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1 Brotherly Love [Private/Solo/NK] on Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:44 pm



His straw kasa covering his head as he walked around the outskirts of Kumo. Tomohiro walking with his head slightly tilted downward in deep thought. There were many things that had bothered him over the last few years. He had to get stronger. Getting stronger meant suffering, but he was prepared for it. He knew what was required of him. Tomohiro's father taught him that he must feel pain to be able to effectively  deal it. His father pushed to love pain and reap the benefits thereof.

Tomohiro agreed with his father. He also knew that giving into hate could also be a viable option. There wasn't much he could see by giving into that level of hate. This was something he disagreed with. It was a different time when his father was a shinobi versus now. The only hate he felt were shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. A hate that the clan has had for generations. A hate that was so strong it could almost be genetic. The thought of  the Hidden Leaf caused him to gag. He shook off the feeling and began to imagine himself being able to protect those around him.

The ability to protect those you cared for was something that he wanted to aspire to. He needed that drive to become stronger. The near death incident with his brother a few years helped shape him to who he was today. If he had been stronger, he could have prevented it. He messaged his temples as he continued to walk. He questioned himself of why these thoughts plagued him today. Tomohiro had hoped that training would help him clear his mind. Fighting while distracted was dangerous. It's part of the reason why his parents received injuries that they did during their tenure as shinobi. Though, he had no doubt that he wouldn't become like them. He wouldn't allow his thoughts to become his downfall.

The young shinobi made his way to an old mine entrance. That's what one would think anyway if they didn't know better. The mine had a sign that stated “Off Limits”. That didn't stop him from proceeding forward. The mind was barely lit. Rusted mining equipment had to be stepped over or maneuvered around. He veered off to a path that went downward. A lit torch was pulled down from it's resting place into Tomohiro's left hand. He continued walking until he reached a dim lit cavern with a high ceiling. The cavern was hot and would cause major problems for those who weren't adjusted to the temps.

He placed the torch in a barrel of dirt that sat at the entrance. Ishino, his elder brother, sat in the furthes most from the entrance of the cavern. His brother's back toward him as he entered. Tomohiro walked closer toward the middle of the cavern trying to move silently. As he moved closer, a large black flag with the red insignia of the Nakir clan was raised on the cavern wall. A deep sighed was audible from across the chamber. Tomohiro stopped in his tracks at the middle of the cavern and moved into a fighting stance.

“Hiro, nice for you to join me. How about a sparring session? Entertain me, little brother,” Ishino spoke with a hardend tone. The man stood up about the same height as Tomohiro with a cold expression. Tomohiro hated when his brother called him “Hiro”. It was always mockingly. Tomohiro's facial expression didn't change, but he scowled on the inside. “Ishino, let us fight,” Tomohiro replied in a less than excited tone. He was still lost in thought, but his brother wouldn't just stand idle. There wasn't a lot of time in Ishino's schedule to waste time.

Ishino seemed to disappear before his eyes. Tomohiro glanced around trying to get any visual clues that he could, but it wasn't bright enough. A sudden strike then land into the right side of his stomach. He fell to the ground from the pain. Tomohiro fell to one knee before noticing the dirt shift in front of him. He threw an uppercut with his palm that landed in his brother's palms. “You seemed unfocused brother. Get it together!” scolded Ishino, “Do you want to be weak all your life?”

Tomohiro stood straight up and began his assault. He started to send a barrage of punches toward Ishino. Each punch made contact with his opponent's palms. Tomohiro threw a high kick toward Ishino's shoulder which was blocked at the last second. Tomohiro then used the force from his kick to twist his body into the air and bring his left heel to his opponent's head. The kick landed, but his brother seemed to be unfazed. Tomohiro felt Ishino grab on to his ankles and toss him away from him. The young shinobi rolled on the ground before gaining his footing. He wasn't expecting his brother to be easy, but he didn't expect so much force.

Ishino rushed him and began a barrage of his own. Tomohiro was barely able to dodge some the blows. A few punches made their way to his chest. Tomohiro began breathing deeply. He always thought that his brother would probably kill him if given the chance. Though, he knew otherwise. This was just tough brotherly love. Ishino knew Tomohiro's limits and wanted him to surpass them. The pain he felt would only be temporary. The pain made him mad. Though, not at his brother. It made him mad at himself. Tomohiro had to admit that he was weak. Years of training couldn't bring him close to Ishino's level. Ishino was said to be one of the better fighters of the clan and Tomohiro knew that he had to surpass him. Tomohiro was persistent, but he could never back down. It wasn't in his character to give up.

