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~T'wasn't the mere two on the ridge on high, the lightning-like wires coursing through the forest would hum and spark as the reinforced wired would be avoided by the Sanin with ease as he sleuthed through the forest none the wiser to his presence until patrols could be seen up the hill. Each Snipers bearing down on the valley beneath them with keen eyes. With skill and finesse the men under the will of Bao watched with a keen eye as a man crept up behind them silent as the grave, catching the two of them off their guard. The time that navigating the wires and making his way from the initial perch they had been at, making his way down and around to the snipers' ground would have taken some time should he be attempting to remain silent the entire way and be undetected. Knives whipping out would strike two of them true, however, it was not just two men who were up upon the ridge, a second squad were sent up there, and were not far from his position. Not hearing the cries, but the wet patter on stone from a high pressure wound as well as the violent thud of the bodies hitting the ground was enough to arouse suspicion. The ninja had 'momsnet' to react to the other two men around as they would begin to move to his position, the clock was on... there was little time. Then there were the five more positioned on the ridge to keep watch at their backs, should these two be alerted Sero may be in trouble. Though Sero was in stealth, just as they began to react, there would be the activation of a massive Hyouton technique in the center of the area...


~The mission in would have been harder for Nozomi, moving past the patrols to get to the first location, though, by the time she had arrived at the apt location, Ayakashi would have been working on thinning their number, covering her with arrows from affar as with her sensory ability she would be working on clearing the streets of as many people as she could without allowing an alarm to trigger, but it was all precious moments, and little else. Once the trap was sprung, Ayakashi knew that all hell was going to break loose, though, the hostages on the other-hand were another matter altogether. Bao would know that the use of hostages was psychological at best, it was an attempt to get Ayakashi to hold back and not use her full fury, or lure her into hesitation or perhaps even trading them for herself in one way or another. Many of these systems would work against a Kage... were they not the village hidden in the mist. As Nozomi made her way to the first Hostage outpost, the chuunin in the room looked worried, outclassed and out-gunned.

Whipping out serpents tongue from a hidden angle across the room was a bold move, shoving the window open she would whip out the weapon, catching three heads in her initial attack, scoring another in the eye as those nearer the back of the room compared to her would raise their weapons in defense of themselves while one of the nearer ones would act with a dodge reflex, ducking and tilting his head to the side as the blade went overhead. One of the chuunin, braver than the others, although bound was needed to be walked to this location. From kneeling position she would spin out with a leg, slamming it into the ham-strings of a captor and tripping him as the other two still remained standing. Time would seem to slow as the chuunin belonging to the one who ducked promptly had his throat slit with the Wakizashi as the rogue would draw a Katana, enchanting its blade with an A rannk katon technique as he would charge directly for the entrant with a flurry of strikes for the chest, hoping to give the other assassins the chance needed to begin slaughtering their hostages...

But the rebellion had not ended there, though they were but chuunin, the three who had belonged to the dead guards, quickly armed themselves with the weapons of their captors, cutting their bonds free as one went for a high ranking crossbow and the other a blade as he would attempt to charge one of the jounin fighters, the other arming a bolt and taking aim from afar as the third struggled in panic, unable to free themselves so quickly due to being far greener than the others in the room and overcome with the sudden swathe of action... It was then a boom rocked the area as the sound of whipping tendrils rang out over the area. Ayakashi had begun her distraction.


~The men would drop two by two, the mist, the mat black arrows of the Aisu, the sensory technique active from her mask and her stealth technique would mesh together in such a way that she would be lethal. Within moments more than a dozen men were down and the street presence had thinned enough that she wasn't worried about what was at her back any longer. As Ayakashi entered the center of the area and released a high magnatude blast, severing hundreds of the tightly woven wires from a single direction, the whiplash that resounded around the area as wires severed trees, the sides of buildings even a couple more of the wandering men would leave the spider-web crippled in comparison to what it once was, though far from unusable... Bao within moments would feel the disturbance and see the chakra, swearing loudly before diving to the ground to meet Ayakashi listening to the venomous words and seething under them as her teeth would grit and her hands would shake.

