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A Private Matter [Jinx Uchiha, or Invite][No-Kill]

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...Ah, so you figured that out already, eh? A very astute observation...

Once the others had gone and Jinx and she were alone in the forested area of the training grounds Amaya came to a stop, leaning on one of the nearby trees comfortably, one leg crossed over another and her arms folded loosely across her chest: a position she could hold and maintain for hours to come due to her vigorous training – not that she expected this to take hours. She was rather hoping Jinx was quite open about whatever was going on, while she had no issues with prying the truth from the young Uchiha by bribing her or having to talk it out of her, she was rather hoping that they wouldn’t have to resort to such antics. She cared about her niece and if she could help with whatever Jinx’s problem was than she was certainly going to do just that.

So, in response to Jinx’s question about requesting her for her squad, and wanting to know why that was, Amaya would nod her head – figuring it answered the question in short, though she certainly had intentions of going deeper into the subject. ”I did in fact request you for my own personal squad. With Uncle Kenta no longer holding the seat of power I have no idea what sort of changes could or could not be made soon. I know you were registered as being on inactive duty but I had no way of being absolutely positive that that issue wouldn’t be forcefully changed against your will. So I figured that if it was going to happen I might as well make sure it was I who was doing it, as well as making sure you got placed onto my squad so that I knew you’d be safe. You know how my trust issues are – the idea of leaving you in the hands of anyone else but myself wouldn’t sit right with me and if I didn’t claim you immediately someone else could have done so themselves. We’ve always had family training family for that very reason. I would give my all to protect you, but I cannot be certain anyone else would do the same. Thus, here you are.” Ah yes, the brutal and honest truth. But, alas, that was exactly the type of person that Amaya was: she didn’t sugar coat or beat around the bush. Jinx had every right to know how Amaya was feeling and her exact reasoning behind her actions: family didn’t keep the truth from family and Jinx being in the dark about things in Amaya’s opinion wouldn’t do her any good.

...And now it’s time for you to spill some of your secrets, young Uchiha...

Figuring that she should have answered Jinx’s two questions well enough, and having left nothing as a secret she rather hoped that Jinx would do the same for her. ”So, tell me… what’s going on, hmm?”, she asked softly, voice laced with the concern that she was feeling with the same emotion showing out of her naturally red colored eyes. ”I’ve yet to ever hear you talk to me like that so I know that something is going on, and I’d like to know what. Maybe I can help...” Ah yes, the offer of help, something Amaya would throw out there more than willingly. She had meant her earlier words to the young Uchiha: she would die for her if need be, she would run into battle and take a deadly attack for the young female if it meant Jinx was safe. So whatever situation Jinx found herself in? Amaya was more than willing to step up to the plate and help – that is, if the younger female would let her. She was all too familiar with dealing with her own pride that sometimes caused her to stumble and fall instead of sticking her hand out for help, she just hoped that Jinx had learned enough by Amaya’s own countless examples to not follow down the same trap of a path.

…And now to wait and see...

Once Amaya had finished speaking, once she was sure she had conveyed all that she could about her willingness to help the younger Uchiha, she fell silent and waited. She wouldn’t pester too hard – at least not yet – and instead would give the younger female a chance to think about her response before speaking. If Jinx told her the whole truth about the situation without her having to pry it would be great, but even anything at this point would help her understand. Besides, she was fairly certain that Jinx would end up feeling much better once she talked about whatever was going on and got it off of her chest – that was how those things worked after all.

Word Count: 805


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