Tomohiro took on a frontal kick from his brother which pushed him to the ground. Ishino turned away from him as Tomohiro began to stand up. He instinctively wanted to rush his brother, but fear stopped him. His brother was obviously out of his class when it came to combat. Ishino walked to the other side of the cavern. It was hard to tell what he was doing, so Tomohiro took the time to catch his breath. His blood was pumping. The feeling of pain and adrenaline caused him a bit of awkward pleasure. He had mixed feelings about enjoying the pain this much. It had been awhile since he experienced this complex mixture of emotions.

Tomohiro took another deep breath as he began to walk closer to his brother. Ishino turned around wielding two wooden swords. He let Tomohiro come closer before he tossed one of them to him. The training sword was in the shape of a katana and felt natural to him. The use of the sword was one of the few things that made the clan separate from others. Especially, when you consider their ancient sword techniques. First and foremost he was a swordsman. Bukijutsu was the first art he learned growing up. Before learning how to read, you were throwing shuriken. You wielded a practice sword before you even thought of entering the academy. That was the way it was growing up in his household.

The hits he endured earlier started to set in, but he would need to continue his fight. Ishino wielding a wooden sword in the shape of a Miao Dao, held his blade one handed. He motioned for Tomohiro to attack first. Tomohiro rushed Ishino within the wooden blade to his side. He then swung the weapon across his body with both hands. The move was countered before it even made it completely across his body. Tomohiro followed the swing with a low leg sweep. Ishino leaped up before bringing his weapon down upon Tomohiro. Tomohiro locked his wooden blade with Ishino trying to force the blade upward. The sheer force from the elder brother caused him to grit his teeth. Though, he figured this was only a small percentage of a Jounin's abilities. Tomohiro knew deep down that he would probably be doomed if this were a serious fight. Nonetheless, he was more than competent in his own abilities.

Ishino pushed Tomohiro backwards gaining some distance. Tomohiro used both hands to raise his weapon. He moved in closer and brought his blade down. Ishino sidestepped the attack and sent a hard palm into his chest. The power from the hit sent Tomohiro flying backward on to his backside a few feet back. Tomohiro breathing heavily held his weapon tightly stood up and jumped backwards trying to gain some much needed distance. Tomohiro inhaled to fill his throat and mouth with chakra and exhaled a gaseous substance. Ishino with a smile started to perform hand seals and exhaled a giant fireball into the gaseous substance. The ninjutsu collided with Tomohiro's. The reaction between the two caused an instantaneous explosion.

Tomohiro started to run to his right side trying to flank his brother. He thought to himself that he finally succeeded. Then to his dismay, there was a swift jab to his gut. Then everything went black. When he had gained consciousness, he arose from a wool mat in a small stone room. Tomohiro looked around noticing that the only light had been from two lanterns on very small lightstands. Tomohiro arched over in pain. He started to strip down the top part of his jumpsuit. Upon standing, he looked upon his torso having noticed the bruises scattered across it. He winced in pain from touching one. It wasn't the worse experience he had. The fight reminded him of when he fought his grandfather as a kid having disrespected him. The amount of experience between him and his brother was inconceivable. This training was much needed. He wasn't the one to usually complain about things like training. Tomohiro wanted to go for another round, but his body said otherwise.

His brother entered the room shirtless revealing the assortment of scars on his upper body. Tomohiro was half expecting a “you'll get cool scars like these if you work hard and survive in the ninja world” lectures. Though, he knew that a couple of the scars were definitely from his father. Ishino's piercing gray eyes felt like they were staring into his soul. “You have a long way to go Hiro,” stated Ishino, “I examined your wounds, but you'll probably have to go to mother for ointment. They were nothing serious. Don't worry I'll make sure you'll get stronger. Mostly for the sake and pride of the clan.” Tomohiro sighed and gathered his clothes together before standing up. He bowed toward his brother. “Thanks bro!” he said with a smile. The fight was worth his while and he couldn't wait to train again with his brother. The fact that he didn't give a lecture on scars made him a bit easier. Sometimes he wasn't sure if to take his brother serious or jokingly. Tomohiro wasn't one for jokes and kind of had a distaste for bad ones.