"I don't need Yun to destroy you Ayakashi, you're in my world now, there's nothing you can do to escape. Your pesky technique has broken a couple of my wires, but my men lay in wait for you. You're outnumbered and outmatched Ayakashi! Men! Ready!" The command would ring aloud and every available soldier not on the ledge and not with a hostage would move to surround the mizukage in a show of force. Though there of course would be vastly fewer than she would have hoped. Just shy of thirty showing up to the party rather than the near fifty she had hoped there to be. Anger flushing her face as she would let out a cry in anger. "Damnit, I still have enough men, ATTACK! BRING ME HER **** HEAD!!!"

The men would activate a myriad of techniques. Katon bukijutsu skills. Shadow-clones. Shadow shurikens, great fireballs and more as they all centered around Ayakashi with an attempted devastating assault. Others that were more defensive activated basic barrier techniques and substitutions. While they began to act, Bao began to throw her spinners around, curving and looping them in an attempt to close the gaps and begin to collect the loose ends and tie them together and tie them off in some areas simply so she could re-tighten and thus, re-weaponize the web.


Ayakashi had expected the call to arms, but the A rank ninja around her were something that she hadn't thought that she would have to handle for a little bit yet. There was a couple of things that she was able to do. Moving into her Sage mode: Nature form, she would begin to glow green as the men would activate a myriad of techniques. Katon bukijutsu skills. Shadow-clones. Shadow shurikens great fireballs and more as they all centered around Ayakashi with an attempted devastating assault. Others that were more defensive activated basic barrier techniques and substitutions... Each of them powerful, and none of them Ayakashi saw as a direct threat to her or her safety. With a single show of force, Ayakashi found herself channeling senjutsu chakra into her fist as well as the normal amount of hyouton that she would for this technique as she slammed it into the ground with incredible force as well as the vastly slower basic shockwave from her not holding back a single iota of her strength from the blow in the open courtyard.

With her technique interacting as a rank higher against fire and N/A techniques, those who relied on their A rank defenses were instantly frozen from the might of the wave, those who had attacked simultaneously without preparing a means to move as they had surrounded her at 20 meters and Ayakashi had made her move simultaneously to their own, would find themselves equally Popsicles. The katon techniques were instantly extinguished from the SS rank ice, while the physical projectiles passed through, being frozen solid yet still in motion... until they made contact with the shock-wave... shattering into a frozen dust which caught the rush of wind and scattered, totally nullified by the mix of the concussive force and the etheric wave of total iceolation. Within a moment thirty men who had been told to attack in anger had become a poultry dozen as those who had prepared or managed to activate escapes like their substitutions and body flickers barely in the nick of time would be the only ones who survived the ice like pulse... The kinetic wave as it made contact with any of the frozen men would shatter them into fragments as the survivors looked on.

"I don't think you understand Bao... you and your men... I'm a GOD compared to you all. Each and every one of you are a slagged blade compared to me. Unforged, unworthy, useless. You're a doll, and you'll never be anything other than a doll..."


-40 charkra = 320

Name: Senjutsu Conversion Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Senjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cool-down: 2
Description: (costs -10 chakra.)
Not a technique but rather the process of incorporating the unique Senjutsu nature chakra into a technique which does not include it during its inception. Through the user being in Sage mode, with expert control they infuse a technique with nature chakra granting it all the benefits of being a Senjutsu technique but increasing its cool-down by +1. While this technique is not as efficient as creating specific senjutsu techniques due to its higher chakra cost, it is useful in a pinch. (The chakra cost of this jutsu 'is' the increased chakra cost of a Senjutsu technique)

Name: Fist of the Yukki-Oni
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Ice
Range: 40 meter
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 10 posts
Description: A massive sum of Hyoton & Demon ice power is stored in the right arm of the user and is driven into the ground with colossal force, capable of creating a five meter radius crater as the energy is released. The result is a ripple which blasts out as a dome-like a sound wave, capable freezing every living thing within the radius for 3 turns, during which those frozen are prone to shattering, but are very much alive and preserved.

