra fluctuations, though not outside his natural field of vision. Everything either gives off chakra (all living things) or reflects the reverberations of this chakra (inanimate objects); the user can sense slight movements in the chakra of even the living surroundings.
This ability can be used to track people over a distance or pick them out in a crowd, as the user can remember and recall any person's particular chakra and its 'feel'; he can even know someone's chakra natures and even their clan for future reference. However, it is much more versatile than just tracking; within 35 meters of themselves, the user can sense fluctuations and finer movements in chakra, able to tell if a person is somehow having their chakra disturbed, such as via Genjutsu; since lying muddles one's chakra regardless of one's control, Tame can also sense these even finer disturbances within 10m of himself.
If this ability is actively used for more than 5 posts without a 1-post break of not using it, Tame loses 1 tier in Strength and Endurance while he continues and for 2 posts after he cancels it.  It increases for every post after 5 he used it (-2 for 6 posts, etc). After 3 posts of overuse, his Speed gets all current deductions as well.

Name: 迷彩隠れの術  {Meisaigakure no Jutsu ~ Hiding-with-Camouflage Technique}
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: A.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 3 posts; maintainable (before or after the normal duration).
Cooldown: Duration + 1 post.
Description: A technique that thinly coats the user in chakra, making the user essentially imperceptible by multiple processes. It negates the user from making any sound or footsteps, as well as erasing their scent. The user begins to suppress their chakra, while the chakra coating around them suppresses any trace of them whatsoever, be it biological, air disturbances, footsteps, or anything else. In addition, this jutsu refracts light around the user to make them invisible to those with perception of A-rank; those who can see the distortion made by this jutsu must be within 20 meters to detect it. The user is also unable to be detected by any sensory technique of A-rank or lower, barring Sage Mode's nature energy sensing, sensing via displacement (such as Sensing Sand), and motion-sensing (as in, sensing the presence of matter in motion).

This technique is excellent for sneak attacks; however, the caster can only activate 1 jutsu of A-rank or lower (+1 jutsu per rank lower the jutsu is) before having to dispel this technique. Techniques initiated before this jutsu do not count against this. If the user is touched any more than being brushed up against by another human/pet/summon, the jutsu ends.

Name: 無塵迷塞  {Mujin Meisai ~ Dusless Bewildering Cover}
Canon/Custom: Adapted Canon.
Rank: S.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Shōton||Fūton
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -10 chakra per post.
Cooldown: Duration + 1 post.
Description: Tame's rendition of the legendary technique used by the Second Tsuchikage, it can only be used while Meisaigakure no Jutsu is in effect. By spreading crystal around his skin's personal area only, the user is able to erase their presence completely from sensors; be they based on the physical senses or the usage of chakra or other extrasensory perception, all facets of the user's existence are eliminated. All external waves and forces are conducted by this technique's dust and not returned as a disturbance, rendering remote radar or other techniques incapable of sensing the user. In addition, crystal is piezoelectric and vice-versa, meaning that any electricity the user gives off is dissipated into vibrations, which are also muffled by this technique. This jutsu increases the rank and number of techniques used by the caster needed to dispel Meisaigakure no Jutsu by 1.


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~The Whimsical Sniper~
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2 Re: As good a place as any. [Open, training] on Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:10 pm

Ryu Myugan


Special Jounin
Ryu had heard rumors of a man selling a sharingan but no one was daring to make a move on it. Such a legendary thing was something to get excited about. And yet at the same time it wasn't. While it was said to grant power and truthfully Ryu could attest. It also came with a curse of rarely living out ones full life. The sharingan curse was that death followed. Of course he was also aware of that risk himself. He had gained one off an uchiha anbu from what he could tell and yet, this one was not like the two the man had. It was just a one tomoe but at times he dreamed of the Uchiha coming back for it. Now there was someone so callously selling one? He had to either be foolish, prideful or strong. Only people with those qualities would leave this information out there. Of all things it wasn't a private transaction but a free for all. Largest or first bidder wins. If this got back to the ANBU...he was curios about this himself though. Then there was that snake woman. Did she have any connection to all this? Such a risk to do all this. So naturally he had to go and see for himself.

It took him half a day just to get a lead on the location. It appeared either interested individuals or the village were clearly attempting to remove the temptation from others. Everything related to the sale was being torn down and yet still passed around. Word spreading like an inferno. A sinking ship over one eye. However Ryu didn't waste that time tapping his foot. Instead he had wrapped a cloth around his face and set to work on a fresh brew. A delicious hand crafted sake. He was a Myugan after all and this was his civilian craft. His gang activities not really being his public face though most anyone in the slums would point him out for a coin. Still he crafted it himself and placed it in coconut flasks with a stopper top. Two of them. Along with two sake saucers. He wanted to go and see this salesman for himself. Perhaps warn him of his two greatest dangers. He wasn't certain transfer of that type of property was even a crime. However the two he wanted to talk to this individual about were fairly personal about it.

Ryu would finish and clean up before getting dressed in baggy purple robes. His long black hair no longer dyed. He would take it out of the pony tail he wore while working and let it fall freely around himself. Stepping into some padded sandals strapped tightly to his feet. the two gourds he tied together and slung over his right shoulder. His kunai under his left upper arm and his dagger inside of the chest of his robes. Lastly he placed a dark robe over it and finally the two saucers in a waist pouch. He looked like an unarmed merchant perhaps. Still a dark eye patch with a jackal symbol on it covered his right eye while his left eye seemed to almost shine blue. He had just finished getting ready when he got the news. Quietly he took a pack of smokes and a lighter before pocketing them and stepping out the door. It was about another half a days walk and night had fallen when he arrived at the location his information had given him. His eye almost shining in the setting suns light. Idly he rapped his knuckles on the stone wall before calling out.

"Ahoy, there be a merchant here? Perhaps one in the mood for a cool drink?"



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