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1 Konoha Kiri Exchange (Ninja Exchange program) on Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:11 pm



The Konoha Kiri Exchange (Ninja Exchange)

In Short

The Konoha-Kiri exchange is an open and equal trade deal and symbol of the alliance between the nations of Konohagakure and Kirigakure. So close are these nations allies that the fire country and the country of water share resources, ninja, trade and even enemies across an open sea boarder between the two nations. This mutually beneficial relationship, while not necessary, allows both countries to co-exist in such a strong level that should one ever feel like it were threatened on a single front; be it militarily, economically or otherwise, the other country would act as a pillar to hold the other up until it recovers. Commerce created by this deal has expanded the merchant trade between each nation tenfold of its origin and has led both nations to be far more stable than they perhaps would be on their own. And as an added boon, due to the different climate of the two nations, goods that are commonly produces between either nations' agriculture are different enough that demand, even in the great forest nation of Konoha, is still relatively high.

Some of the Goods Traded by Konoha include:

  • Agriculture Resources
  • Forestry
  • Mining Resources
  • Labour
  • Tools
  • Ninja / Contracts

Some of the Goods Traded by Kiri include:

  • Fishing Resources
  • Craftsmen (Iron Banner)
  • Military Equipment
  • Agriculture Resources
  • Hunter Ninja / Contracts.

Ninja Exchange

The Ninja Exchange program within this union was a single step taken for each country to be able to provide valuable training to ninja from the perspective of another Nation. Konoha for example, is widely considered to be the home of a vast variety of ninja families and clans, well known for its practician of the will of fire, teamwork training Kirigakure ninja would receive under the banner of the leaf would be an invaluable asset. While Kirigakure, being a vastly more aggressive military oriented nation could train ninja in advanced weapon techniques and methods utilized by the famed 'Hunter Ninja.' To accomplish this training, Konohagakure and Kirigakure citizenship is widely considered 'dual citizenship' allowing ninja to have a reason to live in and be trained within the boarders of either nation.

Simply put; clans and clan members which would normally begin in specifically one of these nations, have ample reason to begin within the boarders of their partner nation as well as join squads within and participate as a member of that country. Though would still have loyalty and the colours of their original nation.

Systematic workings:

  • Players can create characters to begin in their partner country (Ie. A Hoshikagi could begin in Konoha as part of the exchange.) with approval of their Kage.
  • Characters beginning in either nation keep the title colour of the nation they originally belong to.
  • Characters can become members of each nations' military and can be ranked up by that Kage.
  • Characters can join squads or groups within the nation they are in at the time without conversion from their origin country.
  • Characters can join specialist groups (Ie Hunter ninja / Sword saints) of the country they are in, but require the approval of that countries Kage.
  • Characters within either country are subject to the laws of that country and are considered a part of the command structure of that nation. (Ie. A Konoha Chuunin transferred to Kiri can be given orders by a Konoha Jounin, and it would be punishable to disobey.)
  • Characters do not require an escort to travel between Kiri-Konoha.



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