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The first Meeting of Squad 3 (NK, Private)

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Rules, and Info.:
There will be a 48 hour posting rule put on this thread, in which you will have two days until after the person before you posts that you have to reply. If you can not reply within that time, please PM me to let me know and I will extend it another 24 hours (for a total of three days.) Otherwise, you will be skipped and we will continue on. This is to make things move quickly, but also make sure everyone can get their needed posts for rank ups or what have you. Feel free to train what you need with the word counts, this is only for a squad introduction. Anyone is welcome to PM me for an individual thread during this affair, and I will reply as quickly as I can.

As a reminder:
Learning Jutsu, Specializations, Sub-Specs, or elements from a sensei makes it so that you needn't pay the ryo cost for those, so long as your sensei knows what you are trying to learn. If you are in a squad, or are in an S-Rank teacher/student relationship, when the sensei and any of his students are in a thread together, the sensei and student(s) will receive a 10% discount on all training word counts. This causes a great incentive for a higher ranked shinobi to take a squad, and for genin to enter into one as well.

Shippo smiled as he waited at the edge of the small forest that bordered the training grounds. He was very happy today, it was the first time that he and his newly formed squad would meet. He decided that he would dress up in the best gear he had. He wore his usual garb with the fur cuffs on his pants and his arms. On his legs are two different utility holders. One for a scroll, and one for weapons. Across his back is the sheath that holds his Giant Shuriken. He looked as much a Jonin as was possible for him. This was also the first time that he would be able to train with them. He was very glad to have a squad being that the Hokage trusted him with such an important task as teaching a squad of Genin how to be shinobi for the village. Looked down at his partner Tsume he was once again impressed with how big the Ninken had gotten in the past few years. Hopefully, the two of them would be able to handle it.

Standing up and looking to Tsume he spoke “Well, Tsume, I suppose we will have to see what happens.” Tsume nodded his head slowly before he lay down on his stomach watching the approach ahead of them. Shippo smiled shaking his head and laying down using Tsume as a pillow this time. He hoped that the students would all get his letters. He did have Tobourne, and two other ninken deliver the letters. Each of the letters read as follows “Dear (Name of recipient here) you have been selected to be a member of Squad 3. The first meeting of squad 3 is going to be held at the forest on the south edge of the training grounds. You are expected to be there at noon.” The scrolls were placed at all the squad members’ front doors. The dogs would bark, howl, and scratch at their doors, as soon as the doors were open the Ninken would rush off heading towards Shippo’s home.

While Shippo thought about this he also thought about the various students he was given. There was one from the Hyuga clan, the clan that Izayoi was also from. He could expect that the Hyuga would be more capable in Taijutsu. Then he had two members of the Senju clan. This meant that two of his squad would be able to use the wood style jutsu of their clan, and it would prove to be useful. For now, however, he would have to wait and see how they worked as a team, and a unit. If they couldn’t work together as a team, then he would have a huge problem. Yawning softly, he closed his eyes letting himself relax in the warmth of the sun. To all the world he would look peacefully asleep, but both he and Tsume were wide awake and ready to react to anyone who approached them.

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The sound of scratching at her door made Nanami jolt upwards in her bed. It was hurried and consistent and then there was barking? Nanami hurried to the door curious as to why there was a dog outside and why it was doing this so early in the morning. She pulled a robe tightly around her body and opened the door. The pup was in front of her door and had a Konoha bandana wrapped around his neck. A ninken? It dropped an envelope from its mouth and Nanami was able to give him a slight pat before he ran off.

That wasn't the worst wake up call, The Senju thought before sitting down and opening the letter. It was from her sensei! She'd nearly forgotten she was set to be placed on a squad. Nanami didn't know much about her sensei but she didn't ask much either. Thinking of going to the Hokage's office gave her a sense of nervousness. She knew her squad leader was an Inuzuka and that dog at her door was clued her in that the message was from him. The note stated that she was to be meeting with her squad today at noon. The young senju got prepared to head out quickly.

She was actually rather excited to be placed on a squad. Getting more fresh air has been better for her as late. Having comrades would be beneficial to her as well. She didn't have very many friends and a team almost forces her to be around people. Whether or not she'd snowball into anxiety was up for debate but the red eyed girl wasn't thinking much about that as she brushed her hair back into a short ponytail and left her bangs heavily parted. She checked the mirror for any blemishes and issues before preparing to suit up for training.

Today was one of the first times since leaving the academy she'd worn her gear. She pulled a tan jacket over top of her black long sleeved shirt and vest. She played with the placement of her headband for a hit before deciding on keeping it around her neck. She hung it looesly and admired it fr a second. Being a shinobi wasn't a lifelong goal for Nanami. It was something she'd rushed into admittedly but, never once did she regret the decision. Nanami checked the time once more before throwing shorts that allowed for flexibility and wrapping up her thigh. She placed her weapons holster over the wraps and slipped on her shoes before heading out. She locked her door and decided to take rooftops until she could switch to trees. The training grounds weren't far from where Nanami was living and she arrived pretty quickly.