“You have a long way to go Tomohiro,” Ishino lectured, “In the field, not many shinobi are going to be lenient and let you live for being weak. Train and harden yourself to be an acceptable shinobi. The Nakir clan doesn't harbor weak people or weak ambitions.” Tomohiro nodded his head and fixed his clothes onto his body. Most of this he already knew. It was ingrained into them almost since birth. “Brother, I will pride myself as a shinobi and protect those I care about. I promise you! I will one day become the greatest kenjutsu specialist the clan has ever seen!” Tomohiro declared with an aggressive expression. Ishino pursed his mouth before speaking, “Good. We'll resume your training later this week. Heal up, little Hiro.” Ishino walked out into the dark hall way. Tomohiro sighed and put on his kasa. He walked into the dark corridor and headed into the village. The violet eyed shinobi started to make his way home and await the next session.

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Four days had past as Tomohiro entered back into the mine. The Nakir's hidden cavern was dimly lit today as it was a few days ago. The heat today was a bit worse than it was before. He couldn't tell if it was from the ointment on his body that was making him feel this way or it truly was a temperature difference. The Nakir clan would usually train in extreme heat, but this was a bit unbearable to what he was use too. Tomohiro would have to suck it up.

Tomohiro sighed as he made his way to the far side of the cavern toward a stone altar. He was currently was alone from what he could tell. His gut feeling was unsure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. It was possible that he just got here way earlier than expected. This didn't keep him from trying to kill time as he waited. He picked up an incense stick and ceremonially placed it on top of the small memorial. The stone had a few of the names of those who had fallen during the Third Shinobi War. It had been awhile since he had honored his fallen clansmen. The thought of their sacrifice gave him a bit of courage and motivation. He was ready to train today than he was yesterday.

A couple of hours had passed as he now sat in the middle of the cavern in deep meditation with a wooden katana on his lap. Tomohiro began his meditation to try and curve his anxiety. Ishino was definitely late and Tomohiro didn't feel like any excuse would absolve that fact. He deeply exhaled as moved to one knee. Tomohiro looked up seeing a figure holding a lantern. He stood up and shifted his left foot to the side with both hands on his weapon. Tomohiro tightened his hands on the grip as he held the weapon's hilt near his forehead. The wooden blade facing the entrance of the cavern. Tomohiro wanted to rush his brother, but figured that he would get a chop to the back of the neck. There was no point in getting knocked out before the training even started. The last time he rushed Ishino for being late, Tomohiro ended up getting gut checked when he rushed him. It was probably better that he wait to see what would his brother would do.

The figure didn't say anything, but started to come closer. He then noticed that it was two figures instead of one. A two on one battle wouldn't discourage the young Nakir and he welcomed it. The figures finally came into view one being after the other. The first being Ishino and the other a young female. The young lady looked to maybe a couple of years younger than him with long dark hair. Her eyes also were dark like her hair. Ishino yawned as Tomohiro dropped out of his stance. He began to wonder why Ishino brought someone from outside of the clan here. Then he looked again and noticed that she did share some facial features with the clan. Maybe he was just mistaken. Though for sure, he had never seen her before. He then started to stare at her up and down unconsciously. The young lady was actually quite attractive. Kawaii!

“Hiro Hiro, don't stare too hard at the pretty lady...Tomohiro your nose is bleeding!” Ichino semi-aggressively while pointed at him. Tomohiro looked down and realized there was blood all over his poncho. He quickly went for his pouch and pulled out a red handkerchief to clean the blood off of his face. He was a bit embarrassed and the girl started chuckling. “Ishino, who's she?! Why did you bring an outsider?!!” he said with a grim look trying to cover up his embarrassment. The blood from his nose now dripping through his handkerchief that he graciously stuffed up his nostrils.

The young lady clasped her hands together and said in a upbeat tone, “I'm Kinoshita, Kikue daughter of Nakir, Jun.” With a straight face and bleeding nostrils, he quickly tried to remember Jun. A couple of moments went by before he remembered. Jun was an outcast who choose not to follow the clans ideology as her mother was from outside the clan. Tomohiro wasn't sure how to comprehend why she was even here until Ishino began to speak.

