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D-Rank Babysitting (Kobayashi, Kinza)

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1D-Rank Babysitting (Kobayashi, Kinza) Empty D-Rank Babysitting (Kobayashi, Kinza) on Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:01 am

Kinza Kobayashi

Kinza Kobayashi

Mission name: Babysitting
Mission rank: D
Objective: Simply look after the kid while parents are out.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The parents need to leave for the afternoon to run errands and do things that they cannot bring their children along for. You will watch them until they return.
Mission details: The kids are 3, 4, and 7 years old; and they will mostly entertain themselves. Just make sure the oldest brother doesn't pick on the babies, and that they get lunch by noon and a nap by 1:30, and they'll be fine. Be warned, the baby LOVES to play in the mud and climb into high places, and will almost certainly end up dirty and scrapped up if you're not paying close enough attention.

This will be easy thought Kinza as he walked to the listed address Watch some kids, this is something non-ninja do, it should be easy for a ninja. Last minute bag check; coloring books check, snacks check, my books check, summoning scroll check; ok I'm ready upon arrival he knocked on the door, and a middle-aged man opened the door. "You must be the Genin that is watching the kids yeah, well make sure they get lunch by noon and a nap by one thirty and don't let Ben, the oldest, pick on the other two. Ok" Got it "Ok we'll be back at three thirty, see yah" the man walked out the door, and after a minute or two walked back into the house and shouted "Come-on hurry up already lets get this over with!" down the stairs walked a woman, also middle aged. He face was caked with makeup and she smelt heavily of horrible perfume. "OH! what a lovely young man, are you that Genin we hired to watch the kiddies. Ok well make sure they get-" "I already told him all this, can just hurry up and get this stupid party over with?" "Well excuse me, lets go... Oh yeah, the baby LOVES to play in the mud and climb into high places so make sure you watch him. Ok byeee!!!" she shouts as she runs to her husband.

Kids are easy! right? My parents never had trouble watching me, and they watched me for years, a couple hours is nothing "Hi guys, I'm the one who is gonna watch you for a couple hours while your parents are gone. Soo... what do you guys like to do?" "Wrestle!" "Play Games!" "Mud!" said the three children. "Well I guess I could play a game with you guys, what do you want to play? "Hide and Seek!!!" said the children in unison. Hide and seek it is, who's it" "You" the youngest said and the kids ran off through the house.

This should be easy"100... Here I come!" Kinza ran through the house searching every nook and cranny but he couldn't find any of the kids This is bad! what about the baby, this is bad! How could I fail at such a trivial task as watching three kids. Wait! there's the little one Kinza stops sprinting through the house creeping up to the half open closet door "Rraah!!" Kinza jumped towards the door. "AAAAHHH!!!!, you got me!" "Now to find your brothers"

Half an hour later. "Found you" Uh, that's the last one well that was fun I guess
"I'm huungry!" "Me too!" "Hungry!" "Ok, lunch time what do you guys want to eat?" "RAMEN!" shouted the three. "Ramen it is then" Kinza walks into the kitchen and grabs the three instant ramen bowls, following the directions he make them for the children. After lunch he gave the kids coloring books. "I want a red crayon give me yours!" the oldest shouted as he yanked the youngest's red crayon away from him. "Give it back!" the youngest yelled beginning to cry. Give him the crayon back, I have a red pencil you can use "Fine! here's your stupid crayon!" the oldest said, snapping it in half. "If its gonna be that way, keep the crayon, you can use my pencil little one "*Sob* thanks *Sob*" "What the heck, you said I could use the pencil!" "Knock it off or make you take your nap right now." "Fine, Stupidhead"

One Thirty, Nap Time! Kinza said excited to get a break. "Aaawww!" the three cried, walking to their rooms. Now I just sit back and relax till the parents get back. just as Kinza opened his book "Hey mister" the youngest whispered "Can I have a glass of water, Pleeeease?" "Sure" Kinza and the boy walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water "Thanks" after drinking the water he returned to his room. A few minute later, "Can you read me a book" the youngest whispered again Sure They walked to the youngest's room. After picking out a book the boy climbed into his bed.

...And they lived happily ever after. the end "ZZzzzz" Kinza returned downstairs and began reading again When are they gonna get back A few minutes later the door opened "Weee're baaack!! how were the kiddies!" They were great "thanks" the man says. No problem, I'll be going then "Bye" they both say as Kinza leaves

Word Count:
762 words
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