Name: Art of Reckless Release
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive / Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 15m // 20m
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Passive
Cool-down: N/A
[removes -10 chakra permanently]
With extra-ordinary power, comes the necessity to hold back ones strength, but that in turn allows it to be released to devastating effect. Aya, in earnest, holds back her abilities in order to not cause gigantic collateral damage to the world around her... but sometimes, against the most dangerous opponents, to hold back even a little is to invite death... this technique, is the release of those safe-guards, as aya cuts lose and disregards her surroundings with reckless abandon. Aya's punches, kicks, accelerated movement and other actions begin to have a colossal impact on the world around her, creating shock-waves, extending the range of her basic attacks and leaving ruin in wake of her movement. The waves travel at 25mp/s and can emanate from herself with a 15m radius, or 20m projection in a single direction, more than capable of ripping up the earth, creating craters, shattering trees, warping steel, breaking bones and throwing ninja great distances.

These shock-waves interact as basic attacks with anything they would come into contact with, such as jutsu / items etc.


~ Jutsu List ~ Aya's Stats ~ Item Lockup ~ Jutsu Rej ~
Theme Song
Taijutsu SS-Bukijutsu SS-Senjutsu S || Fuuton SS-Suiton SS-Hyouton SS

EP: 5



Sero would look up as movement caught his attention some meters further up the hill. His eyes snapping around to locate the disturbance even as the bodies fell. There were more out and about. First his attention was drawn to the ridge. Five still lined up there. Ready to snipe down upon the heads of anyone in the village. Not a great deal for his allies below. He would certainly need to deal with them. For now though as the bodies hit ground he noted the steps of two sets of boots rushing towards him. Almost annoyed with the distraction from what was going to become an obvious problem he shifted straight up. Careful not to disturb the tree as he shot straight up it to place his feet on a thicker branch. Already unloading the spool of wire from around his arm. He needed to deal with them quickly but now they were alerted to his presence. So in silence he tied a noose around one end and attached the other end to his left wrist. Gripping it in his hand. He was prepared for two more enemies that hadn't located him as of yet. His two blades still left in the dead men.

Still the other two arrived. Slowing on their approach as they noted their dead comrades bleeding out onto the ground. Not a twitch of life still in them. They glanced at each other before one raised his crossbow and began to look about them. Covering them while the other shifted forward. Wary eyes out for any sign of disturbance as they decided to move towards their comrades. If they could figure out what had killed them they might have a chance at fighting it. Still even as they knelt down to turn the bodies over it was too late. A thin wire dropped from above over the head of the one covering them and then tightened rapidly. With that Done Sero jumped off the branch and held onto the wire as it dug into his anbu forearm guard. Yanking the man he had caught on the other end straight up as he drew his katana. Slicing through the neck of the man as he slid passed him. The wire yanking the wound open more to splash blood across the ground. It drew the attention of the other just before the first hit the branch and snapped his neck. Stopping Sero mid fall and forcing him into a swing. As the other went for his crossbow it was already too late. A Katana tip was driven into his chest as he was slammed with Sero's body weight into a tree.

Sero would finally Glance back to the village. Beneath there was activity but almost as soon as he finished with the two a Hyoton technique ripped through somewhere near the center of the village. Destroying wires he had to navigate through before at the source and creating an uproar. His hand released the wire letting the other body drop audibly to the ground in a crumpled heap as he pulled his katana free. Setting about collecting his weapons and all four crossbow quickly. He only had a moment before the wires were back up to clear some ground. So he did so. Two crossbows in hand and two hanging from his belt. Moving low and quiet but in bursts of amazing speed from tree to tree. Sliding up the hill as he made his way. The snipers were lining up shots on his allies below but he was within range now. He only had a moment to handle them so he prepared his mind. Calm and collected. Take aim and control your breathing. Those were practiced words in his mind. He was a calm and dangerous thing in the woods. In silence Sero would raise both crossbows and aim at the two already drawing back bow strings. Releasing the triggers on the exhale.

