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The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku) Eye_of_horus_wallpaper_by_padguy-d36wulc

The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku) FAHfQ33
Clan Name: The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku)
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Genjutsu (幻術)
Elements: Yin Release (陰遁)

The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku) HhU72Pp
Clan History: The Hizoshige Ichizoku has been a vague clan ever since its existence. Members of this clan have climbed to positions of high power and responsibility because of their strength. No one really knows much about this clan nor is it spoken of. Few of old age can tell you what they are capable of however, and that they are to be feared.

In the clan's history it is a fact that most of the members have been excelling in genjutsu but also in taijutsu. Not because they are born with the talent of good taijutsu: they lack the ability of being able to use ninjutsu from birth. Where a normal shinobi is able to perform the most easy and standard ninjutsu the members of the Hizoshige clan will fail at first. Only through hard work they are able to use ninjutsu but the members prefer taijutsu because it is easier to master it unlike ninjutsu.
Members: N/A

The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku) Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Eye of Imagination / Sōzō no Me (想像の目)
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Eye of Imagination is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Hizoshige clan. While there are various manifestations and purposes of the ability, the better known one is to, through eye contact, suggest thoughts and actions to a target, coercing them to divulge information or act in a particular way, potentially without the target's awareness. The Eye of Imagination's powers are often underestimated being simply genjutsu. However, for the victim the jutsu is very hard to realize of being in effect. Reality and illusion are parallel to eachother and might (when the user and his eye are at full power) cause physical injury. They are able to send signals to the victim's brain that when they are taking damage in the illusion the victim's brain processes it as being that real that the user will inflict the damage upon himself in realtime. Chakra has and can be used for enhancing punching strength or even adding sharpness to an attack: when in illusion the victim gets his ribs pummeled his/her brain will unconsciously use chakra to pressurize the area where the damage is taking place thus actually dealing damage.

Out of simple movements like unusually moving a sword etcetera the Eye of Imagination allows the user after visual contact with the victim to hallucinate and cause them to see different movements when a sword etcetera is being used. For example, there will be a distance between what the victim sees as location for the weapon to land and where it will actually strike the target.
Drawbacks: While being gifted with the Eye of Imagination, the Hizoshige clan's bloodline does not come with any other talents at birth. There is only a slight potential for a clans member to shape chakra and nature in order to use ninjutsu hence in history the clan has also been famous for excellent taijutsu through sheer hard work.

Ninjutsu is unavailable at E and D rank and is unable to surpass A rank.
Chakra costs for Ninjutsu are scaled 1.5 meaning they use more chakra to perform ninjutsu.

2The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku) Empty Re: The Hizoshige Clan (Hizoshige Ichizoku) on Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:38 am



This clan is extremely vague and ambiguous in its effects, limits, and mechanisms. Dojutsu clans are held to a higher standard than regular clans, as well, so this will need to be substantially fleshed out. Beyond that, manipulating people with the power of suggestion is a gray area that overlaps with controlling other players, which is against the rules, so that will need to be changed.


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