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Beep. Beep. Beep., the ten o’clock in the morning alarm pierced the air and caused the sleeping pink haired female to begin grumbling while reaching out in an attempt to locate and silence the annoyance that had dragged her kicking and screaming from what had been a very pleasant dream. It took several seconds, and quite a few more of the beep, beep, beep’s before at least she located the hotels alarm clock and slapped it into silence. Even as silence once more fell upon the room she knew better than to just lay there – sleep would claim her once more that was for sure – so she sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed so that she was properly up and (hopefully) much more unlikely to fall back to sleep.

She rubbed at her eyes for a moment before glancing over to the clocks red illuminated numbers: ten o’clock on the dot. But… why had she set an alarm for so early? It took a moment, and for the clock to hit 10:01 before she realized she had only fifty nine more minutes before she had to check out!

Jumping to her feet she ignored the bed instead of making it as she always did – even in hotels she was a stickler for cleaning up after herself – in favor of heading over to the dresser which she had emptied the night prior. She snatched up the outfit folded neatly on top she had left out for such an occasion and made quick work in the bathroom of showering and cleaning herself up for the journey she would be taking today. She gathered up her night clothes, grabbed her toothbrush after giving it a quick use, and then glanced about the bathroom to make sure nothing was left before stuffing it all into the bag she was going to carry with her. She ran a brush through her hair as she checked the rest of the room to make sure she wasn’t going to leave anything behind, realizing she had done quite a thorough job in cleaning and packing the night before. The brush was tucked back into her bag, hair pulled up into a ponytail, and sunglasses positioned on her face before grabbing the hotel card key and heading out of the room with her bag thrown over her shoulder.

She had to wait a small bit before checking out – the person in front of her complaining about a clogged toilet or some such – but it allowed her to grab a bagel smothered with cream cheese to eat then and there and another she wrapped in a napkin and tucked into the side pocket of her bag for later on in her journey. After checking out she headed outside, having already mapped the most direct route to her next destination: Konoha. As much as she had enjoyed her time in Suna, going so far as to even meet a new friend, she was definitely sick of the heat and looking forward to a change in landscape. She had made several drawings of the beloved village, however, and planned to return some day if for nothing more than an extended shopping trip.

As she headed out of the village and onto her next destination she thought over the training she had already accomplished, and how much further she had to go. Of course, this wasn’t her main goal in visiting yet another village: her art came first, her training as a ninja second. It had always been that way. So she was more looking forward to finding a nice park to spend her time in while filling her sketchbook up even further with drawings than she was actually doing any sort of training.

Just as the thought of what she wanted to begin drawing when she arrived crossed her mind did the gates of Konoha come into view… she had arrived. It was time to find a hotel to stay in for the duration of her trip, a bite to eat, and relax.

Word Count: 678
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