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1 Sensei and Squad Guidelines on Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:10 am



In the Naruto Universe, the first people that a genin will interact with will likely be members of his squad. Each village has a Kage Request board where you can request to be put into a squad of your peers under a sensei. These squads are generally composed of three genin or chuunin to one friendly Special Jounin ranked shinobi or higher. You can check your squad by looking at the Squad Listing in your village. The Squad Listing and Kage Request thread should both be stickied inside of the administrative building of your village.

When you are assigned to a sensei, it will be their job to help train you and to assign you to do missions as a squad. It is a great way to find people to spar with, and to get help with missions. While your Sensei doesn't have to come with you on these missions, if they wish they can take you along on higher ranked missions. Your sensei is also someone who you can travel with to other countries, making it safer to do so.

An S-Ranked shinobi is also allowed to take on a pupil and become that person's mentor. This is roughly the same as the sensei-squad system, however this is purely optional. A Mentor is able to focus more on a pupil, and can choose whoever they want regardless of rank or for whatever reason. However the mentor cannot have a squad besides their pupil.

Learning Jutsu, Specializations, Sub-Specs, or elements from a sensei makes it so that you needn't pay the ryo cost for those, so long as your sensei knows what you are trying to learn. If you are in a squad, or are in an S-Rank teacher/student relationship, when the sensei and any of his students are in a thread together, the sensei and student(s) will receive a 10% discount on all training word counts. This causes a great incentive for a higher ranked shinobi to take a squad, and for genin to enter into one as well.

In some cases, a genin who shows his prowess and leadership skills to be above his station will be promoted to the rank of chuunin, which makes him a genin squad leader. The Chuunin would still answer to a sensei, but is considered a leader among his peers in his squad. If a Chuunin wishes, they can be put in charge of a squad (or elevated to lead their former squad.) This gives them the same benefits as listed above and allows for a squad to be lead by someone other than a Jounin or Special Jounin if their village does not have the numbers for this. A chuunin squad leader is assumed to answer to a sensei (be it an NPC or Player Character). The Chuunin still takes up one of the genin slots in a squad, and therefore they can only "lead' two other people.


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