On the forest floor was a sleeping man and under him a large dog. Is that him? He actually didn't look much older than her asides from the scars. Nanami pondered on where he got them briefly before examining the situation further.  The man had medium auburn hair and bore the marks of an Inuzuka. He wore a necklace and fingerless gloves with the mark of Konoha on the backs of them. His ninken had fur that compared to the ocean at night. The deep bluish grey was only contrasted by the peeks of fur on his underbelly. The coloring there was lighter. Nanami cocked her head at the sight. He was the only person here and he was an Inuzuka... What was his name again? She paused before speaking. Was it rude to be early?

"Um, Hey Shippo right," She paused again looking at his dog and then him again "My name's Nanami and I'm on your squad."




This morning Megami began eating breakfast a lot later than usual. She seemed to be a bit more tired than as well. Today, she had traditional Miso soup with a side of grilled fish. Megami slowly placed a mouthful of the grilled meat in her mouth. It wasn't as good as her mother used to make, but it would definitely due. It had been a few weeks since she had any Miso soup. The soup itself was quite tasty and made her mouth water with each portion she consumed. Her breakfast had been going well outside of the scratching that started at her door. The scratching continued, but she ignored it. She didn't care for why some stray beast decided to visit her door. The next thing she knew that a bunch of barking started. Megami squinted her eyes toward the door as she continued eating her breakfast.

There was a brief silence before howling started and this was the last straw. Megami huffed and stormed over to the front door. She unlocked the door and swung it wide open. She looked down to see a sizable dog that had a forehead protector wrapped around their stomach. The dog had a saliva soaked letter that she read out loud. Megami was a bit hesitant on accepting the words of the letter. She couldn't believe that she would be put into another squad. It had been a number of years since she had last been in a squad. She didn't want the feeling of losing her teammates again. Though, she wanted to become stronger. She hoped that their sensei or the Hokage the choice that they made. She shook off the thoughts. It was very unlike her to dwell on such emotions and invoked thought. Megami looked up to take another glimpse at the dog that delivered the soaked scroll. The dog had already vanished.

The letter stated to be at the south edge of the training grounds by noon. She didn't have much time left before her deadline drew to a close. She quickly ran toward her soup and threw it back. The young Hyuga threw on her shinobi sandals before bounding out of the window to make her way to meet her new sensei. Upon reaching the meeting area, she seemed not to be the first one there. Two sinobi stood before her. The both seemed to be around her age. The ninken that the male shinobi was with made it click that he was going to be their sensei. Megami raised an eyebrow at the thought of someone mentoring her that was the same age as her.

As she moved closer, she heard the other woman introduce herself to their would be sensei. Megami walked up to the two of them before saying anything. She was unsure of how she would introduce herself, but then figured that it didn't matter. She did like to be the center attention after all.

“I'm Megami Hyuga present and accounted for,” she stated while flipping her pony tail, “When do start kicking butt and taking names?!”




Shippo lay there on his back leaning his head against the side of Tsume’s large body. He was enjoying the warmth of the day, and the soft body that Tsume had. This was disturbed by the low rumbling inside of Tsume’s body which let him know that one of his students had arrived. He kept his eyes closed but waved to the girl’s voice as she finished speaking “Yes, I am Shippo. Very impressed you knew that considering I didn’t put my name on those letters. Still, well done.” Tsume gave a soft growl to show that there was another who had arrived. Looking now for the first time at hearing this second voice he raised his brow at this introduction.

Looking around he frowned before checking the time and shaking his head “Well, that’s a shame. I had thought I told everyone to be here by noon. Even so, it seems we are short one, Genin. Well, that makes no matter really. We shall continue on with what I brought you all here for.” He leaped up to his feet suddenly and Tsume was right with him on his feet and shaking out his muscles as he stretched. When they were finished getting up Shippo looked to the two women smiling “Welcome, I am Shippo Inuzuka, and this is Tsume. We are your Sensei here in Squad three.” He turned to Nanami “You are Nanami of the Senju if I am not mistaken. Well, I know one of your cousins already, and if you are anything like her then we will get along just fine.” Then he looked to Megami “As you introduced yourself I’ll save us both the time of doing it again. However, to answer your question, you only begin when I say. Kicking butt is only part of what we as Shinobi do for the Village. Don’t forget that.”

Clearing his throat, he gestured to the forest behind him “You see this? You will get used to training, fighting, hunting, and surviving in forests like this. I intend to make you stronger than you are now, and in so doing I would also warn you that you will be put through similar survival tests that I was put through when I was a Genin, and a Chuunin. However, before any of that survival training begins we have a matter to settle.” Shippo held up a single Lucky Rabbits’ foot smirking “You see this? This is the prize. All you need do is take it from me. You do that, and you pass this little exercise, you fail to do this within 24 hours, then you fail. This is your first test as Genin, and as members of squad 3, I look forward to seeing how well you do, but please do keep in mind that there is only one rabbit’s foot, and someone has to get it. We will begin.” Cutting himself off Shippo dropped down to all fours the rabbit’s foot placed on his belt. He and Tsume rushed into the forest without wasting another breath, and only when Shippo was out of sight from outside of the forest did he call back at the top of his lungs “NOW!” The game was on, Shippo and Tsume would be hard to find, and catch. Still, the test was simple enough, would these genin be able to complete it. Only time would tell now.

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