Two bolts flew through the air but Sero was already moving. Having let the two he fired drop as he stepped and was ten meters to the right. Another step carried him another ten meters further right and up the hill. By then the two bolts hit home. One in the eye of the first and the next in the throat. Letting him gurgle as his friend and himself dropped. Now the other three were alerted they were under attack. Turning to look for where the attack had come from. However Sero was already a good distance closer with two more crossbows raised and his back to a tree. He would take in another breath and slide around the tree. Taking aim as they hadn't shifted position yet and firing. Two more taking bolts to the chest before Sero dropped the crossbows and faded into his cloak again. Now it was just the one man with his allies dead around him. A monster floating somewhere around him that he couldn't detect. He could feel him though. He could feel the beast hunting him in the woods. Feel the hunger and rage building as it waited for his mind to fail. For his calm to fade and for him to turn to madness. Whoever was controlling them anyway. They were urged to take on this new challenge now. To turn their attention to the hills should this new enemy prove to be something they could not pray to fight.

Sero had moved around behind the one man at this point. His sage mode reaching out. Feeling for hidden enemies and traps for the moment. A lone sniper was no danger to the people below if he was facing Sero. If they turned their attention back to the village even for a moment it meant death. Their breathing was ragged as their eyes raced around them for the source of this maddening sensation. Like there was teeth just brushing the back of their neck. Somewhere in these woods was something less than human and it was hunting him. He couldn't do his job and let an arrow fly towards Ayakashi or Nozomi or the hostages simply because if he tried he knew he would die. His only hope was locating this thing he already knew he couldn't defeat. Sweat had begun to bead on his face as he was on the verge of hyperventilating. All the while Sero was simply watching from within his cloak with the eyes of the grave. Feeling out for more of the enemies allies in the hills. His objective the only thing on his mind.




Missions:| D: 2 | C: 0 | B: 3 | A: 3| S: 2 | SS: 0
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Elements: Katon S -Suiton S - Boil S



From the original, doesn't need to be altered up to a certain point:
Nozomi's mouth lifted slightly as Ayakashi's response came through to her. It seemed she was fine with Nozomi's plan of letting the shinobi make their own paths to freedom once they were freed. It was a good thing that the Mizukage agreed, since Nozomi hadn't planned on being their guardian in the first place. Her number one priority was freeing the hostages, not keeping them safe. After that, she'd be working on taking down the remainder of the enemy, not playing the role of protector. Not today. A large force of Special Jounin, Chuunin, and Jounin would be able to take care of themselves, and if they chose to stay and fight, that was their issue. Her recommendation would be for them to leave so as to not give up their lives. After all, this was partially a rescue mission, and if those she was sent to rescue died, then it would be pointless. Otherwise, they would have been better suited to draw out the enemy and change their venue. That being said, if they chose to stay and fight, then it would be their choice.

Still, Ayakashi's response helped give Nozomi a little bit more trust in the Mizukage. She was concerned with the lives of her subordinates after all. If she hadn't been, and was goal oriented on just removing the assassin from her mortal coils, then she would have abandoned the hostages to death, or just gone in with a blaze of chakra, leveling the place with little regard for the lives of those beneath her. But instead, she planned on being the distraction so that Nozomi could free the hostages. Still, that didn't mean that the Hunter-nin Captain fully trusted the Mizukage again. There was definitely work to do for that to happen once more.

