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Clan Name: Gumi (Gummy)
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Ninjutsu and Iryo Ninjutsu
Elements: None

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Clan History: Gumi was not so much a clan, as a collection of individuals from many different villages and locales that were taken against their will to be experimented on inside of a mad shinobi scientist's laboratory. During the years following the last great shinobi war, there was relative peace, save for the disappearances of a few kids and adults every now and again. Each one was noted as having nothing special about them, save for being orphaned or having no one that would be waiting for them at home.

Within the confines of the laboratory, the subjects were exposed to tests that would rewrite their genetic material to try and create the perfect ninja super soldiers. They would be given more animal genes and qualities, to attempt to give them greater power, or even speed. With few options available to him, the scientist would eventually go on to even add unorthodox ingredients for new test concoctions. Such as corn syrup, lactic acid, citric acid, sometimes even plain house sugar. Anything he could think of to have a successful experiment.

After many attempts and failures, the first success came not as a super soldier, but as a test subject exhibiting stretchy and sticky flesh. He was able to stick to objects and stretch his body to means normal shinobi could not. Thus was born the first in a long line of Gumi Soldiers. Eventually, they also began to develop other side effects: their bodies were healed not through normal means, but through sugary treats and foods that would normally be bad for the human body. Instead of growing fat or getting diabetes, the test subjects were rejuvenated with anything sweet they could consume.

Years later, when their numbers reached a peak that over shadowed the scientist and his guards, the gummy people escaped, scattering to the shinobi villages. Where they would pass on their genetic code for generations to come.

Members: Few Alive, All Scattered

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Kekkei Genkai Name: Gumi Karada (Gummy Body)

Kekkei Genkai Description: The bodies of those affected by the tests brought on by the scientist were changed forever and were passed down in the children of those who escaped, generation after generation. The gummy body usually manifests as a child around eight years old and grows more sticky and rubbery as time goes on. Some of those affected have even become able to stretch their bodies a full seven inches taller/longer than normal and stick to walls for a a few moments.

Gummy Bodies: Gumi have a supernatural body mass that allows them to take more physical damage due to being incredibly squishy. Bukijutsu and Taijutsu strikes do one rank less in damage against members of this clan. They are also able to stretch parts of their bodies to a maximum of six inches longer than normal. IE: Arms, torso, legs, neck.

Sweet Treats: Members of this clan are able to be healed by ingesting sweets and using their medical ninjutsu to create healing treats. Anything that has sugar in it can be used to heal them, the healing done dependent on the rank of what is used. IE: D-Rank Sugar Sticks(Item) or a Sugar Jutsu at the same rank will heal for D-Rank damage and follow normal guidelines.

Candy Lovers: Members of this clan are able to app a pack of free *D-Rank candy (5 Count Max) starting healing items instead of the normal ninja tools they would acquire. *Must be small candies like jawbreakers, licorice, etc.

Hidden Chakra Signatures: Due to the nature of their genetic build, Gumi are less affected by skills that can trace chakra signatures. Their abnormal bodies give off less trace of chakra than normal and as such sensory techniques or dojutsu that can see chakra have one rank less effect on them. IE: B-Rank sensory jutsu work as well as C-Rank against them.


Members of Gumi have been experimented on so much, they have lost the ability to use any nature transformations in their jutsu, and can never learn any elements. As such, they must take the "Elementless" negative sc without balancing it with a positive. Credit to Ekko(Boei)

[b]Name:[/b] Elementless
[b]Type:[/b] Negative
[b]Description:[/b] Due to genetic modifications, This individual can no longer perform nature transformations, however they are still able to perform shape transformations. As such, they can never learn any elements and cannot perform elemental jutsu.

Weak Swings: Members of this clan are more accustomed to using chakra transformations and healing jutsu, as such they can never learn Bukijutsu or Taijutsu or any of their sub specs. They may still wield bukijutsu exclusionary weapons, but only up to a rank below their ninja rank.

Bad Business: Due to the nature of experiments on those affected by the Gumi condition, members of this clan are normally sheepish and bad at bargains. As such they will pay a 15% price increase on any items.

Poor Pupils: Due to over reliance on ninjutsu and iryo ninjutsu, members of this clan tend to learn their third specializations late, or not at all. For this reason, members of this clan can only learn a tertiary specialization at Jonin (A-Rank) and can never learn a Quaternary specialization.

Poor Medical Treatment: Being over-reliant on their own genetics, members of this clan are unable to be healed through normal means, and must be healed with their special candy or sugar jutsu/items. While they may learn medical techniques to use on others, such techniques would have no effect on them.


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2Gumi Empty Re: Gumi on Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:07 am



I't not often i say this, but as this clan is presented I'm flat out denying it, reducing the damage from two 'specs' by a full rank, which is not something allowed on clans really to begin with, in the same vain as full rank buffs, the idea of having a consumable item be able to suppliment healing techniques which require chakra would require to be chakra infused, which would need to see them be at least A rank. So, we can't allow an item totally usurp the medical chakra system for D rank item costs.

It's just 'far too' abuseable, especially at lower ranks where you could just pop a jelly bean and have it be as effective as a senzu bean considering who you're fighting.

Not to mention that if you can't learn bukijutsu you can't use buki exclusive weapons etc.

The way i would go about this clan is focus on the stretching factor, give them an end buff to reflect their stretchyness and maybe something to do against impact damage (maybe their bones dont break normally.) or something as a buff. As it is, this is far too much, so im gonna have to say in its current state its:



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