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Mission Details:
Mission name: Our Bread and Butter: Basic Needs.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Forage for food, etc.
Location: Wilderness - Kaze no Kuni.
Reward:150 Ryo.

Mission description: As a desert state, we've always been reliant on other countries to export goods, that we might simply survive. This marks the beginning of our endeavors to become self-sufficient, and embrace our culture.

Mission details: Quite simply, this mission entails going out and finding plants, hunting animals, and collecting resources that are useful in keeping the citizens of the Hidden Sand well-fed. Finding specific items of interest that the infirmary can use will net you a small bonus. You're unlikely to find any major threats while you're in the designated areas.

Ryo sighed shaking his head slowly as he moved out into the wilds of the country of the Wind. He was heading out on a very basic errand. Despite his promotion to Chuunin he was still sent on rather routine errands like this from time to time. He didn’t exactly hate it, but he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Today was one of those days and he was sent out to hunt for plants, animals, and other resources that would keep the Hidden Sand village fed.

His older sister Reina was helpful enough to point out spots on the map where he would be able to locate herbs for the infirmary, as well as plenty of wildlife. With this map in hand he decided that it would be in his best interests to move off in that direction. Today he was dressed in the typical light brown coat that was like sand in color. On his back was the giant pack that his mother and sister had given him for this mission.

As he arrived at the first location on his map he found that it was a small oasis. The vegetation around the oasis was thriving, and he could see the evidence of some various wildlife. This was the right location for him, and he was perfectly happy to work from here. He moved closer to the water and pulled out his Kunai knife. He knew where to look for edible mushrooms, and where he could find other herbs around. Moving towards the water’s edge he leaned down and started to inspect big boulders, and rocks that were around the edge. Mushroom’s liked dark and damp places so he was sure to find at least one. While he was looking however, he quickly found that there were more signs of life than he expected. As he looked he saw the trail of a rather large serpent that had recently moved through the muddy ground he was examining.

This was prey to hunt, and so he abandoned his thoughts for mushrooms now and instead followed the trail towards its destination. It didn’t take him long to find it, and soon he saw that there was a hole that rested under a larger rock. Smirking Ryo decided that the best way to flush the snake out was to flood it out. Holding his hand up to his mouth he opened his mouth and a torrent of water came shooting out of it pushing straight into the hole. The hole quickly filled with water and sand. He was quick to end the jutsu and sure enough out of it came slithering a very large serpent. Ryo knew that it wasn’t poisonous because of the tracks that it had left, and he could see that it was one of the snake species around here that was not poisonous. Still, it was big, but that only meant it was good for more food. As the snake surged towards him Ryo threw his Kunai at the Snake sinking the blade into the serpent’s head killing it with one strike.

Moving over he picked up the body of the snake coiling it up as tightly as he possibly could before he slipped it into a special pouch that had a series of holes to allow the blood to drain out of the pack and onto the ground, and not contaminate the rest of the pack’s pockets with the liquid. With one source of protein made he decided that he would make small simple little traps, so he made several rock fall traps, as well as one rope snare around the oasis. He then moved back to the rocks to find mushrooms and edible plants. It didn’t take him all that long to find a various handful of mushrooms and edible flora stuffing them into separate pockets as he did so. When that was done he moved to his traps and only found that one of his rockfall traps had been sprung and a rather slim desert hare was caught its head having been crushed by the heavy rock. He picked up the mess and put it in the same pouch with the snake before he decided to move onto the next oasis.

It didn’t take him very long to get there, and soon enough he arrived. He arrived and spotted a pair of Desert Foxes, their skinny bodies, sand colored fur, and large ears giving them away. They were his targets and he moved out right then rushing forward pulling out the Senbon he always kept with him and filled the two foxes with the thin needle like weapons, and the sole Kunai he had. The two foxes were so preoccupied with their prey and the meal they had been eating that they didn’t see him or notice him in any way. This was the moment that he needed, and his weapons found their home in the two targets. Likely it was due solely to his sharp eyes that he was even able to spot his targets much less kill them. Moving in he found that they had been eating a desert bird of some kind. Sadly, too much of the bird was eaten and there wasn’t enough left for him to save for the village. Bending down he tucked the two foxes into the bag with the rabbit and the serpent having removed his weapons from their bodies.

His bag was heavy, so he decided that it would be best for him to focus on plant life. Thankfully the oasis had a few berry bushes which he went about picking absolutely clean of all fruit that was available. He was also able to find a fig tree that was close to the water. Most of the fruit was ripe and so he was able to pick the fruit that was ripe and place it in his pack in the largest and almost separate pocket from the one that the animal carcasses were being kept in. When he was sure that the entire tree was picked clean of any and all ripened fruit he reclosed his backpack and slung it over his shoulders once more before he knelt down at the oasis and carefully took several long drafts of water. Once he was done drinking he rose to his feet and headed back to the village with all haste. Ready to turn in his pack and the mission so he could get the reward that was being offered. Unfortunately, there was no way for him to really know if what he had gathered would help the medical shinobi at all, but he did know that he would help the village in some part. He also hoped that his sister and mother would be appreciative of him, and the work that he had done, he also made a note to thank his sister for her help, even though he didn’t really want to.

Mission 750/750
Extra Ryo: 100, WC: 400/400
1,170 - 1,150 = 20 wc remaining

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