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1 Guanyin Revamp [Announcement] on Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:41 pm




This is a message to all the Guanyin out there, informing you that the Guanyin clan has been revamped and it has gone through some changes (Found Here). Staff has attempted to ensure that the heart of the clan and its methods have attempted to remain as consistent as possible. However, if these changes have in any way fundamentally altered the play-style or feel of your characters you are more than able to request a clan change in the administration section.

Of the changes, the alterations to the red and blue needle jutsu (also known as the Dharma and Drakpo needles), they will need to be removed from your jutsu lists, as they have been altered. This also applies to the medical reversal technique, which can be switched out with the 'Polarization' code from the Clan. However, the other former clan jutsu may remain grandfathered onto your lists~

Hope you enjoy the update, if there are any questions, please post them here.




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