Before she could leave, Sero held Nozomi back for a moment. She agreed with him and nodded. "Besides, if they won't be able to sense you, I won't be able to either. And I think it's all too convenient that only one escaped as well. It's obvious this is all a trap, but we all knew that, we're just springing it. Don't worry about it, I'm a lot stronger than people give me credit for." A small wink came from her mask, the lightly glowing eye behind it blinking out in verification. She would be strong enough to assist Ayakashi and spring her out of any situation she found herself in. "Besides, I don't expect they'll be able to sense me either. This shouldn't take too long for me to do." she said, activating the Camelio suit's camouflage ability. She had no doubt Sero would be able to make out the vague pattern of the camouflage, but it hadn't been something she'd been able to see through herself when she'd fought Syn, having to rely on other senses. And her ANBU armor protected her from sensory jutsu as well.

With that, Sero disappeared from sight, and Nozomi put him out of her mind, making her own way to the small village. She didn't run into any of the snipers in the wood lines, which was unfortunate, but also not her mission at the moment. Under her watchful eye, she navigated silently through the wire-ridden streets, keeping an ear out for any sort of indication where the hostages were being held. Peering through a window of one of the buildings, she finally found a group. Unfortunately, from the looks, they were under a heavy guard, each with weapons pointed towards their captives. Nozomi recognized a couple of the men held hostage. They had been genin when she'd seen them last at the training grounds. Darn. These were the chuunin, 6 of them. 1 for each guard. A quick mental calculation and Nozomi figured they had split the hostages into 5 groups, probably this group of 6 Chuunin, 2 groups of 6 Special Jounin and 1 group of 5 Special Jounin, leaving 1 group of 6 Jounin.

Luckily for her though, all of the Kiri-nin had their hands bound and mouths gagged, on their knees. The guards were all above them, standing behind them with weapons pointed at their back to execute their captives should anyone enter, which was good for her. And none of them saw her in the window, her camouflage working perfectly. Good.

As the Chuunin started to free themselves, Nozomi found that she had one of the guards to deal with on her own. She'd been able to kill off 3 of the enemy with her initial strike, scoring one of them in the eye as well. One of them regrettably was able to dodge and kill the chuunin he had been guarding, and Nozomi was left to deal with the one she'd gashed in the eye. The Chuunin were doing better than she had expected, managing to actually fight back while rounded up. 5 Chuunin vs 1 unharmed Jounin level fighter, and 1 prone Jounin level fighter would be fine for the moment while Nozomi dealt with the assassin who came at her.

She'd scored quite the hit on him, blood dripping and messing with his sight. Mixxed with her Camelio Suit's camouflage, and the lack of his usual sight, she would be hard to detect, but he was swinging wide for anything to connect. Nozomi dodged from side to side, pulling the Serpent's Tongue back into its sword mode, she let the returning whip slide through his body, attacking from behind.

Kicking off as fast as she could, Nozomi launched forward, towards the uninjured opponent, her Camelio suit finally deactivating as she entered the building. Perhaps the sight of the Hunter-nin Captain would serve as a further rallying point for the Chuunin. Her blade clashed against the blade of the assassin's Wakizashi, but nothing akin to fear or surprise registered on the man's face, almost emotionless. Nozomi's mask only returned the same blank stare, although behind it, she seethed with anger. This man had just killed one of her own.

The man's blade became surrounded by an ever swirling blade of water, acting like a buzz saw on his sword. The major problem was that against most weapons, this may have proven enough to break it, but Nozomi's blade wasn't a normal weapon. Still, the buzzing blade of water was forcing her blade to slide around, and so she lashed out with a kick, launching the assassin backwards. His wakizashi went flying out of his hands, and Nozomi's blade had launched forward, engaging its whip mode in order to extend her reach without following him. The blades slipped through his armor, catching slightly as it was quite potent armor, and then yanked back through, turning back into a sword.