“She is not an outsider. The Nakir blood still flows through her. Just not like us. I also had her blind folded before bringing here. Don't worry yourself,” he refuted. Tomohiro stood there in silence. He was a bit upset that his brother would go to these lengths. Then again, Ishino was known for doing unpredictable things. He also probably figured that not many of the clan would even find out about this, but he would keep this to himself. The clan was about secrecy and he wasn't quite sure how blind folding someone would be keeping a secret. Tomohiro didn't want to know what the clan would do if they found out someone not fully of Nakir blood was on sacred ground. All he could do was take in a deep breath. “Let me guess, she's fighting in your steed?”

Ishino nodded his head with a straight face before walking to a far corner of the cavern, “Enjoy. I'll stop it if it gets too out of hand. Just a little training battle against two genin.” Tomohiro sighed again and shook his head while going back to his offensive stance. Kikue held up a finger motioning to wait before she removed the sword from her back. She ran to the side of the cavern and placed it carefully on the table with the rest of the training weapons. The young lady then picked up a wooden wakizashi and then returned to her previous position. She bowed slightly before readying herself in her own stance. Before Tomohiro could read her stance, she lunged at him.

Kikue's weapon flipped across the back of her hand before changing to a reverse grip. She then swung at Tomohiro's midsection. Tomohiro shifted himself backwards. She then followed up with a low kick directed as his left shin. Tomohiro sidestepped to his right bring his weapon in a jab aiming for inner exposed thigh. Kikue redirected his strike with her own weapon causing him to lean further than he anticipated. Kikue then shifted her body into full vertical handstand. Her foot made contact with his chin having forced him backwards. Tomohiro arched his body using the force of the kick to go into a flip. His opponent had already advanced on him causing him to go on the defensive locking weapons with her.

Tomohiro knew for sure that his jaw was probably going to hurt for the next week. Though, he wasn't sure of what she was capable of. It was probably the reason why Ishino put them up against each other. There was no kind of training like fighting someone you never fought before. Each move caused him to react rather than think through each move. Tomohiro remembered slightly something his father said about learning to react without thinking. It was either that or learning to speed up your thoughts and reaction time. Whatever it was, he would need to go to his father and get clarification. Tomohiro slightly enjoyed fighting Kikue more than his brother. They were almost on equal terms in combat. She was just more agile.

Tomohiro pushed his body weight into weapon lock causing Kikue's weapon to force upward. He then crouched down spiraling his body swinging his blade at Kikue's midsection. His weapon slashed across her stomach causing her to jerk a bit from the pain. Tomohiro threw his open left palm toward her gut causing her to drop to one knee. Tomohiro, now feeling he had the victory, raised his weapon with the tip facing toward his opponent's shoulder blades. He began to thrust downwards, but his target had disappeared now being replaced with small Nakir carved statue. Tomohiro heard a shoe shift behind him reaching for his weapon pouch on his left thigh while adjusting his wooden katana. Kikue had her wooden wakizashi's blade at his throat and restrained his left arm in a lock.

Kikue smiled while looking at Ishino's direction, “I think I won Ishino-sensei.” Ishino took his time walking up to the two of them. It seemed like forever and she wouldn't release the lock until he approached. Ishino clapped his hands in a sarcastic applause. “You both still have a lot to learn. Kikue, where is Hiro's right arm?” he questioned somewhat rhetorically. Kikue looked to her left and noticed that Tomohiro's weapon tip was at the base of the back of her skull. “Well, it looks like you too finally are making progress,” Ishino acknowledged in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

Tomohiro sighed, “Ma'am, could you please let go of me?” Kikue tightened the lock on his arm. Tomohiro gritted his teeth slightly. She then placed her forehead in the middle of his back and whispered something almost inaudibly. His bleeding nose started up profusely knocking out his handkerchief. Upon dropping his weapon, he started to use two hands for his bloody nose. Ishino stood their laughing, “I see you have it out for the ladies. She's only one year younger than you too.”

Tomohiro stuffed the bloody handkerchief back into his nose and began walking out of the cavern. “Where are you going ladies man?” Ishino asked. Kikue started to turn red. Tomohiro didn't answer right away, but turned around before leaving the cavern. “I'm going to see father,” he replied in a monotone while holding his nose. “I'll make sure I schedule you two a dinner date!” yelled out Ishino. Tomohiro's started bleeding even more that he had to stop and sit down on the floor of the corridor. Ishino slanted his eyes toward Kikue, “I think you two hit it off quite well.”

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