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Greetings and Salutations fellow roleplayers of Naruto. My name is William and I love to roleplay different things wether it be DC,Marvel,Anime, Book Related, Movie Related, if I like it I'll take a crack at it. I hope to have fun here

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Welcome to saga, and trust me, you'll love it here. Don't be shy and try and strike up a few threads with people you meet. Especially those in your village, if you join one, we love threads, and new people! XD


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I just need an idea for an appearence I got my oc idea but......*sigh*

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Akito Miku


Anime Character Database can help you a lot if you need to find an appearance, though might need to fight for a face claim or be an artist and draw your character... just have fun and enjoy yourself here at Naruto Saga


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