Her eyes scanned over as the other Chuunin had engaged into battle with the prone soldier. Even the Chuunin of Kirigakure were a cut above the rest. They had made short work of him, engaging him with superior numbers and not allowing him to get up. Smashing her foot down on his neck, she felt the man's wind pipe crush beneath her, and she allowed them to finish freeing themselves. Ayakashi had already begun her own fight, and she was sure the other hostages had begun their own rebellions. The Jounin of Kirigakure weren't simply the type to let themselves be captured without a fight. Splitting them up had been the dumbest thing they could do.

"Go find the others, but be careful for snipers. Assist where you can. I'll work on freeing one more group of Jounin, and then you'll have to fend for yourselves." she said, as the Chuunin armed themselves with the weapons of the soldiers. They had lost one of their group, but casualties couldn't be avoided fully, unfortunately.

Born-ill: 1/8

Item Used:

Name: Camelio
Type of Armor: upper body light armour
Rank: A
Elemental Alignment: -
Quantity: 1
Protection: Light armor can block all basic attacks (kunai, swords, punches) and make them negligible if they are 3 ranks lower than the armor. Basic attacks of one rank higher or below do 1 rank less in damage. Any strikes of 2 ranks or higher bypass the armor entirely. It protects Syn's torso and arms only.
Camouflage: The camelio armour has a superficial layer which contains pigments, merged above guanine crystals. The armour can then adjust it's color by changing the space between the guanine crystals, which changes the wavelength of light reflected off the crystals which changes the color of the armour and rendering the wearer invisible to anyone without at least S in perception. A rank sensory or dojutsu can detect the user.
The armour's original colour is black and despite the fact that it's worn underneath normal clothing, it's ability still woks, encompasing the whole of the wearer's body. It might appear to be an overall but it's protective functions only cover the torso and arms.
History:This armour was made by one of Takigakure's finest scientist and it happened to have been stolen and put on the black market. Being the highest bidder, Syn purchased this item at the venue. Nozomi has since relieved Syn of ownership.
Name: Serpents Tongue
Type Of Weapon: Whip-Blade (Onojutsu)
Rank: S (Legendary)
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Ability/Function: Serpents Tongue is unlike any weapon ever seen before, able to retract to become a model short sword, or extend on a chain to have its individual segments become a bladed whip. The blood whip, through taking a sample of its wielders vitae (causing -1 to reaction speed during the turn it is drawn each thread) is able to operate in tandem with the user's mind, allowing the user to control the whips movements mentally at the cost of -5 chakra per turn while it is fluid. while the whip is fluid like this, it is exceedingly hard to track with the naked eye, users without ace eye react as if they have one tier slower reaction time from attacks from this weapon when in whip mode.

Though should the wielder have S rank Bukijutsu (Kyujutsu) The whip is not restricted by the length of the chain which connects each of the individual bladed butterfly like segments. For -25 chakra, each of the 20 2" wide segments can be removed from the blade and shot at a speed of 60mp/s toward a single or multiple targets in a straight line within 30m before curving and returning to their respective places on the chain at the same speed.

The blade of the weapon is sharp enough to easily penetrate through full ninja, be it in sword, whip, or projectile form.
Appearance: The sword whip at its shortest length when retracted is a gladius like 2' long short sword which has many separate chitin like sections. Though fully extended the blade is over three meters in length. The steel which the weapon is made of is silver in colour with a red wound hilt.
History: Serpents tongue belonged to an old man who in his old age as a ninja retired in an old house by the old sea which was often a landing ground for old pirates. The old man would offer his home to the scally-wags so long as they never bought him harm nor harm any of his family... In return, he would provide them food, shelter, a place to port and sleep so long as they showed him some respect. The deal was honored for many a year until the old man's granddaughter came to visit him...

The pirates docked the day she was collecting shells, and seeing the beautiful maiden fair, the murderous scum thought her acquirable by force... The old man, having not seen her for a time, took out to looking for the girl to no avail, only finding a small pile of sea shells and an old snake fang necklace which he had given her many a year ago.

