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Clan Name: Akui
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Follows as described in the three paths of this clan.
Elements: kūkyoton (Void Release)

Clan History: Akui Clan was founded in a cruel twist of fate, a punishment given by Asura to a young Sage. This young Shinobi was a powerful Sage, however in his duel with Asura his Natural Chakra energies were overwhelmed and despite his valiant effort to stop the darkness that was encroaching upon the world, he was defeated. The Sage lay upon the hot sands of Wind Country, he could feel his spirit slipping from his physical body as Asura approached, the Sage figured death was the only card left in his hand and braced himself for the end.

However, Asura was not fully redeveloped; his body was still rejuvenating in his weakened state Asura made a mistake. Asura looked upon the dying man and only saw a corpse, in a vain attempt to twist the body of the man into an undying servant Asura poured his darkened energies into the young Sage, forever tainting him. The young Sage experienced agony as his bloodline mutated, as the pure Nature Chakra was twisted and corrupted by the twisted power of Asura until only an unnatural energy remained, a complete absence of elemental influence on the chakra.

The those final moments of agony the valiant young Sage was ripped away, completely overwhelmed and destroyed by the Void that tore at his body. In his cries of terror and agony Yami was born, the first of clan Akui, the wielders of the Void.

Though wielding the element-less force was not something which came to Yami quickly, its corrosive force latching onto the life of others he came into contact with, the loss of everything, his training, his strength and potential had all but been robbed of him. He could feel the alignment-less force nullifying his convictions and slipping into emotional and physical entropy. The crippling lack of sensation overwhelmed the user slipping into madness before through his journeys he came to what he saw and perceived as the end of the world.

A wandering stranger approached, steel blue skin like the sky yet even in the deepest recessed of Yami's darkening mind the man stood out as something of interest, a spark was created as the two talked for what seemed like eons, before finally, the mysterious stranger bid him to answer a question"how was it to feel?" Yami gasped and turned to the man who was once so beside him, only to discover he was meters behind. He claimed he could end the curse cast on Yami, but could not undo the past. This was his warning, but blinded by haste Yami pleaded for his release, and for the ability to feel again...

He had no clue whom the blue skinned man was. Or what he represented.

Calling on powers of demonic chakra not too dissimilar from Asura, the mysterious stranger flowed thought, and feeling into Yami, binding him and reuniting him with the part of himself which had fallen to Naraka, returning with but a fraction of the dark place. A power which bought back and allowed him to feel the anger and pain of his past so fiercely, but also came with a gift, the closeness of the mans power, and the power Yami had inherited from Asura complimented each other. The strength from Naraka, with his returned feeling could temper the void, while the burning agony still resounding through his body gave him strength again.

Looking back to the man in anger, as he felt pain and loss once again, he looked for redemption, but the man was gone. Vanished as quickly as he had come. Fallen from one curse, and into another. The world drowns under the weight of its history, Yami, was barely treading the surface of the sea of milk.

For years Yami wandered the dunes of Wind Country, the excess Void energy corrupting the chakra of those he came into contact with. As Yami wandered he was continuously tortured by the fractured memories of the final moments of the man he once was. Slowly Yami pieced together what had occurred to the man that he once was, the agony and pure destructive power of Asura who had now been allowed to roam the lands unchecked. Now armed with his memories, the unstoppable force of the Void, and those who had befallen the same curse he has Yami has set forth in an attempt to destroy the Three Eyed Demon, Asura and all in his likeness.
Members: Asura 'Akui'

Kekkei Genkai Name: Void Control
Kekkei Genkai Description: Because of the lack of any Elemental influence on their chakra to help keep the flow of chakra regulated, Akui Clan members had an extremely chaotic chakra flow. However, Yami struck a deal with Mara, in turn for Clan Akui acting as agents of Naraka he would grant them the ability to manipulate its otherworldly energies and regulate their chakra systems. With this deal stricken, Akui Clan members gained the ability to draw from Naraka’s infinite and terrible power. Armed with this new and tantalizing ability Akui Clan sets forward to balance the scales of Karma and to gain vengeance upon the Three Eyed Demon Clan, Amida.

All members of Akui clan lack Elements and cannot train in them, to make up for this they pull RAW energy from Naraka to allow them to perform jutsu. This technique is called Void Control, Void Control begins at B rank and has a 30% word count increase to rank it up.

At the birth of an Akui clansmen, the void chakra inside them manifests into one of the three branches of the clan, giving them the advantages and disadvantages native to that branch.

