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Mission name: Supply Run.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Bring the supplies to the army training camp in Konohagakure.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Mission description: The army training camp located on the western side of Konohagakure is running war games and needs somebody to do a supply run for them. Pick up the supplies from the administration building and take them to the Army Training Camp as quickly as possible.
Mission Details: There is fresh ice cream (a treat for one of the officers) in the order, if you don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and you'll have a very sad officer on your hands. If you make it with the ice cream, you may even get to eat a scoop.

“Thank you sir! Roshi Ro of the Ro Dojo is ready to embark upon this mission SIR.” Barked Roshi the the rather bemused Chunin.
“I can see that.” The older man replied with a grin. Man this kid was stiff- he was so nervous and chomping at the bit so much he probably should be on a leash. “Just remember that the ice cream in here will melt soon, even with the ice surrounding it.”
“Yes sir! I won’t fail you!”
The Chunin shook his head a little in disbelief, “Man... it’s just ice cream.”
“Respectfully sir, it’s a mission and every mission is an opportunity to better myself and show off the prowess of the Ro Dojo.”
The Chunin gave a wry shrug, “Sure thing kid. Whatever floats your boat. Just don’t be late, the Captain doesn’t much care for soggy ice cream.”
With that Roshi gave a quick nod, a low bow, and then launched himself off like a spring-loaded frog shot from a cannon.
The Chunin raised an eyebrow, “Kid’s going to give himself an aneurysm if he keeps that level of stress up...” and shook his head, affording himself a private little chuckle as he say the 10 year old was framed by the sun as he leaped away.

“Ten miles at approximately seven minutes per mile... that’ll be just over an hour. If I take that the ice cream could melt...” Roshi said outloud, doing some quick calculations in his head. “I could go over the cliff to get to the camp and that’ll cut my distance in half but it COULD jostle the ice cream and who wants sloshed about ice cream...”

As Rosh reasoned with himself he leaped from rooftop to rooftop. A quick examination of his heart told him he was nervous- this was his first OFFICIAL mission as a Genin after all. Sure, it was a simple delivery mission but it was HIS delivery mission. He felt like a gun loaded with bullets and waiting to be used- a student trained for a purpose who was finally getting to see just how well prepared he was for the trials ahead. He FELT like he was overqualified and over-trained but he knew that what he felt was just a delusion that all students have. Everyone feels like they are better than their station and no one wanted to admit they were starting at the bottom of the ladder... so Roshi did what he did best; he smiled. He inhaled deeply, swung a left outside of the gate and remembered that this was fun.

“Ro!” He cheerfully cried and headed for the cliff. He wasn’t going to let all that training go to waste. If they had wanted him to take a a safe path they’d have hired a courier or something- no he was going to do this as a ninja. Like a bat out of hell Roshi rushed through the forest. He prefered to stick to the ground, his arms thrust out behind him, so he could take the most direct path. He made good time, though the exertion was pushing the limits of his body. The edge of the cliff that overlooked the camp loomed ahead of him; an abrupt end to the forest skyline. Roshi took a stabilizing and fortifying breath and nodded as he ran, setting his course and confirming his courage. Nothing was going to deter him- his ninja was to go boldly though all obstacles and never to take a shortcut.

With a great leap Roshi leaped off the cliff edge. He saw the whole thing transpire in slow motion as he controlled his breathing. He leaped, placing the center of his right foot on the lip of the cliff. He brought his arms forward just before he hit it, throwing them back behind him as he did so to get extra momentum. He he rose he brought his knees up to reduce air resistance a bit and his arms in towards his chest. Then he fished about in his sash for the set of kunai with wire he knew he’d find there, having prepared them as he ran. Gripping the wrapped hilts, he threw them both behind him as he turned. He gripped the wires firmly, completing his rotation as the kunai dug into the cliff face. He braced himself and made sure the wicker basket on his back was properly aligned for the next move. He didn’t let himself be tugged or snapped, doing that would ensure the ice cream would be a mess, so he let the wire spool out so that he could gracefully swing towards the cliff face. He landed with his feet against the cliff, slowly and carefully absorbing the impact with his knees. If he’d been an old man it would have been hell on his soft tissues but that was the advantage of being ten.

Scaling down quickly Roshi soon found himself in the camp. He quickly found the Captain who had earned the ice cream treat and offered it to him.
“It’s much appreciated little one.” The Captain said with an appreciative nod.
“Of course sir! It wasn’t a challenge for a student of the Ro Dojo!”
“If those fancy moves you did on the cliff are in the curriculum, I’ll say.”
“You saw that?”
“Of course, I’m not blind.”
“N-no sir. Of course now.” Roshi said a little embarrassed before throwing himself almost to the ground with a violent bow, “Please consider dropping by the dojo! I’d be honored if you or one of your men inspected it.”
“I just might have to do that kid... I just might.”

(Word Count: 943)


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