On returning to his home, the Pirates had shacked up as per usual, hungry and in want of shelter and service, to which the man protested for a moment before thinking, and asking of if they had seen a girl upon the beach, and that if they had, she was family, and under protection of their agreement. The Pirates, who, at sea had mutinied their old captain, decided this agreement had suddenly become more trouble than it was worth, and gleefully spoke of his Granddaughters falsified death, and boasted about the old ninja's helplessness...

It was within a moment, the new captains head was severed, as well as the men of his crew by the lightning quick sting of Serpents Tongue and he moved to take his vengeance. Boarding their ship to see her unconscious body lying cloth-less on the deck. Rage overcame the aged ninja, as one by one he slew each and every member of the ships crew until a single explosion rang aloud, and a wound appeared on the old man's heart. A pistol round penetrating his heart... With a final cry the ninja slew the pirate as the poisoned round tainted his vengeful chakra, and spilt into the whip like blade as his granddaughter awoke, and ran to her grandfather's aid, though he perished, she buried him, and returned to kiri with his blade, and honouring his memory with declaring it the Seventh legendary weapon of the mist


[D Rank] 2 | [C Rank] 0 | [B Rank] 4 | [A Rank] 1 | [S Rank] 1 | [SS Rank] 0




The attack was more or less a success, those he had attack gargles and died while the two men that had come to save them were killed with a level of expert finesse that was seldom seen in the ninja world. However, as the second to die was slammed into a tree it would almost assuredly attract the attention of others... that was, had Ayakashi's attack in the center not immediately pulled the attention of everyone for miles.  Next, the first volley of crossbow bolts left the men that Sero had attacked dead or dying, however, the 5 that had remained in reserve to protect their men were upon the last member faster than many would have expected, weapons drawn while two of them had prepared offensive jutsu to guard them. Sero's speed was considerable, and his aim precise, but the crossbows he was wielding were not quite to the standard of his own ninja skills. The two taken by surprise had fallen, but the second 2 of the snipers, one managed to move slightly, taking a gauge to the side of the neck with his reaction speed, one that began to bleed profusely and openly, the other however with a bolt travelling for his eye, saw the gleam of the weapon and managed to skillfully maneuver to a side.

None of them however had a hope of finding sero while he was cloaked, they were on high alert, and were only able to see Ayakashi fighting their boss in the middle. With the 5 guardians, one now attempting to give first aid to his bleeding companion looking over the two snipers, clustered into a small phalanx of men, they hoped to be able to take on what came at them next. Knocking new bolts for Ayakashi and firing.

The revolution had begun, the chuunin, though having taken a couple of bruises in the struggle had armed themselves with the weapons of the guards and begun on their quest to free the others. The distraction from the blast of Hyouton in the middle, as well as the battle that almost destroyed the shack they were held up in resounded across the battlefield, leading to the jounin and special jounin groups to attempt revolts of their own. While they were unarmed, they still had the use of their chakra. Many of them activating defensive abilities with what hand-signs they could muster with their hands bound behind their backs. However, with a mix of raiton pulses and one building simply exploding from being filled with too much water, many of them seemed to have gone well for the most part, Kirigakure Jounin were more than capable of snapping their retraints with their own strength, while Special Jounin had jutsu that would allow them to do the same. Many activating the water whip technique as they would hope to fight back against their attackers.

However, one of the battles was immediately seen not to have gone well at all. A special Jounin and a Chuunin were in the process of almsot being cut down by three attackers, although reinforcement chuunin were on the way. In an even battle, it was to be a slaughter. It seemed that not all the uprisings had gone well. In this case, A Chuunin attempting to trip a captor had failed, leading to him being stabbed through the chest, the special jounin had shot a fireball at another of the Jounin, to moderate success while the remainder killed a special Jounin before he was able to act. They were down men and those standing were without weapons and in the small ensuing brawl already wounded... They wouldn't hold out for long.

