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I'm new here. Did some RPG's before, mostly got a Developer rank for creating and inventing new things, places, characters, systems etcetera.

Kind of confused with what time this is. Note that I've obviously read the Sagaverse timeline thingy, but still confused since I read about the past Raikages for example and there've been 18 or something.

What is the most recent canon event and how much time has that been? That way I can base my character more appopriate. Like: did everything happen that happened in Shippuuden?

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Hello Hadeosuke!

Welcome to Saga. It's nice to see a new face and I hope you enjoy your time here. Any questions that you have can be answered by myself or any other member of staff. We have the chat box available on the forum itself as well as our Discord channel.

As far as canon goes, canon characters etc. are not permitted to be included in character apps, threads or the like. For reference however, the Saga timeline occurs roughly 100 years post Naruto.

Looking forward to seeing you around the site!


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Meaning that the whole Kaguya stuff and all DID happen?

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