Path of Delirium: [Genjutsu & Iryoninjutsu (Medical ninjutsu]

Akui that follow the Path of Delirium are naturally skilled with Genjutsu and offensive medical ninjutsu, and find their talent enhanced by the void chakra that flows through them. Allowing them to place intense hallucinations in the minds of their victims. These Akui are renowned for their skill in terrifying and realistic genjutsu, mostly deriving from their chakra’s inherent destructive tendencies. Allowing them to cast genjutsu one rank above what they would otherwise be able to and requiring that all sources trying to dispel genjutsu cast by this Akui to be one rank higher than the jutsu.

The offensive medical techniques they employ usually revolves around brain chemical manipulation, to temporarily impart devastating mental effects to their targets, such as a phobia of a certain element or being, mental hallucinations and the like. Tissue necrosis is also a favorite technique of members of this branch. Offensive medical techniques are easier to cast for these Akui, requiring 5 less chakra to activate and to maintain.

These Akui are much noticeably weaker than those of the other two branches, and experience a -1 to their strength, endurance, and speed.

Path of Desecration: [Ninjutsu & Fuinjutsu]

Akui that follow the Path of Desecration call forth terrible beings from a darker realm into reality. These darker being are known as Void Beasts, although at lower ranks the power of void summons is nothing to behold, they are rather versatile nonetheless. Although Akui of this branch are learned in the arts of fuinjutsu they generally are unable to use them outside the summoning technique. They are able to app for summons 1 rank above normal due to their control of Naraka and it’s inhabitants, they also possess a special bond with their summons which develop through the contract on a case by case basis. Akui members are able to apply for an 1 free E-rank passive which expands on the bond between summoner and summon. Some examples include sensory exchange, telepathetic command, etc...

Void beasts tend to take the forms of monstrous, almost mythical creatures. Dark variations of many earthly species. They always appear in dark color schemes, or show signs of necrosis, such as peeling skin or missing patches of fur and/or scales. Additionally they have a habit of being summoned with a white mask with red decorations, as to show their servitude. While they often appear as beasts of some sort there have been some that are eerily similar to humans. At least in terms of physiology.

However, due to their reliance on summoning, the Akui of this are less trained with their own abilities, and thus start with their primary specialization at B-rank and require an additional 15% to train all their specializations. As as technical note; their summons, because of their connection to Naraka, are only capable of techniques with no elemental affinity or are aligned with Kukyoton.

Path of Destruction: [Ninjutsu & Bukijutsu/Taijutsu]

Those born into the Path of Destruction are gifted with the more volatile energies of Naraka. They find themselves being able to create weapons from void energy or infuse them with their chaotic chakra. The nature of an Akui’s Kukuyoton naturally eats away at foreign chakra, especially elemental chakra, as such, jutsu casted by an Akui of the Path of Destruction, or items created by their chakra, interact with all elemental jutsu, including advanced elements and kekkai tota jutsu, as 1 rank higher. This includes items with an elemental affinity.

In the case they would, the maintenance value turns to ‘every other post’. Clansmen of this branch are more physically capable, due to having adapted to the violent chakra inside of them, and thus receive a 10% discount on word count and ryo cost when it comes to training their stats. However, they receive a 10% word count and ryo increase for training jutsu.

The properties of Kukyoton are naturally chaotic and, as described by clan members, hungry. Offensive jutsu with Kukyoton as the element take on a distinct black color, signifying its connection to the endless void. When Kukyoton jutsu injures a living being the void continues to eat away at them, though not in the literal meaning of the phrase. The subject will notice that their wounds will heal much slower that normal and a faint black glow around their wound, unnoticeable to most people. This phenomenon referred to as ‘Void Scars’. These weaken the strength of healing on wounds afflicted with these void scars by one rank, and they last for a period of time depending on the strength of the jutsu used to inflict them. Although these scars are technically present on every injury Kukyoton inflicts the effects aren’t noticeable at anything less than possible lethal damage. B-rank damage. The length which void scars last, start with one post and increase by one post for every rank after B-rank.


-Because of the alien nature of the Void, Akui members have trouble learning to control the very gifts they were blessed with. As such, when attempting to rank up their level of void control they experience a 30% WC increase.
-Akui clansmen have a strong affinity for the void and find it hard to understand those who aren’t part of their clan. Thus when receiving training from those not of the Akui clan for specialization training or their element they recieve an additional 10% WC increase.
-The Void has almost a carnivorous nature when it encounters a chakra of different nature inside the host, it absorbs the chakra and converts it to chaotic Void energies instantly. Because of this Akui Clan members cannot learn new Elements.
Having operated with void chakra for so long, the effects of void scars have been inflicted, on a somewhat lesser scale, on all members of Akui.
-Thus, all members must take the negative characteristic pharmacophobia. This cannot be balanced by a positive.

-All Akui suffer the drawbacks of the respective branch.



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