The attack was devastating to the central troops, a vast sum of the enemy being destroyed save for a few that had managed to activate their substitution techniques within the nick of time. Ayakashi stood in the diamond remains as Bao Sanniang had managed to recreate an albiet smaller web of wires around her int he central Plaza. Ayakashi was cut off it seemed from the fight, A rank Raiton would enhance the wires, knowing that her opponent would likely not be able to escape them without a dedication in chakra that would ultimately defeat the point of escaping entirely. Ayakashi would likely have to rely on her companions this time around. Bao, however, smiling like a great white shark bearing her fangs like a maw of pearled moons knew that she had the Mizukage in her trap. And now, with the cat in the cradle and the fly in the trap...


With a single motion she'd flick a finger, the tight webs that had been boomeranged around the area only to return to her, looped with another string before being cast again created hypertension so tight that with even the lightest brush of her finger one line of her scalpel sharp thread would cut free from its position, causing it to whip across the arena in a horizontal lash as the cats cradle would re-balance itself. Yet Bao would hurl another of her threaded shurikens and tie it to recreate the effect. Pulled string after pulled string as grids and patterns of two and three wires in crosses exes and more would be aimed at Ayakashi with no regard to whether or not her men in the middle were killed or not... they had serverd their purpose. The trap was set. It was time to spring it!


Ayakashi could not help but scowl under her mask, she knew what she had to do, she had to hold Bao in this position for a while, but, she didn't think that Bao would have managed to rebuild her trap a second time. It was on a smaller scale, but it was by no means any more or less deadly. Aya would watch as the first line that whistled across the plane, hitting two of Bao's men in the mid-section and cutting through them like they were nothing. Ayakashi knew from past experience what Bao wanted to do was to push Ayakashi into blocking with one of her weapons... Aya remembers struggling to hold back one wire as another came from behind, then another, then another. Eventually, even Ayakashi's outstanding strength could not work against a collective force capable of crushing coal into diamond.

Taking a quick running step she would slide, hoping to move off-center so that one side of the wires would have to travel further than the others, giving her a little more warning and allowing her a better chance to react from one side. Rolling out and raising to her feet, Aya would find a cross of wires moving in her direction. Performing a quick Aereal cartwheel, Aya, proving her state of kinesthetic awareness would veer to a side, her legs barely managing to avoid the laser like wires before pivoting and diving backwards, planting a hand on the ground to avoid another 'X.' Her hand on the ground she would twist, pushing off her hand to dodge a passado of other wires, making a quick dash along the ground as more and more would begin to assault her. As the grids would speed up, Ayakashi would have to incorporate her blade into the dodges for the more complicated grids, blocking and rolling past the wires before they had the chance to knock her around, using surface tension to her advantage and breaking over the wires like she was made of water. Finally, pulling out one of her kunai and hurling it for Bao with harrowing speed, the kunai almost creating a sonic boom as it flew... yet it seemed Bao was ready for it, with a quick motion she lowered a portion of her grid cutting the Kunai into pieces.


Bao had the advantage, Aykashi knew it, in the brief moment she had she would look outside of her situation to the two outside of the net. Hopefully each of them were doing their job, thankfully she did, as moments after an arrow would cascade down from the ridge, attempting to hit her in the chest. Pulling back one shoulder and moving side-ways she would avoid it by the skin of her teeth... What the hell was sero doing!? those snipers needed to be dealt with by now. Ayakashi had just assumed he would get into position and bomb the place with an acid mist, though it seemed that he was being a little more tactical about this whole thing. Which was fair enough. When it came to nozomi however, it seemed that the battle around them had began to heat up a bit. Each of the captured people were in full revolt, and Bao's men were thinning out by the second, not that they seemed to mind. But, ayakashi's introspection was cut short by another flying guillotine at neck height to sever her head from her body. Raising her blade on a horizontal slant over her head she would keep her legs loose but make her arm rigid so that when the wire hit her blade it would knock her down, not bend the wire back. Ducking under, ayakashi needed to fix this, if the others couldn't get to her in time...

She needed to get herself out.


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