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D-Rank mailman

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1D-Rank mailman Empty D-Rank mailman on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:18 pm

Zeref Takamaru

Zeref Takamaru

Mission name: Mailman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver some letters.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: There are three letters that need delivered to three different people across the village; Lee, Yen, and Kei. The letters are in sealed envelopes with the name and address on each one easily readable on the front.
Mission details: Deliver the letters in any order you wish. If you open the letters you will fail the mission; and they will know they've been opened.

2D-Rank mailman Empty Re: D-Rank mailman on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:20 pm

Zeref Takamaru

Zeref Takamaru

OK kid, it is simple, take these letters to their owners unopened, and you'll get paid." The post office worker handed Zeref the three letters. "I know you are from out of town so try not to get lost. Lee works in a butcher shop in the west, Yen, works at the flower delivery a few blocks east of the butcher shop, and finally Kai works at the ice cream shop in the center of town. Think you can handle it?" Zerek took the letters and nodded. "I will have it done in no time at all." The worker nodded and gave him a smile. "Glad to hear it, if you do a good job, I'll toss a few more jobs your way." Zeref tucked the letters into his jacket and headed out of the post office to the streets of the village. 

Zeref looked around, getting his bearings before deciding where to go first, after a few moments he figured that the best course was to go to Yen, Lee, and then finally Kai. With a plan in his mind Zeref took down the street weaving in and out of others on the street. Zeref figured from start to finish it shouldn't take more then ninety minutes, as long as nothing holds him up. Zeref turned the corner heading towards the west part of the village and skidded to a stop. Zeref cursed under his breath, in front of him was the farmers market, and it was at its most busiest, there was dozens of people mingling blocking the street. Looking to his right Zeref noticed a balcony about half way up the building side, with a small running start Zeref jumped onto the balcony and then the rooftop. Zeref smirked as he looked down at the sea of people, now on the roof there wasn't any foot traffic. 

]Now on the rooftops of the buildings Zeref was making great time, every now and then he would jump a gap or run along a wall. A head of him he noticed the building in front of his was taller, thinking quick he made a shadow clone who rushed ahead and took a knee with his fingers laced together. The real Zeref placed one foot in the clones laced together hands, at the same time the clone stood up and pushed his hands upwards giving the real Zeref enough of a boost to reach the top. As his feet hit the taller buildings roof a slight -pop- sound was heard when the clone disappeared, once more taking off down the middle of the rooftop.

After about fifteen minutes of running on the roofs he reached the end of one build and jumped, landing on the street right in front of the flower shop. Zeref dug into his jacket taking out the letters, keeping the one for Yen he placed the other two back into his jacket. Pushing open the doors he was greeted by a smiling face. "Why hello there!" Zeref waved slightly. "Are you ah, Yen?" Yen nodded at Zerefs questions. "Indeed I am, why do you ask?" Zeref held out the letter towards Yen. "Delivering some mail." Yen took the letter and looked back at Zeref. "Thanks kid." Zeref nodded and rushed out the door and headed down the street.

According to the man at the post office, the butcher shop where Lee works was only a few blocks from where Yen works, there shouldn't be a need to go back on the rooftops till he headed to the center of town. As Zeref moved through the streets he was greeted with the smell of meat being cooked, hinting he was getting close to the butcher shop. Using his sense of smell more he allowed his nose to guide him to his next stop. Traveling seven blocks east, and one block north from the flower shop Zeref saw the butcher come into view. Pushing open the door with one hand, pulling out the letter for Lee with the other he entered the shop. "Mail delivery." Lee, who was behind the counter, blood stains on his apron looked up at Zeref just as he slammed his meat cleaver through a piece of meat. "Oh? Well lets have it then." Zeref held out the  envelope towards Lee who took it. "Thank you." Zeref nodded and headed back out into the streets, one stop to go.

Zeref ended up delivering the first two envelope in less then an hour, and the ice cream shop wasn't to far from where he was. Taking a left and then a right towards the center of town, it was now a straight shot to the square. The streets weren't as filled in this part of town, but as he got closer to the center more people began to show up causing Zeref to have to weave around the villagers. The walk to the center wasn't as bad as Zeref first thought it would be, after only fifteen minutes of walking he reached the square and saw the line for the ice cream shop. As he passed the line a few people mumbled about cutting, but he wasn't there for a treat. He moved passed the last person and slipped into the shop. "I got mail for you." Zeref said with a slight smile towards Kai who had just finished scooping some ice cream. "Perfect!" Zeref handed the letter to Kai and left the store heading back into the village.

Word count - 923
[Completed] [Unpaid] [Word count unused]

Mission - 750 WC
Extra - 173

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